UNDISPUTED |Shannon reacts Baker Mayfield Outduels Joe Burrow as Browns Beat Bengals 30-35

UNDISPUTED |Shannon reacts Baker Mayfield Outduels Joe Burrow as Browns Beat Bengals 30-35

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  • Need to get baker in 2 and short, 3rd and short situations. Opens up a lot for him and there running game. Defense could always be better

    Cole WardenCole WardenVor Monat
  • Go back and look at Terry Bradshaw's first 3 years.

    Gordon GrahamGordon GrahamVor Monat
  • The fact that burrow almost one the game is insane with all that was going on with his team like when he called the timeout as soon as the ball was snapped when they could have got a first down don’t think browns should’ve won that to be quite honest but hey whatever

    NateFishyNateFishyVor Monat
  • I still have faith in browns! 10-6 or 9-7 just make it to playoffs guys! That's our superbowl after such a loooong drought!

    TheRomanticTruthTheRomanticTruthVor Monat
  • Bakers first game against the jets was 10 times the performance Burrow has had.

    MMVor Monat
    • Not really.

      DDattaDDattaVor Monat
  • Shannon, in his second season, please look up Brett Favre statistics. You'll find that he threw one more interception than Baker did last season. Your boy Peyton Manning had over 25 interceptions numerous times in the beginning of his career. I know Baker is a great qb and I also know that he has arm talent as well as you do. System means an awful lot to a qb's success. Take a look at Minnesota this year and Cousins stats compared to last season. What's the difference between his great season last year and this year's horrible statistics? Kevin Stefansky. Cousins earned major respect last year with his new stats and you'll find that this year will be a complete restoration of Baker's reputation w Kevin Stefansky running the offense. The Browns will be a much better team after getting back Mack Wilson, Johnson and Greedy Williams this week. I look forward to the next Baltimore Game when the Browns have some time to run this offense.

    Mr VfsMr VfsVor Monat
  • I'm a lsu fan and I got to say I thought he was going to be ok ish with the nfl and I'm awear he hasn't won amd is with a shit o line , but fuck me he looks good, soo calm

    J PJ PVor Monat
  • These two have become trash

    Martin_SpeaksMartin_SpeaksVor Monat
  • He Not Shit Garbage an Getting Endorsements Yeah Ok ..🥱

    Dion McCallDion McCallVor Monat
  • Joe Burrow isn’t playing Arkansas anymore. Burrow’s longest pass was 20 yards and he has yet to win an NFL game. Dude better get used to losing. 💯

    RyanRyanVor Monat
  • 11-5

    Justin BistlineJustin BistlineVor Monat
  • Josh Allen made the playoff last year with way less talent then baker and added Stefon Diggs and even looking better than he did last year, but Baker is better than josh Allen ok, skip.

    ItsLynkItsLynkVor Monat
  • LoL. When it comes to sam darnold... it's adam gase's fault. But when it comes to baker, with kitchens and Jackson, he's just incompetent. Shanon is so bad, he can't even analyze the traffic when trying to cross the street.

    darma1darma1Vor Monat
  • He doesn't look uncomfortable. Just look at how his head and foot movement works together. They work well together.

    Sheldon GraySheldon GrayVor Monat
  • The Browns beat an "rebuilding team" by 5, I have no confidence in them & never will the same with cowboys. All hype & no show when it counts

    Kemon GamesKemon GamesVor Monat
    • @Adam Saley neither..... Ends in a tie 🙃😄😆

      Kemon GamesKemon GamesVor Monat
    • Who wins week 4?

      Adam SaleyAdam SaleyVor Monat
  • Let's be real . Mayfield didn't outduel Burrow. Mayfield has a better oline for one , and that's that. Ask me , with the oline that Burrow has verses Mayfield's oline , Burrow played better than Mayfield. He brought his team , And his horrible oline within 5 points. If some of Burrows receivers would had made some of those plays , I think they might have won that game and that's all because of how Burrow kept them in the game.

    Albert SutherlandAlbert SutherlandVor Monat
  • Baker should have passed it higher to Bryant for he would have to back to catch it.

    Nick FlorisNick FlorisVor Monat
  • Bull not all are

    Nick FlorisNick FlorisVor Monat
  • Skip really knows how to pick them. Cowboys, Kawhi, Baker, etc.....

    Larry SchadLarry SchadVor Monat
  • AJ stays hurt every year and he runs lazy routes. I love the way Joe Burrows has so much poise and class to be a leader and "not the kid " as many of his colleagues may consider him to be such as his offensive line. Joe Burrows is a prime example of playing to win and not just playing ,to get a check!!! Big props to his coaching staff @ LSU. I'm a Buckeye fan and we let a good one get away.

    David WilsonDavid WilsonVor Monat
  • Shannon defends Darnold's lackluster start by blaming Gase but ignores the multiple bad coaches Baker has had to deal with. 🤔

    Isaac MillesonIsaac MillesonVor Monat
  • Outduels???? Baker played well but there was no question thay burrow was the better QB. Browns Rb's won that game. Baker didn't Outduel shit

    Nick ChanceNick ChanceVor Monat
  • I like bakers confidence I wanna see him do good, I wanna see the browns become competitive lol I’m kind of tired of just my Steelers and ravens being the rivalry

    Walking BombWalking BombVor Monat
  • Baker didnt outduel Burrow. Burrow had more TDs and passing yards

  • Burrow threw 61 times of course he had hella yards

    Daniel AcordDaniel AcordVor Monat
    • Like 5 yards per attempt, not a great stat.

      Mike MoonMike MoonVor Monat
  • Baker wasn’t even the story for this game it was Chubb and Hunt.

    1badawg661badawg66Vor Monat
  • Only 3 men in NFL history have thrown 61 passes in their Rookie year in a game. One was Joe Burrow! Joe doesn't look like a Rookie he had no preseason games.

    gerald 413gerald 413Vor Monat
  • Skip is a jack ass

    Rodrick DentRodrick DentVor Monat
  • Just came to say baker didn't out duel Joe.

    Myca BryanMyca BryanVor Monat
  • Think about it like this. #1 pick #1 pick. Think of it like a UFC fight... who won the fight? That’s what matters right? Do we say “oh yeah the guy who lost threw a bunch of nice strikes omg he threw 20 more punches but he still ended up losing in the end.. but he’s good 😀” like nobody does that shit so cut it out. Nobody wants to give Baker his damn credit he came out different that game literally looked like him in his prime rookie year. It was actually weird how good he was from start to stop. But that’s what Baker is known for playing like that bc he has a chip on his shoulder. Give HIM his credit. HE won HE & the Browns had a night.

    MOBAMBA445MOBAMBA445Vor Monat
  • Baker looked pretty good. This is coming from a bengals fan. I’ve always liked baker but let’s be real, he ain’t better than Josh Allen.

    Keegan HamlinKeegan HamlinVor Monat
  • Burrow is being set up to become the new Romo. Its amazing to me how losses dont get factored into these assessments. This is another hype job.

    M BoydM BoydVor Monat
  • I like Baker, people are crazy to want him benched. It's early in his career.

    Bo WilsonBo WilsonVor Monat
    • If the browns dont hold onto him he will come back an beat them💯

      TeeJay369TeeJay369Vor Monat
  • THis show is so much better when they talk football rather than politics....

    Bo WilsonBo WilsonVor Monat
  • Jarvis Landry however is a DAWG

    Bo WilsonBo WilsonVor Monat
  • Joe Burrow may look like Mcauley Culkin but he can play. The dude is a baller.I called it his junior year at LSU. RollTideRoll gotta give him props even though I'm a Bamer

    Bo WilsonBo WilsonVor Monat
  • Burrow played better than Mayfield to me

    Cedric MackCedric MackVor Monat
  • Baker is an elite back up. Starter...average.

    Thomas BabilonThomas BabilonVor Monat
  • Baker is a bust. Looking good against a rookie when you're a 1st overall pick and have been in the league for a couple years isn't impressive.

    Russian BotRussian BotVor Monat
  • First they believe, than they don't, than they believe again.. is this a trump rally? Take ownership you guys.

    douglepongdouglepongVor Monat
  • That pick Baker threw was just a little flat, under thrown and behind the guy- I don't think he didn't see the CB. If he put some air under it and threw it an extra 6-7 yards I think it would've hit the WR in the hands

    DomCagneyDomCagneyVor Monat
  • Been saying this for two damn years. RUN THE BALL!!! Chubb and Hunt are the best players on offense. Baker is inconsistent so why not reduce the reliance on his arm. The reason is OBJ which is why it would be a smart move to him.

    Gabriel LangfordGabriel LangfordVor Monat
  • Not big on the Baker Mayfield hate after this one. You can't blow that kind of smoke into Joe Burrow and then reduce it to a win on a "rookie QB" for Baker. Is Joe burrow tough to get a win on or nah? He is. Solid win for Baker, leave the man alone for a week.

    DLY ButYouDonnoMeDLY ButYouDonnoMeVor Monat
    • Whatever fits their narrative

      Jon PriestlyJon PriestlyVor Monat
  • Browns fan "68" Baker Mayfield is my Quarterback! Dawgs!🐾

    Anthony JonesAnthony JonesVor Monat
  • If you Illuminate mistakes , come on man. Weak ass Commentators.

    Stanley MarreroStanley MarreroVor Monat
  • Burrow barring injury future hof

  • I’m actually surprised skip doesn’t hate him

    GMEN RisingGMEN RisingVor Monat
  • Baker has no leadership skills and he doesn’t have an it factor. Skip is just a fan boy

    Dillon AdamsDillon AdamsVor Monat
  • Burrow is definitely good, but don't forget that Tyler Boyd and a healthy AJ are a huge part of his success throwing the football.

    R.S. HillR.S. HillVor Monat
  • I love the comparing baker to all other QBS.....none of them had 4 different coaches in 2 years...give me a break....just haters

    2SD251 Jim2SD251 JimVor Monat
  • better than josh..... hahhahaha stop smoking crack skip... your just pissy about last years thanksgiving

    Dillinger SmithDillinger SmithVor Monat
  • Baker won’t be the starting qb for the browns next year. He played good but what happened when he was asked to seal the game? He threw and interception and let the game get closer

    Steph JLSteph JLVor Monat
  • Burrow is nice he just needs a o line💯🔥an he is way better then baker let them switch place’s n I bet burrow would have got them into the playoffs 👌🏾💯

    Balling MikeBalling MikeVor Monat
  • Baker Mayfield with the superman curl

    Game Winning DriveGame Winning DriveVor Monat
  • I'm Sick to Non-Existence w/this Chip on Bay Bay Shoulder, He's 3 Interception from being Bench. So Please Stop it Burrow Threw a Better Game than Bay Bay ever Imagined!!!

    alan mulealan muleVor Monat
  • Baker didn’t outduel go burrow

  • Cleveland's secondary is TRASH! 🗑🚮💩 That should've been a blowout. Instead, they let a rookie with no OLINE convert five 4th downs and drop 30! No wonder LJ and BAL destroyed them so easily!

    TheArt WellTheArt WellVor Monat
    • @Exar Kun I'm not knocking Burrow. But we all know that the NFL is different. Ball different, field size different, game speed and athleticism is different. It takes time getting used to. Which he clearly is going to do. But! He threw 61 times. Cleveland got 21 pressures!!!!!!!!! AND THE SECONDARY COULDN'T PLAY OFF THE DLINES EFFORTS! And could've lost that game. 5 conversions? All throws to the outside. Nah. That's no good.

      TheArt WellTheArt WellVor Monat
    • That rookie had the best college season ever

      Exar KunExar KunVor Monat
  • Loudmouth Sharpe: the goat was drafted in the 6th round Have a seat

    Lamont JacksonLamont JacksonVor Monat
  • Burrow definitely outplayed Mayfield...wtf were you guys watching?

    brian greenbrian greenVor Monat

    sheena Pindersheena PinderVor Monat
  • Umm, Rodgers qbr was like 115 not 90 lol

    Nathan PitekNathan PitekVor Monat
    • That's passing rating, not QBR.

      Devin PettitDevin PettitVor Monat
  • Gad dam that thumbnail👀😂😂😂

    Shawn NewcomerShawn NewcomerVor Monat
  • What about the second obj td that he should have had if not for pass interference

    James BottomsJames BottomsVor Monat
  • better than josh allen? what good shit he is smoking

    son dangson dangVor Monat
  • Joe's good, he's gonna do great things in the league and I root for Pittsburgh.

    Peter KelemenPeter KelemenVor Monat
  • Qbr is on a scale from 0-100 right?

    VariableZ_TTvVariableZ_TTvVor Monat
  • Michael Irvin was trying to stir the shit there. I'm glad Bakes didn't take the bait.

    capricornmagic63capricornmagic63Vor Monat
  • i mean.... baker has funny commercials..... i guess that is something. i agree with shannon. a number one pick should be a generational player. a game changer. this was a battle of which #1 went to a worse team. and lets remember baker has a year in the nfl over burrow and only played 5 points better.... i dunno i dont have a dog in the race, im a pats fan we have our own problems.

    joejoeVor Monat
  • I see everybody gone make every excuse for burrow

    terrace Robinsonterrace RobinsonVor Monat
    • Burrow threw over 300 yards and 3 Tds lol it’s definitely not his fault the defense is abysmal

      wesley wrightwesley wrightVor Monat
  • Burrow forgot who daddy was LOL!

    OctavianOctavianVor Monat
UNDISPUTED |Shannon reacts Baker Mayfield Outduels Joe Burrow as Browns Beat Bengals 30-35