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A documentary about one of the biggest car stoppages and seizures in Germany that happened on 3rd May 2019 involving participants of the largest car rally in Europe - Eurorally 2019.
What began as a beautiful car-lover journey later turned into a real nightmare for more than 200 people taking part in a trip Oslo-Gothenburg-Kiel-Szczecin-Legnica-Prague. 120 Cars were stopped and seized by police on a highway near Germany and everyone was left outside on the street in cold and unaware of what is happening. What happens next? Who will be able to explain exactly what the participants are being detained for and how these events will be resolved? Will such events disrupt the planned trip and will their participants reach their destination in Prague?

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    • Not a sorry from me as german. The truth is different then in your video showed. Stop be dramatic.

      GnarksonGnarksonVor 2 Tage
    • @yeeaah boiii Wenn man sich mal anschaut wie die Polizei informiert wurde kann man das ganze schon als gerechtfertigt ansehen. Mehrere Anrufe wegen Leuten die Zeugen von illegalen Straßenrennen und Raserei wurden (Aussage der Polizei in anderen YT Videos). Die Beamten vor Ort haben die Autos dann aus den Verkehr gezogen, was vollkommen in Ordnung ist. Wenn sie die Autos dann auf Mängel überprüfen machen die nur Ihren Job. Das gehate auf die Leute die jeden Tag ihr Leben riskieren, damit Leute wie du und ich in Frieden leben können geht mir echt auf den Sack.

      FelaexFelaexVor 24 Tage
    • @Felaex die Sache ist, dass es ja kein Rennen ist. Nach Beschreibung der Organisatoren ist es eine einfache Reise gewesen ohne kompetitiven Hintergrund, was dann auch erlaubt ist unangemeldet zu fahren. Der Name ist auch nicht aussagekräftig aus dem Grund, dass eine Rally ein soziales Treffen in der Öffentlichkeit ist. Ebenso ist es erlaubt aus dem Ausland mit einem nach den ausländischen Vorschriften getuntes Fahrzeug innerhalb Deutschland zu fahren. Sprich die Polizei hat hier die falsche Maßnahme ergriffen (die Fahrzeuge auf ihre Straßentauglichkeit zu überprüfen). Sie hätten stattdessen ermitteln müssen ob es sich wirklich um illegale Rennen gehandelt hat oder nicht und demnach Beweise finden müssen. Das was uns aufregt ist, dass alle tuner als Raser eingestuft werden und man als tuner somit wie ein Serienkiller behandelt wird.

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    • @Pfefferminzbonbon Verkäufer Und du bist wohl einer davon..

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    • Can’t find this on IMDb to add to my watchlist.

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  • Reason number 1 reason why i enjoy the freedom in Latvia for tuned cars because germany.. portugal.. france all the cops will stop and find ways to encounter mods in your car

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  • your homepage is not available because google blocks the connection to it

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  • When is this full episode releasing... It's been a minute

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  • Track id?

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  • u have over 1 mil of invadors in that shithole & they do this crap ???

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  • Fast and Furious - german edition

  • I'm waiting for the full vid😂

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  • What the fuck???? Why what happend .. how???

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  • when full video ???

  • Why tf does cop always being a dick

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  • when is the full video coming??

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  • Does anybody know Song name

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  • Fuck the Police! Nazi Police!

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  • 2 mio Asylanten rein easy - tuner = Festnahme 😂

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  • Dit is nun mal Deutschland!!!!!!!

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  • Ironically though that Germany can make some of the best cars. Quality motors, but they’ve got a giant stick up their ass when it comes to modified cars ? Get over it, better than other countries where people resort to monster trucks like America.

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  • A couple thousand immigrants with unverifiable criminal history’s from terrorist supporting country’s , show up in Germany and get welcomed with open arms and given money and housing, medical treatments and food. For free. Less then a hundred people with hundred thousand dollar cars show up in Germany to spend money and contribute to the economy and they get this treatment ? Cops with riot gear ? Helicopters ? Drug dogs? Congratulations Germany! I will avoid your country like the plague.

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  • hello from a german prisoner, everything is banned here these days, except banning.

  • I get chills watching this video. Am I the only one ?

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  • 1:12 Can we just appreciate this R34

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  • Look this can all be sorted out by Trump tweeting to German police that the fast and furious films are not reality....

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  • Cant wait

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  • When will this film be ready for us to watch?!

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  • The government is going back to their pre-ww1-2 mentality

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  • Now... Imagine this happening to you after paying taxes for your car in that country for years. Paying taxes and customs for every single parts you bought, not only tuning parts but also totaly normal parts like tires, wippers brakes... Taxes for the gas and oil you used (More than 63% of the price here are taxes! And they debate about adding another tax to it - a "CO2 tax"). Also paying extra money on parts because they need to have a "TÜV certification", than taking your car to an approved examiner and pay money again, to have these these parts registered, to be legal to use on your car. Just think about all the time and money invested... And then some police officers coming around the corner and seizing your car, just because they don't like something about it and doubting your mod registration(s)... You are making fun of the "new" califonian law about mufflers? - Come to Germany and experience the real laughing stock(s). 🙂

    dezpotizmOFheavendezpotizmOFheavenVor 28 Tage
  • Welcome to Germany people ! The country that is so beautiful but the minds controlling it are absolutely insane ! Germans ( i am not talking about the hard working class here ) want to become the European America , they want to control everything but they also do not allow car tuning . Ironically German car manufacturers produce some of the most powerful engines like the one's in RS6 Audi's which is by factory 560 hp and easily can go up to 700+ but if you put a body-kit , any decals , rear wing , etc you are done . Police is gonna be next to you every single day !!!!

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  • Does anyone know the background music? Cheers

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  • Genau richtig so, öffentliche straßen sind keine rennstrecken.

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  • Germany you're douchebags

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  • How can Germany be this way with car manufactures like porsche, bmw, audi, and vw all which are a tuners delight?

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    • @SUP3R Z3RO no they aren't it is the german law itself. This all happened because of street racers not beeing able to drive a car properly, crashing and killing people. The joke is the street racers drive with stock cars and yet the law and the society puts the tuners into the same bowl as the street racers

      yeeaah boiiiyeeaah boiiiVor 25 Tage
    • my guess is it is those companies behind the rules?

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  • 01:26 Jennifer Carpenter, is that you?

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  • seriously guys, you're trying to perform an illegal street race and then your complaining about your cars getting seized, lol where are we in kindergarten? Just take your car on a race track and not on the public roads or highways. Its just to dangerous. Your complaining about the german police? try to do that kind of stuff in any other normal country and Russia should't be listed as an example as we don't speak about corrupted countries here. your car will also get seized and you'll get fined. You play with fire you'll get burned. i guess it's pointless to talk some sense into you guys.

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  • German police must be the most retarded people on the planet! 😂

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  • *Jemand wird erstochen* Polizei fährt gechillt mit max. 2 Autos zum ort *tuning Treff* SEK Einsatz

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  • Back to Nazi Germany!

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  • When will the film be released??

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  • Hmm Germans at it again hey guess they will never learn

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  • im so ready for this

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  • I thought we destroyed the Nazi's!

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  • So brobably there was a serious reason to stop the event.

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  • yep no matter where you from let's say even from the UK traveling through Germany in Modified vehicle - YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY F****ed - simple example got air in a car , who installed em **my self or UK CERTIFIED TUNER** emm nope sorry we are not recognizing this = VEHICLE SEIZED

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  • Consume, Obey, Surrender....REPEAT! Still have illusions of freedom, seek help from Morpheus! =)

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  • but remember guys, our grand parents had to fight and die to make germany a "democracy"

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  • Wie sagt man so schön: "Über China lacht die Sonne, über Deutschland lacht die Welt"

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  • It's called laws for a reason. Grow up

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  • There was green lada.

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  • I would just race like in The Need For Speed.

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  • The car culture is one of those things that transcend borders and language . A guy that loves cars in America walks up to a guy in Germany and talks as if he is in Iowa at a car meet . Sorry to say that "Government" is the same no matter where you go . Its never good and it always ends badly when they decide they should be involved. Germany , USA , France , Canada....... Doesnt matter where you are and its been that way since the first Human being wanted to Govern another that wasnt strong or smart enough to stop it before it got too big.

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  • Germany and Austria are having the most idiot laws. Fuck those wankers.

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  • well you can neither modify your car in slovakia so ye. Ihr seit nicht allein we have this shit too.

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  • ACAB

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  • As a german I‘m highly disgust and sorry what you gone through

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  • I always love that police think they stand for what is right in the world....SMH

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  • Fuck Germany.. They let in millions of "migrants" and let them make a mess / abuse tax $ so they can run the streets of germany scamming / stealing.. and then these real Germans are criminalized by nazi police

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  • Die Polizei ist und bleibt eine Lachnummer.........

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  • Crime rate in Germany must be zero if police dedicate such massive resources to fighting tuners! I want to visit this perfect society.

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  • what this beautiful video all about?

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  • Is there goung to be more content about this incident?

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