This is how you Solo VS Squad! (22 Kills)

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  • Wow

    Alexander QuinteroAlexander QuinteroVor Monat
  • 1v1 me epic jeppestas jo are solo bad

    eric51360eric51360Vor Monat
  • he’s not in pc servers not a single one of them built against him...

    Shiv AminShiv AminVor Monat
  • Anyone who plays Solo v Squad in this season has my utmost respect. In this day and age of Fortnite, I thought it was impossible.

    Extraterrestrial HorseExtraterrestrial HorseVor Monat
  • Check out my solo win on Fortnite

    Freya & PoppieFreya & PoppieVor Monat
  • Jesus fortnite goals on Xbox with control

    RY reezy5RY reezy5Vor Monat
  • 👩‍💻

    czesław THE KINGczesław THE KINGVor Monat
  • For free FN accs only sign up and make a few points

    RageQuit _M0nk3yRageQuit _M0nk3yVor Monat
  • 8:38 look at the people that are left

    i Wrathi WrathVor Monat
  • Cool

    Gta online pro. Gta online proGta online pro. Gta online proVor Monat
  • Cool

    Gta online pro. Gta online proGta online pro. Gta online proVor Monat
  • U are wild

  • When you said " I don't like fighting bots" just think it as free kills😂😂

    LadiP HortonLadiP HortonVor Monat
  • 5:17 why are you camping you never camp

    LadiP HortonLadiP HortonVor Monat
  • Still on fortnite huh

    Playboi zannyPlayboi zannyVor Monat
  • Him:very bad loot guys. People who never get good loot:he has the best loot🤑

    TheGaminGodTheGaminGodVor Monat
  • Half of my kills yesterday

    Braro VandezBraro VandezVor Monat
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  • Yessir

    XxTropicalBird916xXXxTropicalBird916xXVor Monat
  • *At the end* He had no mats Mats come flying out everywhere

    Revel SyndiaRevel SyndiaVor Monat
  • This is the oddly satisfying

    Revel SyndiaRevel SyndiaVor Monat
  • good video

    Mr. DaraMr. DaraVor Monat
  • last 4 people: "omg its a 4v1, we got this" that solo guy: "my name is faze re[plays"

    Master VainMaster VainVor Monat
  • Your so good at fortnite

    AST TomiAST TomiVor Monat
  • Guys pls look my fortnite chanel (:

    SunoffSunoffVor Monat
  • 1v1 sway

    Jam SantillanJam SantillanVor Monat
  • Reflexes over 1million 🔥💯

    JC47JC47Vor Monat
  • Καλός καλός

    IkonicalIkonicalVor Monat
  • Who else gets 39 or 29 kills in a competitive match

    Enock KanezaEnock KanezaVor Monat
  • My cousin ain't gonna like the title PLEASE CHANGE IT TO 23 KILLS it would make it funny

    GenX VictorGenX VictorVor Monat
  • Watch him do a Winning win an Umbrella only challenge.

    dehzdehzVor Monat
  • The King of Solo vs Squads never disappoint us . GGs Franco

    Ruthless KristanRuthless KristanVor Monat
  • Why in your game have a lot of bots ??hmmmmm maybe you pay stream snipers😒😒😒

    Ηλιας ΓκολεμηςΗλιας ΓκολεμηςVor Monat
  • Faze replays is a bot

    Joshua FelipeHernandezJoshua FelipeHernandezVor Monat
  • #removesbmm on twitter pls get this going guys we need to remove it

    Uhhhk3 on IGUhhhk3 on IGVor Monat
  • Imagine still playing fortnite

    Michael J. RiosMichael J. RiosVor Monat
  • 22 bots haha

    Sergio GonzalezSergio GonzalezVor Monat
  • I keep rewatching the thumbnail it’s so satisfying

    Rainbow DiscoverRainbow DiscoverVor Monat
  • 90% of the lobby was literal Bots lol how bad is Na-east.

    M HananM HananVor Monat
  • Brou

    Lebe TMLebe TMVor Monat
  • This is how many wins he has 👇🏿

    Mason FullerMason FullerVor Monat
  • Your too good

    Sean O BrienSean O BrienVor Monat
  • Your honestly cracked replays

    Sean O BrienSean O BrienVor Monat
  • Fortnite is officially dead

    Bobby CavazosBobby CavazosVor Monat
  • Theirs no way the mountain team were real people

    FieldyFieldyVor Monat
  • There is 111111 views!

    Kyles on GFuelKyles on GFuelVor Monat
  • replays how do u go against bots?

    Noah MeirikNoah MeirikVor Monat
  • 1:50 no scope

    Evan CornejoEvan CornejoVor Monat
  • man wtf your lobby is bots come play my lobby u can't kill 4 alone never they stay down he don't know how to build

    Nikos GiannosNikos GiannosVor Monat
  • I wanna see someone do solo squads arena so that person's teammates kill themselves an then they can do the challenge but I don't think anyones that good enough

    PumaPumaVor Monat
  • I havent seen the first ten seconds but i have to say: G.O.A.T

    AK - 05YJ - Fernforest PS (1414)AK - 05YJ - Fernforest PS (1414)Vor Monat
  • i kill 1 spuad with 1 hp

    marika papafragoumarika papafragouVor Monat
  • As always what a bot lobby.

    Marcin PMarcin PVor Monat
  • He really only got 18 kills. Cause he got 4 free kills on AI, sooooo

    Caden 7575Caden 7575Vor Monat
  • I love this channel. It’s the best channel to watch fortnight on for kids because he does not curse or say anything bad to other people he just chills and plays the game. Props to replays.

    BH_OnyxBH_OnyxVor Monat
  • I miss yoooooou 😘😘😘😘

    S ٪S ٪Vor Monat
  • Your my favourite Faze Player and best player! Keep up the hard work👍

    Infinity AvoidInfinity AvoidVor Monat
  • tbh i was like damn, you got 22 kills?? then i saw the players you were fighting, anyone could win if they got into lobbies like this...

    ZinvoxZinvoxVor Monat
    • How does he get into such easy lobby?? I don’t get any bots or not even a single person that isn’t a sweat in my lobby’s

      FinesseGelatoFinesseGelatoVor Monat
    • I play solo squads and every single person in the squad is side jumping..coning me...lasering me.... cracking on me... solo squads isn’t the same

      FinesseGelatoFinesseGelatoVor Monat
    • Zinvox I thought it was just me 😭😭 I knew his lobby looked like straight bots

      FinesseGelatoFinesseGelatoVor Monat
  • Football skin turkey

    şerife sertşerife sertVor Monat
  • That squad on the hill woulda been confusing each other with their comms.. "he's cranking" "oh nah he's on the ground now" "no wait he's got height again" "ok I'll go low and heal" "he's on the ground again he knocked me"

    MrDrillaMrDrillaVor Monat
    • perfectly said 😂

      burr narnarburr narnarVor Monat
  • Is it just me or at 3:10 he’s holding a pump but sounds like a tactical

    Ben TheyersBen TheyersVor Monat
    • Probs it wa0s the other guy

      Jo seJo seVor Monat
  • 95.4% of 1million subs completed‼️🖤

  • Dude I really want the double barell shotgun. Or at least another shotgun. Please 🙏

    Vitto GamingVitto GamingVor Monat
  • Titles it, this is how you play solo VS. Squads 22 kills, and 4 of them are bots. GG

    omaryppahomaryppahVor Monat
  • Me: reads thumbnail That one kid: starts taking notes

    Anika WatsonAnika WatsonVor Monat
    • Bruv

      dehzdehzVor Monat
  • "WHO ELSE IS WATCHING WHILE BEING STUCK AT HOME CAUSE OF CORONA 🌈 “ (I’m gifting everyone who subs to me)🖍

    MysticPiercerMysticPiercerVor Monat

    Martin DiamondMartin DiamondVor Monat
This is how you Solo VS Squad! (22 Kills)