This Week in Sportsball: NFL Week Eleven Edition (2020)

We're heading into turn three. The chess pieces are starting to be moved into position for the finishing blow. Another week of the NFL season has concluded. So far, nothing unbelievably out of the ordinary, but we did have some very tight games (excluding most of the 1 PM contests). Tensions are high, the stakes are higher.
This week's festivities? This video will try (it's poorest) to recap them.

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  • Looking for the Raiders/gets rant next week.

    The Greatness of The RaidersThe Greatness of The RaidersVor Monat
  • 13:27 Oh dear it seems someone pressed the overtime button at Wild Wings. I love hearing that reference for the first time in a long time. Awesome!

    BroadswordMediaBroadswordMediaVor Monat
  • I agree with the lolcow of the week; fuck that silliness

    Rose ErinRose ErinVor Monat

    DregsDregsVor Monat
  • Fuck, I'm glad someone has some common sense when it comes to Wentz.

    SatanSatanVor Monat
  • Speaking of death theates Remember when Danny green and her wife got them in gave 5 Just shows how toxic fan bases can be sometimes

    Matteo MolinaMatteo MolinaVor Monat
  • I think this is the first time we haven’t gotten sports ball before the next week Due the the ravens

    Matteo MolinaMatteo MolinaVor Monat
  • Week 12

    Tyler Ja'seanTyler Ja'seanVor Monat
  • Where is Sportsball week 12?

    Luke KlimaLuke KlimaVor Monat
  • Update make it Wensday

    Matteo MolinaMatteo MolinaVor Monat
  • Waiting here for the new episode. I don’t even care about the nfl but this shit is too entertaining

    Apollo For a Better FutureApollo For a Better FutureVor Monat
  • Hey Mr. Tree, you should move those chess pieces outta turn three, they'll get run over there.

    Doug PiranhaDoug PiranhaVor Monat
  • Henry: One good run against Baltimore Everyone: HENRY OWNS BALTIMORE

    King PickleKing PickleVor Monat
  • Fitzmagic: 'First it giveth then it taketh away' -QUOTSA

    Tony DeWittTony DeWittVor Monat
  • Haha raiders put in petermeme

    nick fanoelunick fanoeluVor Monat
  • Joe burrow: gets sacked 150 times in a season Bengals in the draft: Joey boy! How would you like another receiver?

    John SmithJohn SmithVor Monat
  • -

    Pat RulloPat RulloVor Monat
  • Did he just call Younghoe Koo, kookoo coochoo

    Random BafaRandom BafaVor Monat
  • This man has single handedly flamed every NFL player in existence

    Jacob FaughtJacob FaughtVor Monat
  • @uranatingtree. Tua never said that. He said that the oc made it easy for him. Even tho the oc sucks

    Jack PerkinsJack PerkinsVor Monat
  • Poor Joe

    Ian McManusIan McManusVor Monat
  • 5:49 I see urinatingtree is a man of culture for that song selection

    DrunknHamsterDrunknHamsterVor Monat
  • I love how the Patriots are absolute garbage this year and they're still not even in contention for Lolcow of the Week. One wonders if the Hoodie is tanking the season in order to nab a new QB Of The Century and go on another goddamn 20-year dynasty.

    Alex SnitzerAlex SnitzerVor Monat
  • Joe Burrow is gonna be the Andrew Luck

    Omega RowleyOmega RowleyVor Monat
  • 14:36 and then there's week 12...

    Dino man16Dino man16Vor Monat
  • Why you play the Lord of Cinder when Talking about the Bengals?

    Acekoala45Acekoala45Vor Monat
  • I wonder if he’ll make one Wednesday night or wait and do two weeks in one

    Caleb GarciaCaleb GarciaVor Monat
  • Congrats to Tree for getting that 420k subs. The magic number

    Shadow StormShadow StormVor Monat
  • 2:22 well things about to get better (sarcastically) 9:39 “The Los Angeles Herberts” 🤣

    LulNateeeLulNateeeVor Monat
  • FedEx field does suck but lets not forget that the giants did take out half their divisions starting QBs

    Kyle FisherKyle FisherVor Monat
  • This is a football channel so I know the pling-pling-plong isn't going to get the appreciation it deserves. I just want you to know I noticed :)

    MunchthatCrunchMunchthatCrunchVor Monat
  • that pass interference against Purdue was BS and it fucking sucks

    Ryan ReznikRyan ReznikVor Monat
  • The Colts have worse uniforms than the Rams. By a lot. Colts look like a Division 3 college team. Rams look like alternate universe Oregon.

    TheOminousbeanbagTheOminousbeanbagVor Monat
  • He has 420 k subs nice

    OddskinkOddskinkVor Monat
  • Why do I feel like sacrificing to the injury gods, is like half of the whole video?

    Alex MDDMAlex MDDMVor Monat
  • Da Bears didn’t lose this week. 🐻⬇️

    Garret HeniganGarret HeniganVor Monat
  • Plin Plin Plon 5:48

    Garret HeniganGarret HeniganVor Monat
  • 2:21 he called it!

    Jay ZeluffJay ZeluffVor Monat
  • New lolcow of the week, the broncos for not having any QBs

    Alexander EstesAlexander EstesVor Monat
    • NFL, they fucked the Broncos, yet they'll push the Ravens game back 3 times. Or maybe the lolcow is the Bowlen family spitting on Pat's grave. Tree sums it up perfectly:

      James Harden's free throw attemptsJames Harden's free throw attemptsVor Monat
  • I'd like to add another thing. I cannot believe the league added the 7th seed for the playoffs. And its made me think that what if in the next 5 to 10 yrs or so they add the 8th seed like the NBA has 8 teams in each conference making the playoffs. That way half the league makes the playoffs. But what if in the future the NFL decides to add 8 more franchises to the league? Teams that are in different states or the same states as other NFL teams. But then the league would later on in the far future or so would add the 10 teams in each conference making the playoffs. I mean tbh I would like to see that in my life time as I get older. But who knows? Maybe the league is better off like this. Maybe it can be different and interesting.

    Christian ChannelChristian ChannelVor Monat
  • this year is the worst crash and burn new york has felt since 2001

    SkullbusterSkullbusterVor Monat
  • Does he always use dark souls music lol I just noticed

    Aaron ParkerAaron ParkerVor Monat
  • Remember when the jets went to the afc championship 2 years in a row? Those were good times.

    Gzus petersonGzus petersonVor Monat

    Zach MartinZach MartinVor Monat
  • As a packer fan I don't want to be clumped in with the assholes who sent death threats lol.

    Sean KeoghSean KeoghVor Monat
  • Patricia and Quinn have been fired, but the Lion's will still be awful.

    Eric the RedEric the RedVor Monat

    The Silver ShroudThe Silver ShroudVor Monat
  • 9:10 HERE< USE THIS! "Wehre are we, Mr. Tank?" "Tank Division"

    bigbabyzubasbigbabyzubasVor Monat
  • I'm on the future detroit fired patricia and quinn

    2020isthebomb 692020isthebomb 69Vor Monat
  • Patricia and Quinn *GONE*

    Tacklecentral FishingTacklecentral FishingVor Monat
  • They're fucking gone!!! YESSSSSSS!!!

    Radman The LucarioRadman The LucarioVor Monat
  • 2:20 YOU CALLED IT TREE, YOU GENIUS I have a grudge towards Detroit since 2005's disaster, so i'm actually pissed

    BluBluVor Monat

    jamal woodsjamal woodsVor Monat
  • Should add on that the mls playoffs are crazy this year the semifinals say it all

    AviatorIsaacAviatorIsaacVor Monat
  • Dammit binging you and Tom Grossi made me buy Madden 21......

    Pawel 26Pawel 26Vor Monat
    • @UrinatingTree So far not a fan of gameplay. Did not help 33GB update that I had to download, I live in older part of town and my wifi only gets 3% speed of what i am paying for

      Pawel 26Pawel 26Vor Monat
    • @UrinatingTree Not sure, i am about to pick it up

      Pawel 26Pawel 26Vor Monat
    • Is it as awful as everyone says it is?

      UrinatingTreeUrinatingTreeVor Monat

    Ram0408Ram0408Vor Monat
  • this aged well @ lions

    BoilddBoilddVor Monat
  • They did it, They fired matt Patricia and Bob Quinn.

    ShxnShxnVor Monat
  • The new lolcow has to be Syracuse spiking on 4th down to lose the game.

    Ben MazurBen MazurVor Monat

    David SteinleDavid SteinleVor Monat
  • The lions have done it... They fired him

    Braden GreenBraden GreenVor Monat
  • And jus like that Matt is gone lol

    Kenny IKenny IVor Monat
  • Washington FT competing in tank bowl Also FT: Leading their division NFC East never ceases to amaze

    Jagroop BajwaJagroop BajwaVor Monat
  • Yo tree go 420k subs lol

    Big DuckBig DuckVor Monat
  • I swear to God every time I hear those coughs, I feel like I got something coming up my lungs

    Orlando JacksonOrlando JacksonVor Monat
  • Whole time the football team finna go to the playoffs 😂

    Kapalot TVKapalot TVVor Monat
  • I'm gonna hear that stock coughing sound effect in my dreams tonight jesus

    ToastedGhostToastedGhostVor Monat
  • Now imagine if the 49ers were healthy, that division would be murders row

    Bushy BoiBushy BoiVor Monat
  • Trash

    TeeJay369TeeJay369Vor Monat
  • god Gwyns music over my team hurt my soul😣 was dreading watching this video just for how much Cincy would get shit on

    tryhton winntryhton winnVor Monat
This Week in Sportsball: NFL Week Eleven Edition (2020)