UFC 259: Predictions and Breakdown

0:00 - Intro
1:54 - Joseph Benavidez vs Askar Askarov
5:56 - Dominick Cruz vs Casey Kenney
11:30 - Thiago Santos vs Aleksandar Rakic
14:32 - Islam Makhachev vs Drew Dober
16:14 - Petr Yan vs Aljamain Sterling
23:14 - Amanda Nunes vs Megan Anderson
23:53 - Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya

Here are my predictions for the stacked UFC 259 card headlined by Israel Adesanya vs Jan Blachowicz, Amanda Nunes vs Megan Anderson, and Petr Yan vs Aljamain Sterling.
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  • The small cage is going to impact so many fights on Saturday

    TheWeasleTheWeasleVor Monat
    • Yeah I agree, I think it's going to cause unforced illegal knees to the head. You're like, psychic, man

      Glenn DaveyGlenn DaveyVor Monat
    • So except Amandas and Rakic's win,you picked the whole main card wrong..And the banger of the night was pure boredom,also Islam vs Dober was a sleeping pill,and Aljo vs Yan wasnt a technical fight,just a normal playground fight with a supernormal aggresive guy and a creative clown who havent trained for 5round...Thanks for God,Jan won.As I said.

      eleventeneleventenVor Monat
    • Damn izzy should have just waited for the jones fight. Would have been a better loss to take.

      J acoJ acoVor Monat
    • I think it’s time to start I’m sorry main events picks, terrible terrible picks by you like 6 wrong in a arrow bro common

      taiphoon zerotaiphoon zeroVor Monat
    • Bro Jan is 38

      Sriz MansonSriz MansonVor Monat
  • your prediction sucks stop predicts fight just focus on breakdown lol

    Danish MushtaqDanish MushtaqVor 28 Tage
    • Fax

      D&M ProdD&M ProdVor 8 Tage
  • When Izzy runs from heavy hitters they call it tactics when Rakic does it it's inactivity.

    UFC PugnatorUFC PugnatorVor Monat
  • Don't know where you get stats but Jan is 38 not 32

    sebsebVor Monat
  • your prelim predictions are terrible u only got medic right the rest all wrong lol nzechekwu ulberg at 70 % chance come on

    choi beechoi beeVor Monat
    • Fax he sucks

      D&M ProdD&M ProdVor 8 Tage
    • He’s never been in a fight, doesn’t know shit. Just thinks he does

      Dani AlDani AlVor Monat
  • Weasel you where wrong . Jan is being underestimated by many .I knew Jan had it by him beating ryes . Izzy was doomed from start

    More TruthMore TruthVor Monat

    Jacob CollinsJacob CollinsVor Monat
  • These predictions were legendary

    greg burkegreg burkeVor Monat
  • Hey weasel I just looked up the fight bonuses and Kai Cara France did get a bonus 😁💸💵💰

    Jeffrey SmithJeffrey SmithVor Monat
  • Even in defeat he proved everything he set out to except that he would defeat Jan early or at all. Let's just make this clear everyone who fought Jan of late has left beaten and broken before the clock stopped. Izzy went the distance barely scratched. Dom Reyez knocked Chris Weidmans head off and chased Jon Jones across the octagon but got his nose crushed and tko'd/ko'd by Jan. Not going to mention Luke Rockhold's funeral, however Izzy wasn't shaken and fought head on. Now I'll look to the future and tell you, that later you will say no one ever tried to take Izzy down like Jan but that's bull. He has 80% defense because so many have tried and failed. Jan was just successful. Let's keep in mind, Kelvin and Yoel took Izzy down and Kelvin held him for a moment. Before that Derrick Brunson and others tried and failed miserably. Jan is not Olympic wrestling material but his success in his own words was "timing" Izzy will defend his title but he now knows that better than anyone else in LHW he stood against the current Champ. I expect Glover to fight and maybe Santos though Santos lost his last 2 at some point he may be able to run it back. Jan and Thiago are friends so it may happen. Izzy will be back chasing 205 and maybe at the actual limit next time (remember he also did better in the weight class than anyone at that weight limit...when most men weigh more on fight night.)

    James WalkerJames WalkerVor Monat
  • When I found your channel couple of years ago you were so on point with your pick Nowadays hmmmmm However you are still amazing at analysing

    Angelo DjemilAngelo DjemilVor Monat
  • Damn that Nunez win prediction was mystic.

    Loric ZSLoric ZSVor Monat
  • Damn i would never listen to weasle for betting advise lol

    pcostyle09pcostyle09Vor Monat
  • Israel has won my respect for sure. I'm a fan. He did not have to move up but to prove he is a true soldier and warrior he did so. This fight proves why I have never ever considered Khabib a great champion. He should be fighting in this weight class or Wonderboys weight class, but no he will only fight midgets. GSP said Khabib is bigger then him and walks around over 190 lbs. I just don't understand why everyone drinks the Khabib Kool-Aid. Going from 190 to 155 to fight midgets is insane. Khabib is a endomorph body type and Connor an ectomorph and he should have never stepped up to fight this imposter. Until Khabib steps up like Israel and the other 4 double champions he is a coward. When he rag doll guys in his weight division then I will say he is great. Period end of story. Give Connor his due like Israel for stepping up to accept the challenge and risk everything. Thanks Israel for a wonderful performance.

    Keith HarmonKeith HarmonVor Monat
  • you got the amanda fight right but that's it for the top three fights, Jan shot the double easily and held him down, The Yan and Aljo fight I will just scrub because it was a DQ

    Great BingusGreat BingusVor Monat
  • Damnnit Weasle...You bought the Izzy hype. I knew Jan was going to win, the size difference plus the hot streak that he was on...All made me believe Jan was going to win.

    J K.J K.Vor Monat
  • made some good calls on this one weasle :)

    R. SoulR. SoulVor Monat
  • Over here waiting for next upload 😂😂

    TheValueKingTheValueKingVor Monat
  • Well looks like Weasel was wrong as usual.

    The ShapeThe ShapeVor Monat
  • Weasel WRONG AS ALWASY ! u are such a crappy predictor :) bet 100euro on Jan got 3250 thanks

    Rytis KurcinskasRytis KurcinskasVor Monat
    • @Mariusz Nowicki sorry i misspelled 1000euro. no just that Jan would win.

      Rytis KurcinskasRytis KurcinskasVor Monat
    • U kidding right? Did u predict fight going full five rounds?

      Mariusz NowickiMariusz NowickiVor Monat
  • Great fight - Izzy is amaizing figher - and this will not change it. Jan is Champ for a reason! I want him to win this fight so much to shut the face of people like DC and Rogan. Greets from Poland - and please respect Izzy

    mess megmess megVor Monat
  • Such a great night (Petr was winning easily to that point). Cant wait to hear the quick response vid. Love your stuff.

    Justin KennedyJustin KennedyVor Monat

    Bartek KayBartek KayVor Monat

    Prince_PessPrince_PessVor Monat
  • Isreal lost, maybe stop always picking the black/Muslim guy

    Josh CanadyJosh CanadyVor Monat
  • I think this result puts to rest who would win between Jon Jones and Izzy... Even more so now that Jan has laid the blue prints.

    ikissedalady200ikissedalady200Vor Monat
  • Weasel let's go I'm sitting here waiit for your response lol !!! Kidding homie thank you for all the content you know more than the "experts" I hope one day you and Dan hardy break down a fight together cause in my mind you two break fights down better than anyone else in the game

  • Weasle curse is real 😂

    Pj DomingoPj DomingoVor Monat
    • what is it? 0-5 in the last 5 main events?

      gotentk4gotentk4Vor Monat
  • I was right about this fight 😂 Jan is a beast

    nicolaisb2nicolaisb2Vor Monat
  • Wrong as ALWAYS dude

    Dani AlDani AlVor Monat
  • Blachowitz was wild

    dayvon jasperdayvon jasperVor Monat
  • Holding someone on the ground, dont mean 10/8 thats dumb, or whatever they was saying on commentators, you’re opinion?

    Maad X2Maad X2Vor Monat
  • 20-1

    simply factssimply factsVor Monat
  • the ufc commentary is pissing me off. Jan is winning this fight not izzy'

    Gage Goes HarderGage Goes HarderVor Monat
  • This dude just destroyes all of my parlays with his stupid new comers

    Strawberrycough BenzStrawberrycough BenzVor Monat

    xiaodong yanxiaodong yanVor Monat
  • Jan is going to break his jaw.

    Gage Goes HarderGage Goes HarderVor Monat
  • This dude about to go perfect on the night

    HewkSHewkSVor Monat
  • Yes Jan is gonna win then

    Rocket AndrettiRocket AndrettiVor Monat
  • Jan vs Izzy - Jan wins by K.O round 1 Nunez vs Megan - Nunez wins by TK'O round 2 Yan vs Sterling - Yan winsby TKO round 2 Islam vs Dober - Islam winsby Decision

    Humpty DumptyHumpty DumptyVor Monat
  • I showed my uncle a preview of this fight he is a boxing guy but ufc but he said he thinks Izzy ko's Jan by a head kick

    Prisoner60863Prisoner60863Vor Monat
  • Dudes had the same sponsor in every vid for over a year lol

    I am the one, the only one, dont need no gunI am the one, the only one, dont need no gunVor Monat
  • Ulberg got koed

    Zahoor FaqiryarZahoor FaqiryarVor Monat
  • Does Jan have the most sneaky good records in MMA??

    Jon DaczkoJon DaczkoVor Monat
    • @quotetheraven90 Hmmm I'm a Clevelander aswell, that's tough to call slight edge to Stipe??

      Jon DaczkoJon DaczkoVor Monat
    • Nope, that belong to Stipe.

      quotetheraven90quotetheraven90Vor Monat
  • Much respect to Izzy. If Derrick Lewis taught us anything it's don't count out that one shot. Jan is smarter than Costa and might just get it.

    braxtonecbraxtonecVor Monat
  • Anyone who promotes my crookie never EVER mentions how unprofessional they are or how much trouble one might have to get there miney back out. If you think its as easy as depositing money, receiving free money that is counted towards your available money to withdrawal, making bets, then withdrawing said money after .... you are sadley mistaken, but these weasles who receive a living by promoting crap companies dont care to mention the Real terms of service. Why the word "rollover" never leaves your mouth....thats a big one. Please people do some simple DE-visions research on horror stories with new customers. Your nasty and need a slapping for it...little weasle

    Dave NDave NVor Monat
  • Anyone who promotes my crookie never EVER mentions how unprofessional they are or how much trouble one might have to get there miney back out. If you think its as easy as depositing money, receiving free money that is counted towards your available money to withdrawal, making bets, then withdrawing said money after .... you are sadley mistaken, but these weasles who receive a living by promoting crap companies dont care to mention the Real terms of service. Your nasty and need a slapping for it.

    Dave NDave NVor Monat
  • shouldve been petr "the petrifier" yan

    Chazzie317Chazzie317Vor Monat
  • Izzy is ufc's golden boy now. They need a guy with female breasts/gyno and dances like a flamer to push the sport

    Jason AzevedoJason AzevedoVor Monat
  • youutbe censors my comments

    Jason AzevedoJason AzevedoVor Monat
  • I think Izzy has an advantage that you kind of touched on but most people see as a negative He is more than willing to have a boring fight, if he has to stay at super long sniper range and throw the minimal amount to win, he will ... but as you said, Jan has shown he will rush in to his detriment

    theomega616theomega616Vor Monat
  • Jan will only be around 20 pounds heavier. Isreal is heavier than people thought, but it should be no suprise he's 6 foot 4!

    Barney RubbleBarney RubbleVor Monat
  • Why did I think Jan was like 36 or something? Lol

    MrWulfric1MrWulfric1Vor Monat
  • Megan by tko

    The BC MMAThe BC MMAVor Monat
  • Great Breakdown.BOL

    Sergio SamanoSergio SamanoVor Monat
  • this dude gets everything wrong

    Jason TrevinoJason TrevinoVor Monat
  • Yep izzy gets snoozed in the 4th rd

    Jeremy TolerJeremy TolerVor Monat
  • It's so hilarious how people keep talking about the "weight difference" between Izzy and Jan! They weighed in 4 POUNDS APART! Hey, Izzy's new found titty growth has to weigh something right?

    stabbyronniestabbyronnieVor Monat
  • Are we sure Jan is 32 I thought he was 38

    cristian alvarezcristian alvarezVor Monat
  • if this ends up like the Romero Izzy fight imma be hot

    stabkamstabkamVor Monat
  • how does israel come in at 193 when he weighed in at 201.5 lol

    DrowzeesDrowzeesVor Monat
  • Tbh your bookie is kinda trash

    MikeHawkMikeHawkVor Monat
  • Isn't Jan 38 years old?

    Daniel Dela TorreDaniel Dela TorreVor Monat
  • Boring Main event after a night of spectacular fights?

    Alex DiazAlex DiazVor Monat
  • Where do you get the stats for the fighters? Your infograph says Jan is 32 but he's like 37!

    Donny B GoodDonny B GoodVor Monat
  • Cruz vs Peterson

    Dominick MDominick MVor Monat
  • Islam machachev vs dober will be a great fight.

    Vijay Pratap SinghVijay Pratap SinghVor Monat
  • The Dominator!

    Lisette Elise ParisLisette Elise ParisVor Monat
  • Jan needs 2 or 3 decently long clinch or grappling exchanges to change the fight. He’s more plodding, but always effective. Adesanya requires speed. Jan can sap Izzy’s speed.

    Christopher CollinsChristopher CollinsVor Monat
  • Same picks as me for the main event. Except I got Jan

    Patrick BrandPatrick BrandVor Monat
UFC 259: Predictions and Breakdown