Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos

What happens if you mix Coca-Cola and Mentos in a large aquarium?
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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  • whats the name of the music??

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  • coca cola is explode with mentos

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  • You should have had an small opening on the container so that coke and gas were propelled at high pressure, that would have been a fun thing to see instead of this waste of time

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  • Nul

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  • Just a wastage

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  • Let me help you not waste your time. The mentos thing starts at 3:05. You're welcome.

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  • Title: experiment=diet coke and mentos Also waste his money by breaking useful stuff

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  • Me relaga la music pero ese video es un desperdio 😡😡😡😡😡😡

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  • Total waste of time! Not even funny or interesting...

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  • This seems cray ...

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  • Imagine if the coca cola and mentos stuff happens in your stomach 😆

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  • Boi I did this kind of stuff when I was in boy scouts in first grade

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  • That’s also wasting drinks. :(

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  • 6:59 Fruit ninja in real life be like 😂

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    • Tonto

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  • Destroying food. Classy

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  • Surely trained pro would know the box with such a massive open space would give the pressure plenty of room

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  • This video would be great for pilled up ravers after a club. Constant stuff with music. Otherwise it sucks

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  • Lukily i was sitting on the toilet while watching this -so the time was not completely wasted✌🏻

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  • Fail

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  • Communism doesn't work.

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  • Imagine eating mentos then drinking coke and that reaction happens in your stomach.....

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  • Do they know that your suppose to use diet coke?

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  • 3:20 thumbnail experiment

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    • Thanks bro. 🙏💕😊.

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  • Well, that was pointless.

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  • Who else watching in lockdown ?

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  • What the fuck is wrong with him he's crazy man I can't believe you did that 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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  • Why are they wasting so much watermelons ? Unbelievable

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  • Who else just searched this up and then found out that these are the peeps from TikTok

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  • How to waste hundreds of litres of Coca Cola.

  • Very cool! Yesterday I did a similar experiment, but something went wrong. True, it turned out so epic and my wife and I laughed so much that we recorded a video and posted it on our channel.

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  • Кто русский лайк

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  • If Coca-Cola REALLY cared about the obesity problem they’d put cocaine back in their recipe.

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  • It’s recommended for some odd reason, I don’t watch experiments like this.

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  • こんなのが1.3億って外人チョロ過ぎかよ

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  • Coca-Cola doesn’t need Advertisements Advertisements need Coca-Cola

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  • Omg that was epic epic

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  • Finally the thumbnail is real

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  • 3:37 Tripofobia

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  • I want my 10 mins back 😐

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  • what dont mix mentos ?

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Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos