Young Thug - Bubbly (with Drake & Travis Scott) [Official Audio]

The official audio for Young Thug's "Bubbly" with Drake & Travis Scott from his album 'Punk' - Out Now!
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[Verse 1: Young Thug]
My career 'bout to blast like bubbly
I'm not waitin' for her to say she love me
I can tell she'll fuck any man, trust me
I got a ten-year-old mink still ain't fuzzy
Three-twenty-five on the dashboard
Ridin' in the Porsche, rockin' Tom Ford
I ball at Barneys, new Christian Dior
I took the jet to the New York store
She lick while I'm driving', I'm stainin' the floor
I took it off track, now I'm ridin' in sport (Yeah)
You stay in your feelings, you never my boy
I can't come to the hood, I pull a decoy
Another body drop, and they screaming my name
I'm goin' to LA on a private plane
Could never come back and my family straight (Grrah)
Untouchable, know, I'm too rich and too paid
Skeleton Cartier, black diamonds face
Pull up too deep like a fuckin' parade
Old jealous-ass niggas tryna fuck up my pay (Ha)
Blast off, Rolls Royce Cullinan rain (Broke niggas)
I put baguettes in my wrist and my neck and my ears and my motherfuckin' chains (Chains)
This drip out the trenches, I know you gon' dig it, I come through this motherfucker plain (Woah)
I cut up my wrist, soakin' wet (Yeah)
And Coachella keep callin', they won't see the face
I took her to China and changed up her climate and now she ain't talkin' the same (Woah, yeah)
[Verse 2: Travis Scott]
Five nights up, still poppin' and ragin'
And the SVR still lookin' deranged (Yeah)
I want her, she wanted the same
And them both, same time, both glad that they came (It's lit)
Keep me a vibe, but can't keep it contained
Know I keep me some dawgs, always keep 'em in training (Oh)
Tat' a logo on the back of my brain
Don't ask me what the fuck am I thinkin'
Back of these walls, I'm full of that drank
Eric came through with a little entertainment (It's lit)
829, got her lookin' like space
Houston it's a problem when we bust in her face and shit
I came with the snakes no squids (Straight up)
I broke out the game with a 4-5-6
She lovin' the fest', I see it
She lovin' the fest' (Straight up, straight up)
Yeah, I sit on her face, and I'm lovin' that body
And lacin', I love you, lil' Spider and Drake
Yeah, I know you got taste, if you love you some, take shots with me
If I love you, I'll drop you a pin to a time and a place (Wait)
Beat Switch
[Verse 3: Drake]
YSL'll put a nigga six feet
I ain't beggin' when I tell a bitch, "Please"
Me and lil' Thugger on fleek
Now that lil' ho wanna meet, ayy
What, what, what, what?
Fuck her on beat
OVO life not cheap
I'm a young boy too T'd
Wire just hit my account, never seen that amount, oh God, I'm geeked
Been on the charts for five hundred weeks, so somebody love when I speak
Doin' this shit just to show we get down in the 6ix, man, it's bigger than me
Texas ranch so big, that shit is perfect for the dippin'
I don't care how wet I get her, she won't catch me s-
Three-twenty-five on the dashboard
Ride in the Porsche, rockin' Tom Ford
Rockin' her bed and the headboard
What, what, what, what?
Buying out Louis and Christian Dior
I took the jet to the New York store
Park at the regular airport
You stay in your feelings, was never my boy
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Young Thug - Bubbly (with Drake & Travis Scott) [Official Audio]