Vanessa Bryant | House Tour 2020 | Wife Of Kobe Bryant | $600 Million Dollars

Vanessa Bryant | House Tour 2020 | Wife Of Kobe Bryant | $600 Million Dollars
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This video is for all you Kobe and Vanessa Bryant fans out there. Before his devastating passing, Kobe called Newport Coast home. Of course, Vanessa is still living in their family mansion these days.

The couple actually owned more than one massive home in Newport Coast which isn’t surprising considering Kobe was an NBA legend and the highest-earning player. In this video, we’ll be taking a look at the Bryant family home - where Vanessa lives with the kids, give the details of this mansion and more.
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  • Ooh Shut Up! Let them rip. The public does not need to hear this from you 30 times a day. Get a therapist please!! You need one seriously!!

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  • I didnt know house tours involved annoying talking these days?

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  • please do kane brown i all ways watch yall

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  • Please allow this man to rest in peace. Why is it necessary to keep mentioning the "possible" divorce or possible things that could happen? Yet when you mention Paris Hilton a woman who is no where near the legend Kobe was there are no mentions of her poor choices. You should pray that no one speaks ill of all of your flaws when you pass. Be kind, dont tear people down, especially not the dead!

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  • Nah, it is more like a virtual tour. Also, Vanessa is beautiful.

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  • Fake news! Pls give the video a 👎

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  • I'm obsessed with the Bryant's, but this episode didn't show images inside of the home. bummer.

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  • really you just talking instead of showing the house

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  • Talked our head off and still didn’t show the tour. Horrible!

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  • Rocking Robin. AAAMEEEEN!!!!!!!!!

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  • Who cares we are trying to concor this Corona virus and live one day at a time. That's rich people news who the hell cares about a mansion

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  • yo one last comment but just imagine you were a famous person's neighbor but never even knew or even got the chance to meet them because of stupid paperatzi and security or whatever

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  • I'm sorry yall but rich people are kinda overlimit there money the he'll you need 3 houses for? but whatever I guess if you are rich af you don't have to worry

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  • over 15,00 sq I literally thought u were finna say 15,000$ I was bout to say.... but remember guys if anyone of us becomes rich and has a beautiful family always remember God it will be a huge mistake if you forget how you came into this Earth and the person you came to be

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  • If you guys didn't know when Kobe and Vanessa lived in Orange County Gigi was born there during the time

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  • Bianca looks like Gigi is it me or I'm trippin

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  • Its does not matter how many houses, .how your account...where Just be as much you can to those who are less fortunate ..This is for Vanessa who apparently who very mine to people because of money

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  • Missing him ❤️

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  • This video is awful.

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  • Murciélagos come with an automatic mode, Snoop Dogg gave Kobe the 63 Laker theme Impala as a retirement gift, not the GTO!

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  • You sure do love to ! Where is the the tour?

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  • She talk too much

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  • Hello , Thank you for sharing Kobe Bryant’s Home , Here is more “ Inside Information “ for you . The Home was Previously Owned by New Port Beach NBA Sports Agent Dwight Manley , Dwight Manley is my parents Godson / Nephew . Kobe , purchased the home when Kobe was in his 5 year with the NBA Los Angeles Lakers. I have more “ inside information “ for you . Please follow up with me , I live in The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul , MN .

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  • RIP kobe and gigi


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  • Everybody is complaining about your too much talking i stead of showing the propdrtis in and out. Can you change please?

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  • Where is the tour? I have not seen the i side of the house. Only you speaking.

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  • A serious thumbs DOWN for this video. Very misleading. We watched you describe the house. There was no tour. Not Cool!

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  • Just save the time and google Kobe Bryant house 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • His youngest daughter never know her father. She will just know him as an NBA legend

    Nick MougrosNick MougrosVor Monat
  • How she got money

    kia tenniekia tennieVor Monat
  • Rip Kobe and gigi and all the rest who died on the crash

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  • NBA youngboy

  • BS talk too much where is the house

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  • Dont watch and thumb down and I promise you're making up for all the bullshit videos you clicked on in the past

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  • $600 million?! DANGG🙀

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  • A golddigger always recover.

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    • Dianne Nelson, Not when you lose two love ones. And one of them for sure you loved, from the womb. When you look at it the situation deeply, you God fixes things in a way that you will have to endure your harvest of seeds until you repent and receive Salvation.

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  • I very like house tour 2020

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  • All I see is some stupid blonde bimbo . Stop trying to get views over a family that’s hurting . You using their name is so tasteless.

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  • Y’all all up in Kobe and the Bryant family business.Let them be.

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  • You talk tooooooooooo much and not house tour

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  • this is not true I worked with him 2016 for over a year..

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Vanessa Bryant | House Tour 2020 | Wife Of Kobe Bryant | $600 Million Dollars