• Ravens could have been the 2nd 6-0 team but we said NO!

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  • Joe Burrow is fine, but Trae Waynes is out another week lmfao

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  • Lmfao the "Shyamalan zone"

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  • song at 9:50?

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  • I love when he starts ranting when someone blows a lead

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  • Can you cut the trap beat

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  • YES! Love the classic NFL intro sequence!

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  • "can't shit on either team here" then skip to da packers game GO PACK GO!!!!

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  • Let's be real guys. The only reason you care about the NFL is because of Sportsball.

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  • Everyone really bitching about the editing?

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  • Yo is that Ed Sheeran at 2:17?

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  • Ahh the series have returned.

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  • I definitely miss the goofy video game grunting noises in the intro to each game

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  • Week 2?

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  • I like the new style tree, switching up the quality of transitions and being funny as always. Keep it up 👍

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  • 9:47…..Y🤥u sure about that

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    • Came here just to look for comments like this

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  • 16:14! THAT AGED IN ABOUT A WEEK! Never count out Harbaugh and Lamar ever again!

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    • @James Harden's free throw attempts As history has shown us throughout the Harbaugh era, the way Ravens teams respond to wins like this against better teams on paper is insane. Usually when they beat a really good team, they go on a massive win streak afterwards. Examples, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2019 twice, 2020, and again in 2021.

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    • They've played 2 games, it's too early to say if he's right or wrong.

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  • Then the next game for the vikings they miss a clutch field goal…

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  • I BEEN WAITING..........

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  • I need scissors 61

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  • That mgs reference is exactly why I followed this genius.

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  • Goddamn, you’re a Metal Gear fan too???? Yup, that clinches it. Your vids are awesome and you like Metal Gear, have a sub.

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  • 1:26 to skip the raycon advertisement

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  • I forgot this channel's name so I typed in "football shitposter" in the search. One of the video is on the top 10 result.

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  • "Plenty on you believe the Bears have that now, FUCK NO" HAHAHA

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  • Kind reminder that the Browns still haven't won an opening game since 2004. Fitting that they're in a town known for it's heart hospitals, because it seems they can't even let them relax by being above .500. Literally the one week ANY team can be above it, but for the Browns, they have to keep clawing their way.

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  • For anyone that's wondering, Raycon's are trash.

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  • Thxs for your hard work making these videos.

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  • Where's week two?

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  • Oh I can NOT wait for fucking week 2. Baltimore got their liquor, and boy it was for all the right reasons!

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  • "The vikings can make, clutch field goals...?" Don't worry, tree. I'm here from the future. Week 2 will answer your question.

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  • Crazy how the AFC West and NFC West were a combined 8-0 in Week 1

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  • Thought we wouldn't notice the Zelda theme music playing in the background, but we did ~ A Zelda Fan

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  • "This week in Sportsball" might actually be my favorite youtube seriers ever. I literally am on the edge of my seat waiting for these videos every week.

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    • U copy and pasted this from someone else

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  • The Vikings hitting clutch field goals aged well😭

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  • Also: No Lolcow Of The Week? I'm sad! That was one of my favorite parts, seeing the fierce (and at other times one-sided) competition for the coveted award!

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  • Tyrod did really good

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    • "vikings can make clutch field goals?" LMAO NO

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  • Week 1 Recap - Wait, the Vikings finally have a kicker who can make clutch field goals? Week 2 Recap- Maybe not...

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  • I wonder if the Raiders game warrants a days of our Steelers episode

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  • You're saying the Browns browned it? Huh.

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  • The chemical leaf considerably bore because bulldozer partially mug without a abrupt button. many, tenuous dryer

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  • Don't like the music and change of style in this one compared to the previous years. It has current era sportscenter vibes. That means it's trying too hard and is douchechilling.

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  • This week on "Days of our Steelers," not only did the 'Black and Gold' brigade lose 26-17 to the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 2, but a few of their key players including LB T.J. Watt, NT Tyson Alualu and WR Diontae Johnson were hit by the injury bug. Also, OL Trai Turner was ejected from the game for apparently spitting on an opposing player. How will the Steelers rebound in Week 3? Stay tuned!

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  • That comment about vikings kickers aged well

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  • I never realize how many injuries there are til these videos

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  • What game is that song from during the Raycon ad?

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  • I’m so happy the raiders cut Joyner 😂 🗑

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  • 9:50 can’t wait to see what he’ll say for Week 2 now

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  • The editing of this video is the worst

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  • Coming from week 2, the Vikings can *occasionally* make clutch field goals

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  • The fact that you use the Dragon Roost soundtrack from Windwaker is the perfect touch on the video

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  • "vikings can make clutch field goals?" LMAO NO

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  • Blessed be the return of sportsball

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  • Fast forward to week 2, where the vikings miss a winning field goal. It never gets old

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  • “Vikings can make field goals” Ohhhhhhh nevermind

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  • This is what I love most about the NFL season

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  • Can't wait to see what you have to say to TB48 Atl24 lol Brady 5tds Edwards back to back pick6s #Champabay

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  • Tree is a man of culture Gerudo Desert theme

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  • We love Sportsball 🥺🥺😍

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  • I’m really liking the new format for the weekly matchups with the music to match. Good stuff!

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  • I’ve subscribed to you because my 32 year old uncle who committed suicide said that he liked watching you. But it’s good because I also kind’ve like watching you

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  • Honestly, not a huge fan of the new editing style

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  • Packers: The culture is excellent........

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  • Honestly I’m a fan of the new style of presentation. I love both styles you’ve done but have no problems really with the new one. If you like this one better, go for it.

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  • The Sonic rings sound when Lamar got sacked actually killed me lmfao

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  • What is this editing

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  • Tree found da reverb button

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  • Praise to the Football Gods for giving us a tolerable MNF Crew... may the injuries be enough a sacrifice they don't have tk change it again in 3 years

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