Top 5 TV Services For August 2019 By CableKill

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Here is our top 5 IPTV services for the month of August 2019! Get these IPTV Services at
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    Undefined 739Undefined 739Vor 9 Monate
  • HIVE iptv says they are active while shutdown so I paid tor the month 5c for 15 bucks and its been 2 days and still they are avoiding to give me a password login for what I paid for

    Israel NavaIsrael NavaVor 10 Monate
  • wIth am with Obey and they are not working and can't contact them what is another good provider!

    Veronica ThomasVeronica ThomasVor 10 Monate
  • I paid for double agent , where do I get the code for file link , or is it in download , I dont see nothing on their site that tells me how to download iptv on firestick . thanks

    Patrick RicherPatrick RicherVor 10 Monate
  • Which one has the best guide ?..espn, espn 2 , espn news ? Thanks

    J DJ DVor 10 Monate
    • J D I’d say the top 5 holds true for the guide. They all will have the espn channels you mentioned 🤙🏻

  • Eternal is the best HANDS DOWN 👊👊💯💯

    Ralphy CabanRalphy CabanVor 11 Monate
  • I had gears reload for 2 yrs however when I added it to 4k firestick i got a lot of buffering and Bcoz they kinda Expensive I tried blast off its OK but to hard to contact there customer service if u have a problem so I switched to venom and I like the multiple screen feature and the price and the customer service Response back very quickly They also have a good sport section and Lil to no buffering. I was shocked they wasn't on ur top 5 list I like Venom

    party night 2017 yanaparty night 2017 yanaVor 11 Monate
    • Look at his list from month to month they drastically change. Is about selling different apps making money not about what's really good. How can one up the number to 1 month and then be off the list next month

      Bret HudgensBret HudgensVor 10 Monate
  • marvelstreams is great as well. $25, bucks it has everything & streams four devices.

    Da Alpha SupremeDa Alpha SupremeVor 11 Monate
  • Players klub is perfect....more reliable then my main iptv service...I just use my main iptv service cause it has 3 day catch up

    lvitela24lvitela24Vor 11 Monate
  • Just so I'm clear, all of these services work with the Smart IPTV app on my TV?

    BruceBruceVor 11 Monate
  • Do the top 2 have 24/7 channels?

    TooNdaDominatorTooNdaDominatorVor 11 Monate
    • TooNdaDestroyer tbh I’m not sure about the vod situation since I don’t control any of the services. And that’s good to hear I will have to test those services out 💪🏻

    • @CABLEKILL & MORE but players klub no longer offers VOD to new members right? Ive been signing up for a bunch of these testing them out. My favorite so far is gloryv. Gloryv has ton of 24/7, plus great VOD and is pretty stable. Most stable has been Glitch but Gloryv has more options and i like their cleaner layout.

      TooNdaDominatorTooNdaDominatorVor 11 Monate
    • TooNdaDestroyer players Klub does but gears does not

  • can anyone recommend a service with USA MEXICO channels please ?

    JoseJoseVor 11 Monate
    • Jose superior iptv

      Javy VillaJavy VillaVor 11 Monate
  • Players Klub is some janky site with Fubo ads.

    tubemouthtubemouthVor 11 Monate
    • They aren't taking new subscribers.

      Toby EvansToby EvansVor 11 Monate
  • Xfirestreamz sucks I paid for it & it never worked had to get a refund.

    Mark StevensMark StevensVor 11 Monate
  • Sonic IPTV is an amazing service, try us out!

    Sonic TVSonic TVVor 11 Monate
    • Sonic IPTV shoot us an email at: . all we ever ask for to do a review is a months worth of service

  • Xfirestreamz IPTV customer service is top notch. USA Based, have had many questions and updates, they are outstanding.

    I am A ProudInfidelI am A ProudInfidelVor 11 Monate
  • Guys look no further just go to Buck-TV. Now we are talking!

    jorge figueroajorge figueroaVor 11 Monate
  • Can you watch Nascar on IPTV?

    Pamela UrbelisPamela UrbelisVor 11 Monate
    • Pamela Urbelis yes you can

  • Anyone a suggestion for IpTV with german channels and all NFL Games? Thx

    70k170k1Vor 11 Monate
    • @CD620 Tha Great do you have a Link ?

      70k170k1Vor 11 Monate
    • 70k1 TPK is the best!!!

      CD620 Tha GreatCD620 Tha GreatVor 11 Monate
  • Best IPTV for NFL Network? Thanks

    Palliative Care Saint Luke's LLCPalliative Care Saint Luke's LLCVor 11 Monate
    • Palliative Care Saint Luke's LLC TPK is the best!!!

      CD620 Tha GreatCD620 Tha GreatVor 11 Monate
  • Anyone got a suggestion for a European/UK focused provider with loads of sports channels?

    WookieWoolieWookieWoolieVor 11 Monate
  • Which iptv player is being used in gears reloaded? 4:50

    Angel RiveraAngel RiveraVor 11 Monate
  • Change your info for area 51, it's 2 connections only for $7 at this time NOT 3

    Higher BeingHigher BeingVor 11 Monate
  • What's up with TPK? Is it now TopDog VPN?

    Murda MontMurda MontVor 11 Monate
    • I canceled them because my subscription was up and I couldn't pay it because they switched websites. I contacted them on Twitter and Facebook and never got a reply. So I went back to Area 51. Would have been nice if they would have sent an email to the customers telling him that they are switching websites don't you think?

      Jughead JonesJughead JonesVor 11 Monate
  • Damn Binge TV audio goes out for 10 minutes sometimes. Or black screen and audio on some channels. I remember when binge tv made your top 5 what happened to them.

    Dcthetruth85Dcthetruth85Vor 11 Monate
  • Do players Klub work

    Zeke IsomZeke IsomVor 11 Monate
    • Zeke Isom yes it does

  • What IPTV service has a lot of local channels? I seen some that have over 400 locals before but now I can't find any with a lot.

    Rob F.Rob F.Vor 11 Monate
    • gearreloaded

      Jim BaneyJim BaneyVor 11 Monate
  • Was wondering if you could review Streamz TV..

  • Any thoughts on Gears TV vs. Shack TV? I believe Shack starts you with 3 connections.

    nuttyprofessor1950snuttyprofessor1950sVor 11 Monate
    • nuttyprofessor1950s I found gears to be way more reliable.

  • How can we get in contact with you for business. We would like to submit for review. I am open to commission hit me via email

    T StreamZ & ThingZT StreamZ & ThingZVor 11 Monate
  • Hey, what's going on with Double Agent. Tried to make payment, and 3 attempts using cards that are good, and 3 times payment didn't go through. Opened a ticket and its been several hours with no reply. Bad customer service equals switching to another service. Anybody have the same issue?

    Roger SRoger SVor 11 Monate
    • I actually left DA cuz of the same reason unfortunately.

      ed562 in da houseed562 in da houseVor 11 Monate
  • Studio key buffered too much for me good deal though..

    Demarian DorseyDemarian DorseyVor year
  • Try AirStar TV; 7d free trial. Got mine from

    Pharnuk SPharnuk SVor year
  • Venom Media wont allow me to sign up . SMH

    G UG UVor year
  • Does gears have 24/7 ?

    • @CABLEKILL & MORE How they gonna charge that much and not have 24/7 lol even the $5 services carry 24/7

      whos thatwhos thatVor year
    • @CABLEKILL & MORE they never have had 24/7

      Bobby SilversBobby SilversVor year
    • ZEB JACKSON at the moment they do not unfortunately


    kevin proctorkevin proctorVor year
    • kevin proctor if you go to our website and search for whatever service your after there are links that take you to their official website and you can even directly download their APKs from our website

  • You definitely need to take Double Agent off of your list! The customer service is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE or non-existent! My service went out yesterday, so I opened a ticket and 24 hours later I have had no response. I signed up for just a month (thank God!) and my month expires today, but there is no new invoice or info of what I need to do to pay for another month...they just totally blew me off. This service is a SHAM. Definitely stay away from this one!

    Brian VingleBrian VingleVor year
  • I need a service that has a huge amount of tv show series & catch up is a must I can't seem to find ANY that has a large selection of tv shows

    Softail DeluxeSoftail DeluxeVor year
    • CD620 Tha Great I haven’t heard to many good things about them tho and also thought they wasn’t around anymore

      Softail DeluxeSoftail DeluxeVor 11 Monate
    • Softail Deluxe TPK is the best!!!

      CD620 Tha GreatCD620 Tha GreatVor 11 Monate
  • I need help i need a iptv for like sports mainly sports because soccer is coming and as well the nfl will be coming up

    King SQODKing SQODVor year
  • I don't get it streams for us has everything that gears does and it's only $7.00 and never goes down.

    Charles MilesCharles MilesVor year
    • Have u guys try thunder tv ? Any advice

      A Kid With A Big MindA Kid With A Big MindVor year
    • Is streams for us buffer free like gears reloaded?

      Fly DonFly DonVor year
  • Yo cable kill .. how do u get multi screen with blast off?

    Michael AtteberyMichael AtteberyVor year
  • I use thunder it's awesome 😃

    jbrei713jbrei713Vor year
  • Can anyone update me on gearstv I've been gone awhile and no longer can buy from Omar so trying find a new place to buy it from

    rolan personrolan personVor year
    • @CABLEKILL & MORE when I go to get new service it tells me there is nothing in this tab so I don't even get an option to buy at all with an account logged in or notn

      rolan personrolan personVor year
    • rolan person I still am impressed with gears. At the moment they don’t have many local channels and no 24 seven section but other than that the service is solid. I would be cautious buying from anywhere else there are a lot of scams going around pretending to be gears resellers. Why can’t you buy from Omar’s main site anymore? You could use a different card and name on the account if you had to LOL

  • Thank u Once Again from new filelinked code is 68221401 for Amazon 4k and newer units & the MAC filelinked is 95652287 On anything android we are available on the Google play store under studiokeytv pro, we also gave a webplayer for anything iOS, windows ect simply in your browser.

    Key NicksKey NicksVor year
  • Thank you for the appreciation CableKill. Glad we were able to make the Top 5 of your list.

    xFirestreamzxFirestreamzVor year
    • @Dcthetruth85 You could always get a trial and check it out. I don't remember offhand if we do or not.

      xFirestreamzxFirestreamzVor 11 Monate
    • Do you guys have goodtimes, Martin and Jamie foxx in your 24/7 streams? Because I need a replacement.

      Dcthetruth85Dcthetruth85Vor 11 Monate
  • Sudio tv how good is it

    Josh EpleyJosh EpleyVor year
  • can you do a review on xstreaming tv

  • I got my IPTV $40 a year. Thats 3 bucks a month and it's just as good if not better than other Iptv service provider out there, we still have VOD and thousands of VOD selections, we run of multi screen apps, you can choose if you want adult channels, you get all the sport packages such as NHL Centre ice, and NFL Sunday Ticket, you get all the PAY PER VIEWS, you get 5 connections to start. The one thing you dont get is Buffering, all these services are very similar and I pay $40 per year for everything I mentioned above, so why dont you as well, Do yourself a favor and Email, and at least ask for a trial to see for yourself, we all cut the cord to save money, and freedomtv is the best service you can get at lowest price $40 a year.

    John FosterJohn FosterVor year
    • @Mr 90's Music lover does he run eternal tv and area 51 too? because you mentioned those

      AnthonyAnthonyVor year
    • @Mr 90's Music lover does it have the catchup feature? need usa catchup channels

      AnthonyAnthonyVor year
    • No buffering guarantee, no website, year long subscription through a email, no red flags here.

      Toby EvansToby EvansVor year
    • what's your website John I'd like to take a look at it

      American SavageAmerican SavageVor year
    • @Willie Holmes freedom tv

      John FosterJohn FosterVor year

    Jon Huggins SRJon Huggins SRVor year
  • They end up giving me my money back from PayPal

    Nancy BrownNancy BrownVor year
    • Nancy Brown awesome that’s great to hear

  • I like and appreciate the effort you put in, but after canceling PlayersKlub before, I thought I'd give it another go based on your review, and also on the fact that I've heard they upgraded/overhauled the service. One hour in, and I requested a refund. At least 20% of the channels have no guide info. That's not "spotty" (I don't expect perfection), that's a lot of channels. That includes all or most all of the premium C____x channels, many sports channels, and most regionals. Now, other users might just happen to watch the channels for which they have a working guide, but that's unacceptable to me. Sure, I could work around it with another guide service and manually mapping them, but I didn't expect to have to do that with the new and improved service. Stick of Dynamite, WPC, iPop, Trendy, are all far more solid, yet they don't appear anywhere on your top 5. 🤔

    Mark_SMark_SVor year
  • Glitch tv is the best everrrrrrrrrrrr

    Jonathan ParedesJonathan ParedesVor year
    • I got my IPTV $40 a year. Thats 3 bucks a month and it's just as good if not better than other Iptv service provider out there, we still have VOD and thousands of VOD selections, we run of multi screen apps, you can choose if you want adult channels, you get all the sport packages such as NHL Centre ice, and NFL Sunday Ticket, you get all the PAY PER VIEWS, you get 5 connections to start. The one thing you dont get is Buffering, all these services are very similar and I pay $40 per year for everything I mentioned above, so why dont you as well, Do yourself a favor and Email, and at least ask for a trial to see for yourself, we all cut the cord to save money, and freedomtv is the best service you can get at lowest price $40 a year.

      John FosterJohn FosterVor year
  • Had gears for 6 monts , this month they triple billed me and when I argued with customer services and showerd them proof Jesee with customer service got testy with me and like a child started cursing me out. Poor customer service after all it was their fault. To act like a petulant child instead of an apology to your customer is the mark of a shady outfit.never again.

    Gamal HallGamal HallVor year

    Ray MartinRay MartinVor year
    • @igorfreytor1 Stop being rude and calling people names this is here for help and alot of people don't know alot of stuff about IPTV so do you really have to put people down stop being a dick

      whos thatwhos thatVor year
    • @igorfreytor1 Chill out some people may be new to iptv and right off the back don't know the difference between a original service vs a rebrand......

      PeinPeinVor year
    • It is a StreamsForUS clone, dummy.

      igorfreytor1igorfreytor1Vor year
  • Been using AREA 51 for the past 18 months and very happy with the service.

    Shaun MulliganShaun MulliganVor year
    • Yes but you cant recommended it to anyone cause it's never for sale

      Jesse ViverosJesse ViverosVor 8 Monate
    • Good service. Not alot of locals though.

      igorfreytor1igorfreytor1Vor year
  • Gears/reloaded is number 1 I have for 19 and its alot cheaper than my cable bill when I had cable I paid well over 200 for digital cable and internet and phone that's how much cable is in my area so yea gears/reloaded even with more connections added I think it's like 55 or 60 it's still alot cheaper

    Brian AtkinsonBrian AtkinsonVor year
    • Brian Atkinson thanks for watching 🙏🏻

  • Freedom TV is an awesome service. They respond very quickly and provide excellent customer service. They also give 24 hours free trials. Contact them at

  • Tried Gears. Picture quality was grainy. Tried cheaper stuff like streams for us, kstreams etc. Picture quality was better .tried Jarvis and the picture quality and stability was better too. All were cheaper than Gears. All have at least 2 connections. Gears is lucky that people are emotionally attached. Because from an economic perspective there is no rational reason to stay with gears versus going to the competition . In fact I am very happy that some of you stay with Gears. That way you don't overload the servers of some of the cheaper and stable services.

    Geoffrey JosephGeoffrey JosephVor year
    • Geoffrey Joseph it’s not an emotional attachment. They are just the most stable service by far. Owing their own servers helps them greatly. Their quality is 720p so it’s not the best picture but they do that so it will play better for people with lower quality internet strength. I like some cheaper ones also, and they work great for the most part. It all boils down to what your looking for in a service.

  • I started using xfirestreamz based on your video from a few weeks ago. Works like a charm and the service is great. They answer tickets back very quickly

    K. B.K. B.Vor year
  • Nices video

    Dirkjan HDirkjan HVor year
    • Dirkjan Hemmen Hemmen thanks for your support 🙏🏻

  • Gears reloaded is good but the picture quality sucks lol...

    Glenn GaluteraGlenn GaluteraVor year
    • Glen Galutera Thanks for watching! I believe they make their streams in 720p so they will play smoother for people with low quality internet.

  • Hey cable cord i brought your players club and it said It was expired and I just brought it today

    Nancy BrownNancy BrownVor year
    • Nancy Brown hmm that’s strange. We don’t directly control any service on our website so unfortunately I can’t directly help. But I can tell you what I would recommend doing. You can log into your account on their website that you paid for service and “raise a ticket“ with them and that will let you message the people who directly control the service.

  • Blast off and StreamWise has been working for me.. Gears seems nice, just don't like that price lol

    CuttaFLACuttaFLAVor year
  • 1. Eternal 2. Area 51 3. Streams for us 4. Epic streams

    pmascarenaspmascarenasVor year
    • @harvey burgess sorry your experience with them sucks. Fortunately for me and many in the comments on various DE-visions videos, it's been too notch. Regardless. Do u!

      screamatchaboiscreamatchaboiVor 10 Monate
    • @harvey burgess that's because of what popped off in Europe with all the svcs. ETV is back up running fine AF on my end no problem

      screamatchaboiscreamatchaboiVor 10 Monate
    • I have both Eternal and TPK. Stability and reliability , Eternal runs laps around TPK

      screamatchaboiscreamatchaboiVor 11 Monate
    • Definitely eternal #1

      screamatchaboiscreamatchaboiVor 11 Monate
    • Aboutboxingbiz TPK is the best!!!

      CD620 Tha GreatCD620 Tha GreatVor 11 Monate
  • I like that you are willing to move the order around if a product or company becomes complacent. It made me hit the subscribe button.

    Karlin WilliamsonKarlin WilliamsonVor year
  • Yeah, that great. How bout top 5 APKs.

    William LynnWilliam LynnVor year
  • thanks bro

    Tony LionTony LionVor year
  • If Gears was $19 for 2 connections i'd give it a try, but for just 1, nope. For 2 connections and $10 Next Level is pretty good. Plus they are really reliable. Also Venom for around $12 and 2 connections is great too. Like Gears, reliable. Omar you greedy ....... lol

    Jose OchoaJose OchoaVor year
    • @John Foster alot of iptv services dont carry vod due to legal reasons. Look at vaders that got shut down. I signed up for commando tv and they had vod n series then they took them down to focus on live tv and shack tv also got rid of vod to focus on live tv. Vod is a grey area that iptv try to stay away from

      mantlecollectormantlecollectorVor 10 Monate
    • Hows next level and venom? Arent they still down due to the xtreme codes and if they are down i guess they didnt migrate to a new panel or if they are still up what % are they up. Im using gears and i wasnt affected of the xtreme codes

      mantlecollectormantlecollectorVor 10 Monate
    • @Docwho10th hi mate give NT24 a try;Best and trustworthy Network24 is your reliable IPTV Service. We have added multiple features : 1. Up to 5 Servers to choose from ,2. Better and stable streams from all over world. 3. 3 days Catchup on all popular channels ( Catchup-requests accepted) 4. Live support through our discord group. 5. Attractive reseller pricing (lowest in industry) 6.Network24 offers also with its service an independent App APK called NT24 Cinema for VODs, and you can watch the nt24 cinema app at same time on another tv box you watch live tv iptv Join our discord group :

      IVTECIVTECVor 11 Monate
    • @Docwho10th never said the world revolves around me its my preference and choice just like its ur choice to watch all those channels or not. If i dont speak the language then y watch the channel.

      mantlecollectormantlecollectorVor 11 Monate
    • @mantlecollector You really don't understand do you? What the channels mean to different people? The world does not revolve around you. Also, if you don't watch WWE how do you know taker wrestles only on PPV's? ha ha ha ha ha!! You are funny! Also, i speak Spanish, Brazilian and i know what they are saying and I watch those channels. You really need to find out how IPTV works sound like you are teenager. Here, this will help you and your parents help you get started!

      Docwho10thDocwho10thVor 11 Monate
  • Why is double agent keep dropping month over month?

    Michael MartinezMichael MartinezVor year
    • Also, Double Agent does not have any Sky channels.

      igorfreytor1igorfreytor1Vor year
    • @CABLEKILL & MORE certain channels have issues from time to time. Service has gone down a bit. From when I started using it. Version 2 APK not Firestick friendly.

      Jerry KJerry KVor year
    • Michael Martinez it’s still a great service. Just based on how many people have contacted me having problems with it has bumbed it down a little.

  • I have Streamsforus and it works great. $7.00 a month for 2 connections it has a big sports section, PPV, VOD, Catch up, 24/7, adult and 180 channels entertainment section. Watching it right now. Just a side note I just set my TP Link Deco WiFi mesh net router and it is awesome! Really has improved my streaming experience. Happy streaming everyone. He's right though Gears Reloaded is awesome. Great video.

    Harold HunterHarold HunterVor year
    • I agree with you on the PPV's. But, have you heard of a Terrarium clone, dummy. This is what usually gets an IPTV service in hot water.

      igorfreytor1igorfreytor1Vor year
    • I love Streams, plus it has a Russian section. However, there are better services out there for under 10 dollars. 1. The Players Klub 2. Blast-Off 3. IPOP 4. Area51 5. Double Agent.

      igorfreytor1igorfreytor1Vor year
    • I used to have them but my problem was that they did not carry all of the sport Pay Per views from the US and from around the world like other services. There are PPVs going on 27/7 every day and they just can't keep up. Also, their PPV VOD library is way outdated, you can't watch a PPV the next day or whenever you want. If you just want reliable IPTV then they are rock solid.

      Docwho10thDocwho10thVor year
Top 5 TV Services For August 2019 By CableKill