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A documentary about one of the biggest car stoppages and seizures in Germany that happened on 3rd May 2019 involving participants of the largest car rally in Europe - Eurorally 2019.
What began as a beautiful car-lover journey later turned into a real nightmare for more than 200 people taking part in a trip Oslo-Gothenburg-Kiel-Szczecin-Legnica-Prague. 120 Cars were stopped and seized by police on a highway near Germany and everyone was left outside on the street in cold and unaware of what is happening. What happens next? Who will be able to explain exactly what the participants are being detained for and how these events will be resolved? Will such events disrupt the planned trip and will their participants reach their destination in Prague?

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  • Guys, please don't hate on Police. They don't make these retarded rules. A lot of the Police Officers I've talked to actually think German Tuning laws are ridiculous as well, but they are bound by oath to enforce the law our politicians decide on. Hate on the Politicians that made these Rules in the first place, wasting our and the police's time and resources. The cops are not our enemy, the government is.

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  • The best thing for cars registered in other countries driving in Germany is that if your mods are legal in your country, German police can't do shit. They can't write you a ticket for mods (they can for everything else though), they can't tow you and they can't take your license. Most people don't know this, but that's how the Law is because of the EU and Homologation Rules (everyone being allowed to drive everywhere)

    ViperViperVor 19 Tage
  • Hi everybody Raststätte Fushberger süd, Now 1 year ago. Im not angry at the police on site, angry at decision made by official leaders. Several of the Eurorally participants swore they would never return to Germany. But still, i love Germany, and always will @wintherslife

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  • Girl with a mask at 1:04

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  • When does this release?

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  • māšīnas atpakāļ dabujāt

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  • Labs labs

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  • I wanted to move to another country, get a new identity and hide my german passport after this embarrassing video. So ashamed of my country it´s unimaginable.

    Can. CompCan. CompVor Monat
  • And thats why you should not go to Germany. They should had went to Netherlands or other countries and never drive to Germany unless you drive a stock Volkswagen golf.

    Pohainsis_LVPohainsis_LVVor Monat
  • How about full video?🧐

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  • They haven't changed in 80 years

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  • Schweine Schweine

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  • O, tas zaļais BMW I8, bieži redzēts, parasti stāv pie Vikesås.

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  • RELEASE DATE is on their Facebook page! Make sure that you watch it! (Will be on Vimeo OnDemand and TV soon)

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  • But when is it coming tho? On the website it´s just the teaser without sounds?

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    • 26.12

      Ripp_LygRipp_LygVor 5 Monate
  • so I guess there wont be a release of this documentary this year

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  • German police needs success rate, cause they failed everything in the last years with criminal immgirants. Thats why they do this shit. They dont care about beeing criminal or not, if youre suspicious for the police you will definetily go to jail, cause the police does not do much work, they just jail everyone instant. The country is ruined.

    EnjoyEnjoyVor 5 Monate
  • How long do we have to wait to see the full video?

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  • I shared it on my Page!

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  • Cerams šo rādīs kinoteātrī

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  • were can u find the movie?

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  • I hope you wrote down every policeman's number that was involved in this With his number you can write a complaint to every cop this will make their lives really bad for a few years

    lars ruchlars ruchVor 5 Monate
  • Will there be a full lengte docu?

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  • Release ?

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  • This is exactly what comes to mind first if you mention Germany. Gestapo of today might have evolved, but the roots are what they are.

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  • Welcome to germany 🤨

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  • Can you say more about "soon"? Im from GER and the hype is sooo real since day one

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  • Deutschland ist echt ein absolutes Autoland.. denn wir wissen ja alle : TuNeR siNd rAsEr !

    An dréAn dréVor 6 Monate
  • whens this released....

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  • I live in Germany (Bayern) and same hapened to me. I bought car to my girlfriend with optik tunning and everything was registrated from TUV. The police stopped me and when they see that I have documents for everything, they said that my shift knob is illegal so I must have papers for it or turn back the stock one.. Because everything thats not stock on the car, must be with papers and registrated, otherwise I cannot drive with it. They lost 40min. Of my time just to play me around and telling me bullshit that are not even close to the reallity.I didnt go to work one day because I go to TUV and asked what can I do to registrate my shift knob,because I liked the car with it. One man from TUV said to me, that those policemans was playin with me, because I cannot registrate such thing as shift knob, because thats not tunning, its just accesoar to the car and they cannot make me documents for it, so I dont have to registrate it. When I put air frisher to my car, its obvious that the car doesnt came with it from factory.. So I must registrate it too or what? Its si stupid... All of it.. Im sick of all that things that the police majes here, just to ruin your day... so Im planning not to live in Germany my whole life.. Its just sad.... But its like this, many Germans said the same to me and I didnt belived till happened to me too... Every damn time when I go with my spirt car, police stops me. I cannot even go like normal and happy to the store, because Im lookin for cops..and Im not even criminal or illegal...

    Cvetomir KostovCvetomir KostovVor 6 Monate
  • Yo, when is the full story coming?

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  • Kad šitas būs?

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  • When will be the release of the full video?

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    • today (look in the description)

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  • when will you release this?

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  • I heard song about that recently : Deutchland Deutchland UBER alens

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  • ACAB

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  • Soooooooo....???? When

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  • Is there a full video coming?

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  • Soundtrack?

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  • Police Harassment Against carculture is a big problem in germany almost every modification is iligal here and most police officers don't know whats legal and what's not so they just impound every suspect and it's really nervewreckin and expensiv to get your car back Germany is the land of bans and car people feel that esspecially

    lars ruchlars ruchVor 7 Monate
  • Warum? Deutschland hat so eine große Tuner Community und die Regierung spuckt auf diese und die internationale und rollen an einer Raststätte mit gefühlt Panzer und Spezialeinheiten an. Das waren nur Leute welche ihr Hobby verfolgten. Sollte man mal den Politikern ihre Hobbys verbieten.

    NedFlanders 73NedFlanders 73Vor 7 Monate
  • song name?

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  • Reason number 1 reason why i enjoy the freedom in Latvia for tuned cars because germany.. portugal.. france all the cops will stop and find ways to encounter mods in your car

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  • your homepage is not available because google blocks the connection to it

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  • When is this full episode releasing... It's been a minute

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  • Track id?

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  • u have over 1 mil of invadors in that shithole & they do this crap ???

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  • Fast and Furious - german edition

    MPKMPKVor 8 Monate
  • I'm waiting for the full vid😂

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  • What the fuck???? Why what happend .. how???

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  • when full video ???

  • when is the full video coming??

    mk2straightpipemk2straightpipeVor 8 Monate
  • Does anybody know Song name

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  • Fuck the Police! Nazi Police!

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  • Fucking swine

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  • 2 mio Asylanten rein easy - tuner = Festnahme 😂

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  • Dit is nun mal Deutschland!!!!!!!

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  • Ironically though that Germany can make some of the best cars. Quality motors, but they’ve got a giant stick up their ass when it comes to modified cars ? Get over it, better than other countries where people resort to monster trucks like America.

    Reinhardt MaritzReinhardt MaritzVor 8 Monate
  • A couple thousand immigrants with unverifiable criminal history’s from terrorist supporting country’s , show up in Germany and get welcomed with open arms and given money and housing, medical treatments and food. For free. Less then a hundred people with hundred thousand dollar cars show up in Germany to spend money and contribute to the economy and they get this treatment ? Cops with riot gear ? Helicopters ? Drug dogs? Congratulations Germany! I will avoid your country like the plague.

    Gcal1956Gcal1956Vor 8 Monate
  • hello from a german prisoner, everything is banned here these days, except banning.

  • I get chills watching this video. Am I the only one ?

    Essaima AKA BrabusGuyEssaima AKA BrabusGuyVor 8 Monate
  • 1:12 Can we just appreciate this R34

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  • Look this can all be sorted out by Trump tweeting to German police that the fast and furious films are not reality....

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  • Cant wait

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  • When will this film be ready for us to watch?!

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  • The government is going back to their pre-ww1-2 mentality

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  • GTA San Idiotos

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  • Now... Imagine this happening to you after paying taxes for your car in that country for years. Paying taxes and customs for every single parts you bought, not only tuning parts but also totaly normal parts like tires, wippers brakes... Taxes for the gas and oil you used (More than 63% of the price here are taxes! And they debate about adding another tax to it - a "CO2 tax"). Also paying extra money on parts because they need to have a "TÜV certification", than taking your car to an approved examiner and pay money again, to have these these parts registered, to be legal to use on your car. Just think about all the time and money invested... And then some police officers coming around the corner and seizing your car, just because they don't like something about it and doubting your mod registration(s)... You are making fun of the "new" califonian law about mufflers? - Come to Germany and experience the real laughing stock(s). 🙂

    dezpotizmOFheavendezpotizmOFheavenVor 8 Monate
  • Welcome to Germany people ! The country that is so beautiful but the minds controlling it are absolutely insane ! Germans ( i am not talking about the hard working class here ) want to become the European America , they want to control everything but they also do not allow car tuning . Ironically German car manufacturers produce some of the most powerful engines like the one's in RS6 Audi's which is by factory 560 hp and easily can go up to 700+ but if you put a body-kit , any decals , rear wing , etc you are done . Police is gonna be next to you every single day !!!!

    George IsaakGeorge IsaakVor 8 Monate