WE ARE LEAVING!! the family says goodbye

We pack all our bags, the dogs get a new home, and we drop off Jenny new car!
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We are leaving! our new house, the awesome backyard, the spacestation. We'll never see again...till we get back! WE ARE GOING ON A FAMILY VACATION!! We set a goal that when Adley finished her new potty training routine that we would go on the ultimate trip as a family and its a huge surprise for Adley because she has no idea where we are going. She thinks we're going to Aladdin, which I'm not sure if she means Disneyland or the new movie.
For the very first time, Adley packs her own bag for the trip (with mom's help). the pack pajamas, dresses, swimsuits, jumpsuits (gymnastic leotards) basically everything adley loves to wear! We got her a new life vest but we can't decide if we want to take it or bring her future surf pro life jacket.
Huge shout out to Luxe Auto Spa:
and this is why!
I get home from work so that we can take the dogs to their new house, a place they can be watched while we're away. Jenny gets emotional saying goodbye, can you imagine what she'll be like when she says goodbye to baby brother?!! We then head to Luxe to drop off Jenny's birthday Tesla. While we're gone they are going to wrap it and tint the windows, basically make the Tesla even more amazing! They also have a brand new drift cart that they let me shred in. It's super fast and tons of fun!
The next day we have to get up super early so we can head to the airport. Aldey is so excited but once we sit down on the plane, she falls asleep. So when she wakes up, we'll be at the surprise!! Best Day Ever!

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WE ARE LEAVING!! the family says goodbye