WANDAVISION Episode 1 & 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | MCU Easter Eggs & Theories

WANDAVISION Episode 1 & 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Theories. We review, recap and explain the first two episodes of Wandavision on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property.
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0:00 Intro
0:34 MCU Recap And Easter Eggs
1:24 Dream Theory
2:22 Vision’s Tie
2:43 Doctor Strange 2 Tie-In
2:56 Who Is Agnes?
4:27 Wandavision Episode 1 & Breakdown
Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul and after over 500 days of no new Marvel content the MCU is back with Wandavision.
The Disney Plus series has a lot to unpack and throughout this video we're gonna be breaking down episodes 1 and 2, pointing out the easter eggs, giving our theories and explaining the ending. Up top we're gonna be dropping some big fan theories and then we'll continue with our more traditional breakdown but it's all gonna be time coded in the description below.
Now the last time we saw Vision he was giving a piece of his mind to Thanos and Wanda was moping around after the Avengers saved the universe. Cheer up love it's a funeral.
Now the series itself picks up with us having very little idea over what it is that's exactly going on and why the character are in this strange 1950s sitcom world.
Now in death Vision actually turned grey and this was very similar to his silver costume in the comics that became a big part of the character. Though we know from the trailers that that won't remain I love the black and white aesthetic here that sort of ties into that Easter Egg and who knows he may turn back to being grey at some point.
As for Wanda she has clearly created this pocket dimension and though we don't know exactly what's going on just yet there was a big clue in one of the tv spots that was recently released. Now I just wanna give a huge shoutouts to @kwistatz on twitter for sending me this through and the trailer ends like most do with a voice over announcing when it's coming out. However instead of saying streaming friday it sounds like he says dreaming friday and when you turn on closed captions you can see that this is indeed the case.
This mistake seems deliberate and to me it's hinting that Wanda is actually dreaming this entire reality and due to her powers it may have manifested. This could mean that the character is actually asleep at the centre of it all and the reality is building up around her.
The characters that we see could have been sucked into this and this is why they are unable to remember what's going on outside of their reality. The people that we see the pair interact with could be doctors or psychologists on the outside trying to help her with her grief and they've become trapped in the dimension unable to escape from it.
Visions Tie also could be hinting at people being enclosed in something and from what we see it has a rectangle with two dots inside of it. These two dots could represent both Wanda and Vision who are trapped inside this box that the former has dreamt up.
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  • Hey everyone, our Episode 3 breakdown is now available here - de-visions.com/detail/video-WqrPQWOb4oU.html

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  • This show has gotten me interested in the MCU again, tbh the movies got repetitive and boring. They felt like the movie equivalent of a Big Macs, yea it fills you up, but it’s not nutritionally dense enough to really be satisfying for long after consuming it. And if if this is the start of the X-men, I.can.not.wait. I’ve never been a huge comic book fan, but X-men movies and shows played a huge part in my childhood and I’m so pumped to see them done right.

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  • I'm obvi late here... but I love the mystery of the series! I saw all of the WandaVision hate towards the first two episodes on social media and I never trust that. The first two episodes are nostalgic (in good and bad ways), funny, and above all mysterious! Ohhhh you can't understand what's going on.. yeah I think that's kind of the point! Keep watching. Duh..

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  • Her brother is the grim reaper and Ralph will be the devil

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  • August 23 = 23/8 = Avengers 238 = the one where Vision comes back to life. The commercials are traumatic events from Wanda's life and is likely the Stark Industries missile that trapped her and Pietro.

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  • A comment below, with my thoughts on the episodes.

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  • I hated the 1st 2 episodes and most of the 3rd episode. It shouldn't take Marvel 3 episodes to get to the point. We don't need 3 full set up episodes full of easter eggs. Bt I loved your breakdown video on this as always.

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  • Lol the point of the show is to be confusing... that is what creates mire mystery more wonder on what is happening ,if they just give us all the info what id the greatness of it?? I am in love , i live how weird u after watching an episode it is, i love how everything is perfect,nice and neat ehen actually something darker is happenings

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    • It is in the new ep.

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  • The animation for episode 2 is definitely an homage to Bewitched, not I Dream of Jeannie. And their house in that one is a dead ringer for the Bewitched house.

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  • There is so much more going on that you shoul rewatch it again. Watch t hd rooms. Watch the details of each room and location. So much more is happening.

    PrimeMac StudioPrimeMac StudioVor Monat
  • My description or my sister's description is that there is a lot of scenes in red on that serie AND ALSO on the end game movie there was also red secenes also infinity wars and actually vision is dead so how is him live on the serie so does endgame and infinity wars is just a dream?? We will find out.

    Olvin Josue Castillo CastilloOlvin Josue Castillo CastilloVor Monat
    • This was my sisters description and i comment the video very late

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WANDAVISION Episode 1 & 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | MCU Easter Eggs & Theories