The Top 10 Picks From 2010. How Did Their Careers Turn Out?

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The top ten picks from 2010 is a mixed bag. Some were good, some were bad, all in all, it was a very memorable class.
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    • @babaoey babaoey kto I won't even brag on my boy Haden dominating in the burgh (my favorite NFL team is steelers) my cousin is a browns fan he just shakes his head every time Haden picks off browns qbs

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  • I feel bad for McCoy and Eric Berry. I also had such high hopes for Rolando McClain being a Raider fan but that was just one disappointment in a decade of many

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  • Here lies KTO the greatest football historian of all time on DE-visions no likes just F in the chat

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  • Sam the billion dollar bust!

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  • What happened to cliff Harris formar Oregon cornerback ?

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  • Could you do a video on the LFA

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  • 10:33 🤣😆🤣 WOE WOE !! WOE WOE WOE!! 😆😆😆 💀

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  • Should be titled: The Top 10 Picks From 2010. How many of these pussies are kneeling for the flag!?!

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  • You should start doing basketball videos

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  • as a rams fan bradford got paid to be trash

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  • What I find sad and a little funny at the same time about this video is the same trash teams getting the first 10 picks back then are still getting the first 10 picks in the draft till this day pretty much lol

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  • Seahawks didn’t make it in 2012-2013, that was ravens broncos

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  • Video idea: topten rookie of the year from the past 10 years

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  • It took you more than an hour to open all of those boxes, let alone set it all up. Trash bro

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  • Yeah, he ran with one shoe, not one foot.

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  • 2:20 started every game for 4 years and still is playing after 10 years..... better than most.....better than most

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  • I haven’t watch in a year

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  • I feel bad for CJ Spiller. They kept pairing him with other top RBs like LeSean McCoy. Really cut his play time down.

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  • Tell the whole truth about Sam Bradford in 2018 he signed with the Arizona Cardinals and he was released early in that season

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  • The Seahawks didn’t win the super bowl in 2012-2013 they won it 2013-2014 season Russ Wilson was a rookie in 2012 and no rookie qb has ever started a super bowl game now your facts dude

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  • Top 10 recruits of 2013! Where are they now

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  • A lot of good players who's careers got wasted by bad teams unforntunately

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  • KTO if you ever do another What if video do it on the 85 Bears what if Buddy Ryan stayed with the Bears that would be an awesome What if

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  • Moral of this story - regular season losers are most likely are still losers after the draft.

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  • We are mortal, you know? We will all die at some point. How safe do we need to be? This is a finite existence. What a waste.

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  • 10 Years Later, Today, Here's the Updated. 10. Backup Position 9. Gone. Bust. 8. Distraction. Later on, Criminal. 7. Injury Prone, but still playing...with the Steelers 6. Near Death Experience. Still Active. Still Playing. 5. Injured then Cancer. Came back, got injured, and Never played again. 4. Cancer. Came Back. Punched Mama Sherman. Still Active. 3. Not playing, but Not Done. Free Agent Currently. 2. Most Fined Player In The NFL. Traded quite a few times. Still Active. 1. Injury Prone. Traded. Gone For Good. BUST.

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  • But, but das raciss

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  • The Lions let him walk? the Lions offered him a substantial offer of about $100 million and he took the offer from Miami. They had a looming salary cap issue with resigning Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Another issue is Detroit had a bunch of dead cap money (players no longer on the roster) from the Millen era that they were trying to work off the books. As it was Suh's first contract was bloated as it was under the old collective bargaining agreement. Stafford's rookie contract also was not on the rookie salary cap which put Detroit behind the 8 ball trying to retain players.

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  • Do a video on the amazing punt returner Joe Adams

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  • Thought I subscribed to you a long time ago then I stopped seeing your videos figured you stopped doing them then my guy Flemlo mentioned you and now I'm back and truly subscribed now!! 🤙🇺🇸

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  • NO NO NO cj spiller couldve been the best back in the fucking league! The guy was THAT dynamic. He WAS always stuck behind Fred jackson and the stupid dumbfuck buffalo bills NEVER had any idea how to use him. In his 1st or 2nd season, what happened when jackson went out for 4 weeks? He only led the league in fantasy points during that 4 week span. How do I know? Because i had him on my team. Everyone has always made fun of me forever about spiller but I will say it till the day i die. He couldve been kamara if he was on a better team and not with DIPSHIT ASSHOLE doug marrone and whoever the OC was because buffalo was fucking CLUELESS. I used to scream at them to use him like the saints used reggie bush. but NO... I used to watch every bills game. They would throw him ZERO screens per game. Think about that. For a guy that elusive and electric. Do you know what they did? They ran him up the gut on 1st and 2nd down EVERY time he got in the game. NO EXAGGERATION. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Right up the gut. Whole world knew it was coming. 1 yard gain. NO SCREENS, NO SWING PASSES. I hope doug fucking marrone and whoever that OC was from 2013-2014 (im not exact on the dates, but it was after fred jackson was finally gone) FUCKING dies because they RUINED CJ Spiller's career. My favorite player

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  • Where is sports Therapy?

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  • So every top ten pick from 2010 had a good career? I thought this was some kind of bust video.

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  • You lost me with the stupid shout out

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  • Back in the NFL prime years!!

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  • If McClain would have just stayed away from Decatur AL, he would have had an amazing career. Every time he went home he got into trouble.

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  • Love the way sherman got smacked for talking shit!!!!

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  • How do u feel about the 4-1 Browns. I live in Green Bay but I still want them to make the playoffs because it’d be cool to see them in the playoffs they’ve been really bad and they started and improving and I like it the season for them is starting out pretty good hopefully no key features to the team gets injured.

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  • Hey KTO can u do a video on Rodney Harrison

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  • Another reason Bills got rid of Lynch was he was having legal problems, Also starting RB after Lynch would be Fred Jackson so this pick was somewhat questionable.

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  • You be holding out videos to drop one

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  • CJ Spillar. Makes his University millions by putting his body on the line. Gets unpaid internship when he comes back.

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  • u gotta do a video on demarco murray

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  • 2010 draft was the 10 top draft out of all the drafts

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  • you go back the last 20 years.... the RAIDERS have had the worse 1st round picks ever!!!!! mostly by AL"DARTH SIDIOUS" DAVIS

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  • *If your not sure how BAD YOUR TEAM IS ...................CLEVELAND .............. without a doubt will always take it to THE NEXT LEVEL !!!*

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  • Russel Okung came to my elementary school in 2nd grade

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  • Sooner Draft Boomers!

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  • U should make a vid about Arkansas razorbacks getting screwed by refs

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  • 10. Tyson Aluala - risky pick with a promising rookie season. Didn't turn into quite a superstar 9. CJ Spiller - fast 40yd time, good year in 2012, broken collarbone in 2014 and pretty much ended his career 8. Rolando McClain - lacked discipline, retired after a couple years only to make a comeback with a new team and couldn't find success. 7. Joe Haden - 6 ints rookie season, back to back pro bowls. moved to steelers, continued succeeding 6. Russell Okung - elite in early years. dropped off. new found success in 2018 with a pro bowl. 5. Eric Berry - Amazing player with a short, but sweet career ended by 2 ACL tears. 4. Trent Williams - Great career, switched teams due to unprofessional training staff. 3. Gerald McCoy - 6 straight pro bowls, great career. production dropped off in 2018. Cut by new team after injury. 2. Ndamukong Suh - lacked discipline and has gotten away with assaulting co workers on live TV multiple times. Continued success despite teams not wanting his behavior in their locker rooms. 1. Sam Bradford - multiple ACL injuries; traded. Found success on 2 new teams. Injuries slowed down what could've been a good career. I saved you a lot of time considering this video could've been 4 minutes long. You're welcome.

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  • KTO can you do a video of trace mcorley

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  • 11:39 Goofing around, causes injury.

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  • Do videos on former elite 11 qbs and where they’re at now

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  • leave it to my raiders to draft the criminal out of the group... smh... im kinda glad they moved to vegas to start over... and im FROM oakland... al davis LOST IT an couldnt get it back...

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  • Is it me or does it seem like at least one Top-10 pick from every NFL draft becomes a criminal?

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  • Why so many DNC adds. Every min, this is crap.

  • "You all know where Seattle ended up in 2012. The Super Bowl." That's a pretty confident, but incorrect statement.

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  • NFL “brain trust” is one of the great contradictions.

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The Top 10 Picks From 2010. How Did Their Careers Turn Out?