Vlad Tells Charlamagne: Drake's Crew Confronted Me for Your Comments about Drake (Part 3)

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In this VladTV clip, Vlad revealed that Drake’s crew actually confronted him for comments Charlamagne previously made on VladTV about the rapper. Charlamagne and Vlad then discussed artists having misplaced aggression and also how they want people to stop blaming hosts and personalities for doing their job.

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  • peoole with the most to say be the biggest bitches smh....

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  • RIP combat jack..Free Tax

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  • Never did sit well with CTG and Angela. Always saw them like bro and sis.

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  • Vlad (a bitch) interviewing charlamagne (a bitch) Reminiscing about being a bitch. Wtf world am i in

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  • Angela yee looked out for him he diet check Gucci mane because he was scared

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  • Drake's crew steps up to me Me: Can I help you young ladies?

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  • Charlamagne: *opens up and admits he was wrong and needs to give vlad love* Vlad: Ayo that’s crazy so anyway i was good homies with-

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  • I imagine Drake’s crew being like Prince’s crew from the Chapelle Show sketch. I know they aren’t like that....but that’s how I imagine them.

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  • Vlad, GTFOH You spent the better part of 2015 either trying to get everyone's take of the Drake ghostwriting rumors or trying to expose Dr Dre and Ice Cube for the straight outta compton film.

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  • Security saved your azz vlad

    Black KnightBlack KnightVor 21 Tag

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  • Who the 🤬 cares!! Our enemies are making videos all day about guns and getting ready for civil war and we're worry about drake and W.A.P

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  • Charlamenge looks really emotional in this interview, guess he really wanted to squash his beef with.

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  • not going to lie...glad to see that two grown men can bury the past and move forward. I dont think Charlamagne is going to do anymore vlad TV interviews...I think this was just one last interview to make amends I dont think Charla enjoyed this interview at all ...EVERY thumbnail of him shows him looking mad serious and upset like he is being forced to talk with the cops or something...Def not the same energy he brings to the Breakfast club or brilliant idiots I found charlamagne through Vlad TV interviews...had no idea who this dude was before Vlad TV interviews

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  • As nice as anyone can be money can buy anything.. just cause drake look dookie doesnt mean he cant do you over

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  • Wait I'm too new for this so vlad not the one asking questions damn I'm stoopid

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  • He’s such a snitch

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  • They didn't approach Vlad about Charlamagne he just threw Charla under the bus to save his own ass

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  • Correction, Kobe died January 26th. I'll always remember it now because it's my birthday.

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  • Ty for making a new playlist for it it kept playing backwards 🙏

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  • 3:56 thank me now

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  • Drake pulled up on Vlad like Prince pulled up on Charlie Murphy😂😭😭😭

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  • Lol the snitch patrol didn't hesitate to snitch

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  • Where is the JESSICA REID question

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  • Yep def here after lord jamar 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • You all hate vlad but give him views

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    • We FuCK WiTH VLAd N0w THaT JaMaRs GoNe🆗️

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  • Bro dropping allot of videos now that Niggas trying to cancel him

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    • 💯👉TaKe THaT, TaKe THaT🤏

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  • Vlad sounds like he hangs out with dj akademiks!!!

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  • Sensitive ass tough guys😂

  • Drake and his crew sang for Vlad. It was a nightmare.

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  • THE thing is once a certain amount of negative energy is reached, THERE IS NO GOING BACK TO BEING FRIENDS!!! That's doesn't mean there is a beef or grudge. That just means we can never be friends again. You got a lot of negative people who show you that negative energy OFTEN!!! And then THEY THINK they can apologize WHEN THEY WANT TO and it will be all good! It don't work like that!!! Some people gotta learn how to joke, disagree, or be critical WITHOUT discredit and disrespect. Joking, disagreeing, and criticizing with GREAT INTENTIONS is hard enough sometimes as it is. Because we all have our opinions, competitive nature, and wanna prove our point. But I CAN GET PAST those things. It's the BS with BAD INTENTIONS that ruins friendships.

    jbjbVor Monat
  • Charlamagne has evolved charaziagne goooooo

    Big DonBig DonVor Monat
  • Is drake the reason we haven’t seen charlamagne on here? lolol 😂

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  • That's right Charlamagne! Spoken like a true King!

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  • male drake fans fuck with their ankles behind their ears

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  • Video in a nutshell: GAWK GAWK GAWK

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  • austinjones

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  • bradpaisley

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  • Vlad got scared of Drake's boy, and threw Charlamagne under the bus!

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  • Maturity takes time

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  • How do you know people never confronted Harvey and Howard Stern? I'm pretty sure plenty of people "run up on them "

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  • Drake kinda bitch made for that. Be a man and speak for yourself.

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  • smh Vlad told on Charla....lol Vlad weak, i still be watching these videos though.

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  • Budden > Charla > random bird > vlad

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  • Vlad the feds

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  • Kobe died in January CTG c'mon man

  • Shit poppin 👶🍿

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  • I'm glad ur realizing my humans

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  • Yo Vlad, this is good and all but you really need to interview Angela Yee. That"s what's up!

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  • Vlad lost over 200000 subscribers Keep It Going People😉

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  • Napoleon Complex!!

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  • Them degrassi goons lol

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  • Jas committed suicide?? Wowww

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  • Charlamagne back on Vlad?

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  • how about both of yall interview jessica reid, google jessica reid and charlamagne

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  • So is everyone just going to forget that he said “if 6ix9ine comes home he’s gonna suck his D***“ 😬

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  • Rick Ross, Dame Dash, Lupe, Joe Budden, Monique, Desean Jackson, Nick Cannon, Royce, Lord Jamar, Godfrey, Mysonne, Farrakhan...

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  • Better late than never. Good job Charlamagne!

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  • Beef cd's. ? Culture vulture

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  • Unsubscribed

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  • Vlad man you twist the narrative a bit my guy. You don't tell the whole story bro

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  • 2 cornballs..... Haven't listened to CTG since that corny shit he said about Joe Budden. FOH...

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  • Yo release the whole video already bruh this shit is annoying

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  • Glad b trippin sumtyme

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  • drake is always getting other people to handle his shit. he needs to worry about stop fucking with teenage and underage girls.

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  • Vlad must have the most dangerous bodyguards ever they seem to just be making everybody back down

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  • Nigga your not Howard stern lol that’s why you got touched lol

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  • Too bad Vlad ain't have his friend who killed somebody with his bare hands with him. And for errbody doubting Drake got goons, trust he still butter soft but he do got hitters on payroll. Don't get it twisted he got enough bread to have a nigga come up missing. He'll never do it his self but still

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Vlad Tells Charlamagne: Drake's Crew Confronted Me for Your Comments about Drake (Part 3)