TVIP S-Box v.605 Linux IPTV Box Quick Review PK MAG 250 254 256


  • Very basic and non-informative video.

    Hans HanssonHans HanssonVor 3 Monate
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    Azim Sales HeavenAzim Sales HeavenVor 6 Monate
  • How to add a 2nd portal on Linux

    Tony KalTony KalVor 10 Monate
  • А 4k каналы тв на ней можно смотреть?

    Игорь ПарфеновИгорь ПарфеновVor year
  • Can you please tell me what chanel is Aljazeera. Please. .

    Tribal MarksTribal MarksVor year
  • Where is the review you fucking asshole!

    KitzKitzVor year
  • This is more a review of how to flick to different channels on STBEMU than a review of the TVIP S Box .v.605

    Martin CapraniMartin CapraniVor year
  • Info$subscribe High quality iptv 《 》

    Video Light ChannelVideo Light ChannelVor 2 years
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    Danilo DugoniDanilo DugoniVor 2 years
  • Why don't you talk through it and explain to the viewers

    James MurphyJames MurphyVor 2 years
    • James Murphy its because they live in the peoples republic of china so maybe they can read english but not speak it well, or they are shy

      EdmondEdmondVor year
  • how can i instakk android on it ? on website it says i´you can also use with android but how ?

    Ramazan KorkmazRamazan KorkmazVor 2 years
    • Go to setting and when you can choose update type, you can see default, beta and android :)

      Marco ZanniMarco ZanniVor 9 Monate
    • you have to choose when buying either Linux or Android it is not dual boot

      Martin CapraniMartin CapraniVor year
TVIP S-Box v.605 Linux IPTV Box  Quick Review PK MAG 250  254  256