Types of People in Quarantine

There are gonna be many different types of people during the quarantine so we decided to make a list of some of them that you won’t see cause you should be in quarantine and self-isolating. Ps. If you’re reading this, watch the video then wash your hands after
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  • i would be the one that eats all the time but im fasting i have been fasting everyday

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  • I'm sick of the saying crazy times/challenging/difficult times it's not that bad. It's happened before. It will be over

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  • Fun fact I haven't gained a single pound I wish i was lying 😂

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  • I am fucking bored

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  • Yes

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  • Ranbir has such a fake accent. Atleast have an American accent I know you are an Indian so am I

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  • 1:12 does 14 days turned into 2 months

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  • This will be over in 14 days? I wish! When he first said "wait until this is over", I thought in 2 more years you won't even remember what the argument was about". Hopefully the pandemic will be over soon enough though.

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  • @elsewhere prince I am an introvert and I'm still not liking this lockdown/stay at home order. I believe I have a pretty good immune system. However, I don't want to bring the virus home to the elderly at home.

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  • Ranvir is beef ting anyways in general

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Types of People in Quarantine