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  • Monke is better then man this proves it

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  • That’s so cute

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  • Good monkey

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  • This just makes me happy i love monkeys

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  • How could he walk and do a job everyone laugh at him

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  • The monkey is so super kind and nice and cute❤

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  • number 15, burger king foot lettuce

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  • Jack never made one mistake!

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    • Surprisingly, it reminds me of the *_cougar in this video_* de-visions.com/detail/video-U2rNnzVotS0.html&.fdjfa

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  • Monkey's name is Jack

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  • He was pushed by a worker because he fired him and he came to revenge so so he pushes James into the rails and his legs was cut off

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  • Monkey is on the train business

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  • That's so cute

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  • Yeah this monkey shall be blessed. Hope he didint die😢

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  • I all ready heard this story and it’s amazing

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    • Surprisingly, it reminds me of the *_cougar in this video_* de-visions.com/detail/video-U2rNnzVotS0.html&.ksaya

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  • Then all factories should hire monkeys

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  • So ur saying we can hire monkeys to replace minimum wage complaining babies?!? THIS IS GOLD

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  • Jackie is so cute tbh

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  • This is why monke is smarter than human

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  • Thought he was in the army at first lol

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  • When the monkey is better than you-

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  • Hell yeah. R.I.P. Jack. Way to be an amazing life partner for James.

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    • Surprisingly, it reminds me of the *_cougar in this video_* de-visions.com/detail/video-U2rNnzVotS0.html&.xppza

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    • It reminds me of the *_cougar in this video_* de-visions.com/detail/video-U2rNnzVotS0.html&.clkqa

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  • F you monkey now we have to deal with not only the mexicans but also you. Stop taking our jobs !!!

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  • Wait wait wait that's why it's called blondie boys there's two of them that why they have different voices wow Don't get mad on how stupid I can be like

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  • Sorry but is it really that hard to not do those massive ass exaggerated hand motions

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    • Jack was a bad ass. You looked good in your uniform! Respect...

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  • Hustlin

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  • This deserves it's own anime adaption

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    • Surprisingly, it reminds me of the *_cougar in this video_* de-visions.com/detail/video-U2rNnzVotS0.html&.lllsa

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    • It reminds me of the *_cougar in this video_* de-visions.com/detail/video-U2rNnzVotS0.html&.uetma

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  • To bad he isn't around to help push joe Biden into retirement

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  • Monke

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  • Salute munky 🐒

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  • He looks so proud in that uniform

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  • Oh man wild animals shouldnt be slaved what does a monkey need money 4

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    • @bilishu aliss what you mean with 45

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    • The monkey had more skills than 45!!!

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  • Monkeys will be the next humans if the earth stays around long enough and humans go extinct you know

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  • If a monkey could talk, it would sound like you sir. Nice video

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  • I wonder if he got paid peanuts

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  • That is definitely not a monkey, it's a baboon.

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  • That is what monkey powers are

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  • Jack was a bad ass. You looked good in your uniform! Respect...

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  • Monkey see monkey do

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  • Why do you keep pointing over and over it’s so weird

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  • Welp, ancient human were actually half monkes and half normal human.

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  • Love it

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  • The monkey had more skills than 45!!!

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  • Everything he says sounds like a confused question.

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  • Now I know where monkey see monkey do came from.

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  • Wow I am impressed

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  • "In his cunty voice" this video I'll narrate it the same way as the other people who make these dumb videos.

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  • That’s a hard working, proud dude right there. Nice uniform Jack thanks for your service

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    • It reminds me of the *_cougar in this video_* de-visions.com/detail/video-U2rNnzVotS0.html&.nkera

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  • Shiiiit, it sounds like he had better work ethic than 95% of this generation.

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    • It reminds me of the *_cougar in this video_* de-visions.com/detail/video-U2rNnzVotS0.html&.xolta

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  • Cancer content

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  • That’s cool but no ones going to talk about that he gets payed like what is he going to do go to the mall

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  • You’re annoying as fuck dude stop posting

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    • Is this narrator for real

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  • Like what the fuck incredible story

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  • This is the most fucking annoying voice on the planet.

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  • Quit constantly pointing up we realize whats up there, dude...

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