YUMMY FOODS YOU NEED TO TRY! || Funny Food Challenges by 123 Go! Live

Do you want to know what does hairbrush taste like? If you're interested I can easily show you extreme food tricks that will give you all the answers!😱🀀
You'll know how to win food challenge with weird kitchen utensils, how to eat spaghetti with a hairbrush and survive bite lick and nothing challenge with your friends!
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00:02 How to eat food with a hairbrush, funny hairbrush eating awesome food prank
01:48 Funny food hacks with weird utensils
03:31 Extreme speed eating
04:46 Geometric food challenge
06:33 Funny food challenge
08:25 Bite, lick or nothing challenge
09:53 Funny behind the scenes moments
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  • Disgusting Olivia comb her hair and then she eat it pasta with conb

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  • Bruh- 1. We can EAT with toothpicks- 2. WHO BRUSHES THEIR HAIR AND USES THE AME BRUSH THEY USED TO BRUSH THEIR HAIR TO EAT 3. Dont say ew to someone that's cleaning their throat when you brush your hair with a brush and eats noodles with the same brush- 4. WHy have a "maGicAl" hat when you have FORKS

    Eunice ChaeEunice ChaeVor Tag
    • g ghhhh

      Mohammed HagAliMohammed HagAliVor 49 Minuten
    • ya it is easy to eat with a toothpick

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    • Yah , i dunno what am i want to sayin , i have no idea

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  • you poop

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  • Sophia is so mean

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  • Olivia you are so funny

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  • I can do it with a toothpick

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  • Bro u don’t know what’s fork and have u ever seen a girl say eww on someone cleaning their mouth with Toothpick after eating noodles with hair brush after combing their hair with same comb

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    • XD

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  • Dude do u not have a fork???

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  • Claire’s rude

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  • When my mom see what im watching : My mom : what is this Me : this is a usushgdhd My mom : wat the hech are u sayin son Me : dunno My mom : "see neside her not beside me "whos that noww !! Me :that is uhh a human lol My mom : this like a that u are watching Me : duh i know right , im gacha logic My mom : mom , kenna call FBI Me : nani !!!

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YUMMY FOODS YOU NEED TO TRY! || Funny Food Challenges by 123 Go! Live