You Laugh = You PLAY Fortnite!

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  • Did you hear faze kay said emeny.

    Omar SelaOmar SelaVor 10 Tage
  • Uye

    Jaguar928 RamirezJaguar928 RamirezVor 10 Tage
  • Stupid Grammar: 2:42 Emeny 4:58 Crusheded 8:13 Rocket Rideded 6:57 Rocket Rideded AGAIN My Dude Is Smarter Than Albert Einstein.

    SherrzSherrzVor 11 Tage
  • play fortnite

    fortnite godfortnite godVor 14 Tage
    • what

      fortnite godfortnite godVor 14 Tage
  • so just a dumb ass vid so he can play fortnite idc if he ban that is a dumb idea so ha ha i play fortnite now how high are they and idc about hate i am speaking the truth

    Meme LordMeme LordVor 15 Tage
  • The thumbnail: Fortnite on PS4 Jarvis: Holding xbox controller

    SpeedyMinecraftSpeedyMinecraftVor 24 Tage
  • Im sorry but i will unsubscribe cz they just clickbating

    Diamond DougallDiamond DougallVor 24 Tage
  • I did

    Tepaeru GardinerTepaeru GardinerVor 25 Tage
  • Jarvis already still plays fortnite u might as well tell the truth to DE-visions and your viewers also fans

    Imtiaz ChaudharyImtiaz ChaudharyVor 25 Tage
  • Minute 10:1 laugh

    Galaxy_ дениномераGalaxy_ дениномераVor 26 Tage
  • 0:41 Jarvis laughed

  • He laughed at 1:30

    Creative FollowCreative FollowVor 29 Tage
  • Kay can you friend me and we can do duos my name on fortnite masonmorrish

    Mason MORRISHMason MORRISHVor Monat
  • 2:42 emeny

    Austin RoweAustin RoweVor Monat
  • 🤬🖕🏻

    gabygabyVor Monat
  • Kay has some good grammer

    Circuit PlayzCircuit PlayzVor Monat
  • 7:21 i did see them.

    Ida Sofie Bang JørgensenIda Sofie Bang JørgensenVor Monat
  • I saw the trees

    Amr SawaidAmr SawaidVor Monat
  • 703 Fraziers Face LOL

    Noah 29StarksNoah 29StarksVor Monat
  • Kay laughed a thousand times

    Abdullah Arslan VlawgsAbdullah Arslan VlawgsVor Monat
  • The picture for the vid is ps4 screen but Xbox controller if I’m not wrong

    WhippyWhippyVor Monat
  • He can make another account

    Gamer OussedGamer OussedVor Monat
  • Idd

    Nathan ErmiasNathan ErmiasVor Monat
  • Jarvis laughed at 10:01

    DJ KingZDJ KingZVor Monat
  • Why does Jarvis have an x box controller with a ps4 screen?

    Fabian AmadorFabian AmadorVor Monat
  • fraizer gift me a skin my name kdoffel

    Choo SznChoo SznVor Monat
  • 2:42. emeny

    Alexious Dela cruzAlexious Dela cruzVor Monat
  • Or Nerfgod3484 please 😭😭

    LilTwix 3484LilTwix 3484Vor Monat
  • AAd me in Fortnite cesco10

    LilTwix 3484LilTwix 3484Vor Monat
  • Rideded is not a word

    Rj DiazRj DiazVor Monat
  • Me: watching the video Kay: at 2:43 it's a emeny Me: can't stop laughing

    Delano OostdamDelano OostdamVor Monat
    • Oml its 2:42 .....

      Ajgamer PAjgamer PVor 23 Tage
  • I want you to get unbanned I might tell epic games that ban me and unban you I feel really bad and I don’t want to cry all the time to ya do you want me to

    Toronto GamersToronto GamersVor Monat
  • emeny yes sir

    Angelo GueldisAngelo GueldisVor Monat
  • Epic need to stop moving childish and unban Jarvis

    ZakZakVor Monat
  • Epic games joined the chat

    spexitspexitVor Monat
  • 2:40 kay: that’s a neminie

    Shallow /YTShallow /YTVor Monat
  • Jarvis you banded

    Jacqueen HarringtonJacqueen HarringtonVor Monat
  • Is that just me or everyone heard emeny

    Hk KhanHk KhanVor Monat
  • He got rocket rideded and lagaging

    Connor JordanConnor JordanVor Monat
  • At 1:07 he laughed

    Benjamin MadrizBenjamin MadrizVor Monat
  • Yo javvis laughed at the start when the boat went past

    ryan Croftonryan CroftonVor Monat
  • They are actually genius for turning the ban into a clickbait where they still can make money off fortnite

    Marouan MejriMarouan MejriVor Monat
  • Did sway just say “emeny”

    Rod WallaceRod WallaceVor Monat
  • We all know Kay's laughs are fake

    Lee WarwickLee WarwickVor Monat
  • He laughed

    Zae630 BowenZae630 BowenVor Monat
  • Wer ist auch deutscher oder Österreicher

    SintaxSintaxVor Monat
  • Did he say Kobe?

    SyF3 clapZSyF3 clapZVor Monat
  • Jarvis laughed at 0:41

    ThePlusGamerThePlusGamerVor Monat
  • 5:01 he got crushted 😂😂

    ragemonster 720ragemonster 720Vor Monat
  • Kay laughed at 01:03

    Klomer BSKlomer BSVor Monat
  • That's not his teammate that's an emeny

    Julie BellJulie BellVor Monat
  • Why does Jarvis just do like a fake thing like man you cannot do that you’re my going to get band again am I right

    Kelly VenturaKelly VenturaVor Monat
  • That's not a good challenge everyone likes fortnite

    Phillip KontogianisPhillip KontogianisVor Monat
  • X

    Andrew ZuritaAndrew ZuritaVor Monat
  • He remade the same video

    Naveed AhmadyNaveed AhmadyVor Monat
  • I hate how they went from all ages of entertaining to child entertainment

    xI-_Suic1de _-IxxI-_Suic1de _-IxVor Monat
  • The amount of times Kay said rocket rideded 👇🏻

    TheSportDemon 1TheSportDemon 1Vor Monat
  • Did anyone notice Jarvis laughed at 3:48

    Crashfaller FNCrashfaller FNVor Monat
  • Yes I seen the 🌲’s

    Lewis ChapmanLewis ChapmanVor Monat
  • 6:56 He got rocket rideded

    xKryptik VortexxKryptik VortexVor Monat
  • What happened to me when I was playing fornite my mini was freaking huge

    Yandel SolanoYandel SolanoVor Monat
  • Clickbaiting idiot

    Ahmad AAhmad AVor Monat
  • 0:41 guess you got to play fortnite

    Hbh hgghaHbh hgghaVor Monat

    Savvas ParasoglouSavvas ParasoglouVor Monat
  • Kay:he got rocket rideded Normal people:he got rocket rid

    Charlie BarrosCharlie BarrosVor Monat
  • OMG he got crusheted 🤣

    Ed & GeorgeEd & GeorgeVor Monat
  • Jarvis laughs 45 seconds in

    Jack DeangelisJack DeangelisVor Monat
  • Emeny

    Travis_btwTravis_btwVor Monat
  • He lafted

    Diego OsorioDiego OsorioVor Monat
  • Jarvis: You laugh=You Play Fortnite Me:AHAHAHAHAHAH

    Guilherme SequeiraッGuilherme SequeiraッVor Monat
You Laugh = You PLAY Fortnite!