Who Wants To Be Virginia's Governor?

The Governor of Virginia is in hot water. The guy who's next in line to the governorship is, too. And the next guy.
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  • I had like a brief second where I thought that guys favorite rappers were going to be like N.W.A. or something.

    BlindErephonBlindErephonVor 4 Monate
  • Virginia is. possession in Hell. That is as far as they went in 400 years.

    Joseph ZaoJoseph ZaoVor 4 Monate
  • 叔叔,可以先腦後作用大團天使长喔,,,椅子是誤了电流輸出,会掛掉葛屁掉,唉,失去太多和大机会了,,,??。奇實可以先腦作用点,再电椅无葛屁而作用軍警保標的說,,,??,天使长大團,大慨可能也许,,,天使长怕被竄位,单纯又怕被高知言識後後後後後N後众竄位,,,???。 大慨啦,,,???。 叔叔,,,要不要啦,,,。

    刘宇龙刘宇龙Vor 10 Monate
  • You should be it Colbert ‘cause the Ole Dominion State deserves another Punk Bigot talking Chit 24/7 and you definitely excel at that LOL

    Space CowboySpace CowboyVor year
  • Anyone here gonna comment that the fact that this govonor tried to endorse a bill to murder babies?

    Swarm HigherSwarm HigherVor year
  • It’s not so black and white....... ohhh wait it is

    james88james88Vor year
  • I give credit to Virginia's Democrats for the first recorded political instance of "Three Stooges Syndrome": if it wasn't for Fairfax's and Herring's additional controversies, Northam would have been removed from office and replaced immediately; but because the #2 and #3 state Dems all have similar scandals, it has insulated Northam from removal! Turns out the left's moral outrage goes silent for political expediency's sake, when it would lead to a GOP governor if they followed their own rules.

    RochesFanRochesFanVor year
  • America’s no redemption zero tolerance policy🤮

    Joel WJoel WVor year
  • Look, doing blackface is terrible and I agree that anyone doing it today should be chastised and fired. But holding people responsible for something they did almost 40 years ago is ridiculous. That goes for anyone regardless of their political affiliations. Is it not possible that people have grown out of their youthful idiocy, or are we really saying that people are responsible for everything they've ever done for the rest of their life?

    David LDavid LVor year
  • WHY would any SANE person like the KKK or SCIENTOLOGY? BOTH are lunacy !

    Mark DowseMark DowseVor year
  • Should have been "BlacKkKlansman" instead of "lala land" , but otherwise great 🤣🙏💕

    chico alemicanochico alemicanoVor year
  • When I was nine or ten years old, for Halloween, I dressed as Michael Jackson. The year after that I dressed as a mad scientist. Now even at that age I realized the clothing and shoes were all that was needed to show I was imitating the King of Pop. (My man) Now at that age it did not occur to me to put black shoe polish on my face because why would it? And of course I tried in vain to moonwalk and instead I sprained my feckin ankle. Lol (Shout out to Michael Jackson an my other alien friends) Now the issue is not about him dressing like Michael Jackson and using feckin black shoe polish on his face. That's ignorant. You're being ignorant (South Park episode "The Jeffersons") Rather the issue is about lies and misdirection, piss poor an shoddy misdirection, but still misdirection. At first Ralph (he's called that because he makes so many people want to vomit) Northam apologized for his medical school year book picture (average age 24) and then realized he would have to explain why he was re-enacting a klan lynching, so he lied and said he was not in that picture because he was at another party dressed up as Michael Jackson complete with the moon walking. (I bet there is no pictorial evidence of said event, so clever) However then he fukd up, an said he wore black shoe polish on his face. Good job. Moron. He should have just got some misdirection tips from Kelly Anne Conway. (She is the misdirection queen) Possible excuses Ralph Northam could have used: Ralph (vomit) could have said he graduated high school really, really, really, really, really early. That at fourteen years old he was the youngest doctor in recorded history. Because of this he was the inspiration for Doogie Howser, M.D. (shout out to, Doogie Howser and my man Neil Patrick Harris-NPH) Which means when he put black shoe polish on his face, he was still a teenager. And ya’ll know about all those dumb 80s kids and black shoe polish. All 80s kids were covered from head to toe. Many hospitals reported shoe polish toxicity. By the late 80s it had reached epidemic proportions. So much death and so many shoes unpolished. Lol For more info watch the 80s news special titled "Shoe Polish, Friend or nuclear foe for your kids? " Lol Another possibility: He is not from Earth and on his planet the only entertainment available was the minstrel shows of the 50s. Now when he got to Earth he had a hard time assimilating into society because until he was 26 he dressed as one of many Minstrels because he thought that was how people dressed. So every single earth picture of him is in black face. Lol Seriously. What the fuka is with Virginia Democrats???

    hobbicles28hobbicles28Vor year
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Evan Webb-StuartEvan Webb-StuartVor year
  • Love you. Just don't talk about Michael Jackson negatively. One of the greatest artists ever.

    Veronica SmithVeronica SmithVor year
  • Would you rather have a republican who actively legislates against the best interests of minorities, or a democrat who wore blackface as a kid, and now promotes civil rights? Real question. I want people to weigh in.

    Consensus GConsensus GVor year
    • @Elithrae Here's the thing tho. He DID initially apologize, and nobody forgave him. I am asserting that, because of mob mentality, even if he had not backtracked, most people would never forgive. When Twitter and the media decide that you're trash, it doesn't matter how sorry you are or how much you've changed. You're done.

      Consensus GConsensus GVor year
    • So, first of all, the rapist gotta' go. Let's start there. Secondly, the Governor didn't just do blackface. He did blackface *with someone dressed as a Klansmen.* That's my issue there. If he'd just done black face 30+ years ago, had apologized, and not back tracked, I probably would be like "Hey, let's make this a teaching moment and move on." But him doing it, then denying it, then admitting he originally copped to it because he THOUGHT it was the time he did Michael Jackson (meaning he made a habit of it)..... I mean, honestly, the Klansmen & the lying is what bothers me. If he were really sorry, why not just apologize and stick to it? IMO, the AG and his friends having dressed up as rappers they enjoyed was done out of love of them, and ignorance to the fact that black face was rapist. There was no malicious intent, they weren't running around with guys dressed as Klansmen, and instead of it being dug up, he copped to it himself and apologized. IMO, the AG shouldn't resign, and should be governor. But the rapist & Lying Ass McGee gotta' go.

      ElithraeElithraeVor year
  • Maybe if the American education system didn't trivialize and whitewash slavery and the oppression of minorities, then students could actually UNDERSTAND why blackface is considered uncouth. I blame the system, and I don't think any of these men are racist for painting themselves black at a party 30-40 years ago.

    Consensus GConsensus GVor year
  • So... attempted rape is OK when in college, but questionable dress-up costumes are a bridge too far?

    Ralph PickeringRalph PickeringVor year
  • Look, I could care less about politics but even I can see the trend going on here. It seems like everybody is trying to accuse all the men (white) of sexual harassment or racism just to get them out of Congress or the White House.

    P DP DVor year
  • If a Racey is headed toward Colbert he shouldn't worry, John Oliver will get it instead

    The Winged PorpoiseThe Winged PorpoiseVor year
  • ii was looking at the news and trevor noah and majority of black people think he should stay in office...i mean its better to have a remorseful racist man in office than someone who has more racist stuff in the past....and this gives black people leverage over goverenr...now he cant refuse funds for public housing,education of black neighbourhoods....this is good...let him be governer...

    RaviRaviVor year
  • Seriously wtf is with people having their jobs threatened for something that they did when young and stupid decades ago? WTF world? Oversensitive much? Petty is what it is.

    tehnemoxtehnemoxVor year
  • Equality has grown so much in those 30 + years. What did he do 10 years ago? What did he do last year? Let us get a better picture of who he is today before you burn him alive for his actions... from 30 plus years ago. No. I am not a racist. Yes. I believe every color is the same and all equal.

    B DiddyB DiddyVor year
  • I'm not surprised at all about the situation with the old white guys in Virginia. Visited there in the mid 80s and I can tell you from first hand experience, segregation was alive and well then. Blacks were kept away from white venues by tradition and by pressure. It was truly terrible to see.

    Donna VorceDonna VorceVor year
  • You know, nowadays you can dress up in whiteface and still call it a Michael Jackson costume.

    SeetiyanSeetiyanVor year
  • What's was up with the obsession with Black face back then...jeez

    Junior BalogunJunior BalogunVor year
  • "I got a black face." OKAY. NOW I'M TRIGGERED. WHO SAID TH-oh right. 😂

    Dak LamerbuschDak LamerbuschVor year
  • So why did he think had to put on black face to be MJ 😈

    Andrey GreenidgeAndrey GreenidgeVor year
  • I'm sorry, buy how is something someone did decades ago when racist limits were SO DIFFERENT, a valid reason for firing someone now? This makes me so conflicted... I don't approve AT ALL, but acceptable limits have changed so much in the last few years... Comments please 😘😘😘

    Samantha MadisonSamantha MadisonVor year
  • My picture in my yearbook has the word "commie" under it as a nickname. I did not do that. A boy I dated once and was not interested in was on the yearbook committee. You can connect the dots.

    Madison HeightsMadison HeightsVor year
  • I love the dig at "La La Land." The IMDB cast page for that movie *clearly* shows the diversity of LA. You have to really scroll to find people of color. Very few had a speaking role. I know it's not a common opinion, but I think it was the most overrated movie of 2016.

    J. Seldin ScarfoJ. Seldin ScarfoVor year
  • Tell the damn pianist to shut the hell up

    foofighterfoofighterVor year
  • Aa a Finnish person a have a difficult Time understanding why it is deemed racist if someone has blacked out their face 30 years ago in order to celebrate their musical heroes. I am aware that racism is a real thing in America and also in Europe, but like the Neeson situation, isn't this going a bit far?

    pop4berniepop4bernieVor year
  • Who cares... from Canada. Why is blackface a bad thing? I don’t get it. If I was a black person and dressed up in whiteface with red braids for Anne of Green Gables, would I be persecuted? Why is the world going bonkers.

    Green BrainGreen BrainVor year
  • I can't believe Kavanaugh, acting personally against someone, with intent, is sitting in the SCOTUS, while these guys who dressed in costumes to emulate performers they liked are being shot down. What's the problem here? Is it BECAUSE no one had a riot about Kavanaugh in time to stop *that* unhinged lunatic - and now it's too late for the next four decades to do anything about it - that when another potential target shows up who could get voted out in a few years that everyone's going to take it out on them? That Kavanaugh acted badly when he was a teen isn't the problem: *It's That He Effing LIED About It that's the problem!*

    Steve JordanSteve JordanVor year
  • Shouldn't his name be Southam instead of Northam?

    Michael JonesMichael JonesVor year
  • Man, ever since Trump became president, racist shit keeps coming out of the woodwork. Oddly enough, from both sides and mainly done by men (so far).

    N. A. HartnellN. A. HartnellVor year
  • I believe the guy who fixes the toilets in the Gubernatorial mansion has just been named governor. He's the only guy in the capitol they could find for whom blackface isn't racist because he was born with it.

    Tzvi KrasnerTzvi KrasnerVor year
  • Now you got the lieutenant governor coming out of being a rapist of two women so far you got to love them Democrats just ask Slick Willy and his magical cigars

    J WJ WVor year
  • People seem to be forgetting the 4th in line. A Republican who was editor in chief when a lot of these black face pictures where in the year book. It was his job to pick out which pictures to put in.

    Luke ZylikLuke ZylikVor year
  • kids, don't dress like transvestites for parties now, because that shit is going to hunt you down in the future

    kelerewskelerewsVor year
  • Thats scary, think about it. Every stupid or irresponsible thing you did as a kid/teen could be dug up in this modern day and age. How many people can claim they never done anything stupid in their life?

    rainningstormrainningstormVor year
  • So if Northam was the one in blackface, then who was in the KKK robe? Was that someone who is also now in politics?

    fraggerfraggerVor year
  • So Michael Jackson did whiteface? I don't see any problem with blackface, unless they are doing it with racist intentions.

    Logan MohlerLogan MohlerVor year
  • I’m not American but I am curious about what’s a problem people dressing as blackface? I get the KKK ofc but going as MJ - what’s the issue?

    Juraj BenakJuraj BenakVor year
  • There’s nothing wrong with people changing though. I’m not saying they have changed - they may be super racist still for all I know - but we need to stop branding people for life for their past sins and accept that people can change and improve.

    BenBenVor year
  • As a Virginian every news story about Northam makes me cringe into next week

    Sydney MarandaSydney MarandaVor year
  • 2:07 I have been asking the same question since I moved here.

    Emma PrinceEmma PrinceVor year

    John sarabJohn sarabVor year
  • Jon's comment 🤣

    Sammy WilliamsSammy WilliamsVor year
  • So Vice/Asst Attorney General is in line?

    Tk HannibalTk HannibalVor year
  • God damn these white people from the south in the 80's were too ignorant.

    Timmy TurnerTimmy TurnerVor year
  • You really cant make this shit up

    El Paco MachinEl Paco MachinVor year
  • Jon- I got a black face 😂

    winkle birdwinkle birdVor year
  • How come these Idiots are becoming Governors and president. This is what happens when Smart people don't run for public office.

    LibHunkLibHunkVor year
  • I don't personally believe in things being inherently racist. The definition of racism is generally considered to be prejudice or discrimination towards people based on their race. Making your face black doesn't fulfill that definition at all - it only can if you're doing so to annoy or upset black people, something I doubt Virginian students in 1980 trying to emulate rappers they enjoy were doing. Though that being said, now we all know that the vast majority of black people find it degrading/offensive, I don't think it can often be appropriate in public.

    callum9999callum9999Vor year
  • VA Governor (Democrat)- Accused of racism VA Lieutenant Governor (Democrat)- Accused of sex assault VA Attorney General (Democrat)- Accused of Racism The next in line is a republican. This is a total setup.

    Patrick GabrielPatrick GabrielVor year
  • Even Michael Jackson stopped appearing in blackface.

    Calder WishneCalder WishneVor year
  • The singer of the band has brown face not black lol he must be colorblind. Hahaha

    Hans LöweHans LöweVor year
  • This isn’t a party issue but a culture issue. For these educated grown ass men to go to parties dedicated to racism it means it was part of their culture. And if you recognize it, we can all acknowledge that it’s hard to escape peer pressure and a cultural norms so we can judge each person individually, take into account what they did for the last decade to prove they’ve changed. If it happened before 21, in High school or college and it’s not a murder or rape I think a person can change based on their environment. So the attorney general shouldn’t lose his job if it’s proven he didn’t attack black people at a higher level than white people. But, we live in America and this is just another Sunday news. Let’s pretend these two guys aren’t even white and they’re an isolated case.

    Lily RoseLily RoseVor year
  • Honestly. It was 40 years ago. People are stupid when they are young - if we are going to hold that against them forever, then we're not going to ever find suitable politicians.

    Mads FeierskovMads FeierskovVor year
  • Im speechless...😂

    DonDiva DaBossDonDiva DaBossVor year
  • Some people may think it's unfair to fire him over this, but that's because those people have never been treated like scum and then humiliated for it.

    Laydie ElleLaydie ElleVor year
  • Hmmm. I don't get why them dressing in blackface 30+ years ago is causing such a uproar. I understand that blackface is wrong, and that it reinforces negative stereotypes of black people and dehumanizes them. That said, those two people didn't assault anyone, didn't rape anyone, didn't cause anyone lasting harm. They were also late teens, early 20's in the 80's. I am only 21, and even less than 3 years ago I held opinions that make me cringe now. I would hate to lose my job 30-40 years from now over something dumbass I did right now. I have never done blackface, but I also have the internet to research why blackface is wrong. Because of the internet, I have access to a massive diversity of voices which isn't limited to the people who go to my college (mostly white folks). So yeah, these guys were doing blackface. And yeah, blackface is awful. But they didn't do harm to any specific individual, and something dumb that people did years ago is not necessarily an indication of who they are now. If they were a klan member who burned crosses onto people's lawn, or if they had assaulted someone, or if they'd raped someone, then they absolutely do not deserve to be in office. That makes sense. But wearing an MJ costume is a little.... Underwhelming. I suppose this is informed by my being gay, and realizing that 10 years ago, it was political suicide to say that you support gay rights. So if I had found out that politician had dressed up as a stereotypical gay guy with fake flames on them ("Flaming Fag") in their youth (reinforcing the idea that LGBT should be burned as kindling because we weren't worth burning at the stake) I would probably ask about what they've voted on and espoused in the last 10-15 years, because I take it as a given that people would've wanted me dead, burning in hell, or tortured me into straightness (conversion therapy) 20+ years ago. But I would love to hear why my point of view should change! Again, I have this lovely internet to update and challenge my worldview. Please let me know why you want these folks out of office! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond! ♥️

    Asura HeterodyneAsura HeterodyneVor year
  • I feel sorry for MJ. I don't believe he molested any child. He's just someone who couldn't handle the spotlight, and I don't blame him.

    Will PackWill PackVor year
  • My new expletive is now.... damn it Virginia!

    invertedcrazytreeinvertedcrazytreeVor year
  • This is real “fake news” Seriously, when the reporter who broke this was a student, was it his/her dream to one day brake a story that a politician wore a bad Halloween costume 40 years ago? Who cares?! Is he doing anything racist as governor? That would be news. This is not. This is garbage.

    Adam PaleschAdam PaleschVor year
  • OMG! People (teenagers, to boot) in the 80s were not as sensitive about "blackface" as modern SJWs. Who would have thought? All this moralistic posturing is getting pretty ridiculous.

    bosselbosselVor year
  • An honest question from somebody who lives outside of the US: What’s exactly racist about black face? I’m not saying that I do or don’t find it racist, I’m just saying that since it’s something that it’s not done here where I live, I don’t understand how exactly it is racist from the American Point of view

    ilsontfouscesromainsilsontfouscesromainsVor year
  • What's with these white people in black-face? Black people have better things to do than paint their faces white.

    True GritTrue GritVor year
  • Can we just all admit together that Stephen and Stay Human are completely out of step on performance timing? Can we send Stephen and Jon away to a quiet room and not let them come back until they are finishing each other’s sentences? They are each great separately, but they stumble over each other for the whole monologue.

    smartgirl909smartgirl909Vor year
Who Wants To Be Virginia's Governor?