Wale - Flawed (feat. Gunna) [Official Music Video]

"Flawed" feat. Gunna out now: wale.lnk.to/flawed
Directed by Joseph Desrosiers & Melissa Forde
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Wale “Flawed” (feat. Gunna) - Lyrics
Everybody flawed I could never need you (2x) Ain’t nobody God , god , god ,god, god, god.
Everybody flawed I could never need you (2x) Ain’t nobody God , god , god ,god, god, god.
A lot of red solo
In back of the crib soho
A lot of em humbleA lot of them go Sunoco
Gassed off the likes Advice is not important
I still pray for u life Despite I’m not part it
I ain’t bout thisIndustryBut this shyt be important I ain’t in ya commentsYa ig is soExhaustingHad
premonitionU prolly switch up on me Fire conversationsI miss emSo now I’m salty
Still want see u shine There’s Haters on your mind
It’s strangers in ya circle
There’s angels by your side
I hate to say u changed YoU hate to say I’m not But fame run up and down
Cuz fame is suicide
I could never hate youYou cool wit everybodyGuess everybody tooStill I’m thankful that God made u We had a great run
Now go run away it’s cool
Everybody flawed I could never need you (2x) Ain’t nobody God , god , god ,god, god, god.
Everybody flawed I could never need you (2x) Ain’t nobody God , god , god ,god, god, god.
Yeah, look look, ok
Everybody flawed it ain't hard too see thruShe accept my flaws and say babe I need youWent against the odds now its silver teaspoonsWhen I it hard (la la la la)Can’t come to my dog tighter than supreme glueBitch you fucking with dawgsLeaving me with loose screwsBreak your back against have you scream ... who who I'm fuck that pussy hard (hard hard hard hard)I bought you pair titties like a pair of new shoesYou left you old nigga now your life look brand new Your pussy like an engine I hope it aint ran thruI couldn’t see me house wifing youAnd now its time to part (apart)Never thought you played the partAin’t nobody God , god , god ,god, god, god
Everybody flawed I could never need you (2x) Ain’t nobody God , god , god ,god, god, god.
Everybody flawed I could never need you (2x) Ain’t nobody God , god , god ,god, god, god.

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  • Everybody flawed; that’s why.....I need you‼️🥰 Can we have fire 🔥 convo pls 🥴 My king I love you, && 🙌🏾 We’ve met face2face in Minneapolis 2011... I’ve ✈️ to see you but I haven’t made my presence known....🥺I just wanna be your therapist! I just wanna listen and gaze over the chocolate skin 😏

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  • He is a fucking poet. I love this man music idc

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  • Wale is very talented however his rapping flow doesn’t stay consistent this is why most people just overlook him...

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  • Military Life Flawed😏

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  • Girls after 15 years "guess what"??? I found out for real my hubby is a womanizer. Now I have known and always know that I'm FLAWEd. 👏🙋

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  • Wale just give Blackness LIFE!

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  • I am here after hearing Matt Devlin roast the shit outa him 7 yrs ago

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  • Wale speaks the truth.. I'm like how he know what wave I'm riding!?

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  • If Drake had released this song.. it would've impacted the charts with high praise from all corners. Great beat selection and Gunna slid. Side note: Where is Drake x Gunna, and I ain't talkin Never Recover

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  • @Wale appreciate the Kefka from FF6 laugh at the intro.

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  • If underrated was a person.... I love how he represents black women

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  • This dude ain’t even rich prob got 100k in his bank but don’t matter he raps from the heart and never stopped even after he went broke he still sang for us 👀❤️🙌🏻

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  • What do we do when everybody cool with everybody!? 💞 Not Flawed. Are we the only out the crews??? Because I don't fit in.

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  • no props enough for the beat makerz. Likez to the real hero

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  • Wale is ma idol for ever i really like that Is one of the person i inspired for what ever i did it love u wale😍

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  • SO underrated, I don’t know why

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  • All I gotta Say Is Virgos Aint Nothing Too Play With Big Facts. KCMO What ☝

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  • As it stands right now Wale anit like these other artist . I believe he has pure intentions. GOD selects us all for a particular purpose!!! #Westillmustrisehigher

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  • is this the most underrated song or yes

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  • Yo wale been hittin me hard for a minute now.. If you ask me this brother is mad underrated.. It's like oh yeah this dude again.. He's droppin straight fire on whatever he let's go.. Mad props Wale

    Danny DeliaDanny DeliaVor Monat
Wale - Flawed (feat. Gunna) [Official Music Video]