The Lizard Slayer - Starter Squad (Ep.9)

To save the lives of countless innocents, a valiant hero must slay a terrifying beast.
"Starter Squad" is a Pokemon parody series created by Pierce Shipp (Shippiddge)
--- Video Credits ---
Pierce Shipp (
Executive Producers (The Very Best):
Ben Illsley, Benny Yau, Brandon Alexander Cohen, Charles Hoskins, DarkHenrik, Dreux Ferrano Jr., Earoist, Emanuelle Alexander Lopez, Fukano, Justin T. Wilson, Katie Stapleton, Le Lightside, Nauel Octavio Tejada, Pkmn Trainer Gonzo, Red, Ris Grestar, Ryan Fleck, Sebastian Naranjo, Simon DeCapua, Sno Comics, Syrus Coy, Terrence Serperior, TheMightyGamer7, & Xiangjun Liao
Voice Acting:
Jill Harris as Caterpie
Arón Keyser (PrimatePunk) as Sandshrew
Pierce Shipp (Shippiddge) as Charmander (
Connor O'Brien (Stoshu) as Bulbasaur
Tiana Camacho as Butterfree (
Lyle Rath as Golbat (
Chris Niosi (Kirbopher) as Beedrill (
Dreux Ferrano Jr. (DRUOX) as Squirtle/Geodude/Golem (
Marissa Lenti as Whiskers (
Intro Art:
Robin French (
Pierce Shipp
Arón Keyser
Josh Rubin
Pierce Shipp
Denis Cera
Johan Tri Handoyo
Omar Pico
Joe Kata (
Denis Cera
Model Porting:
The Models Resource
Set Modeling:
Nick Havas
Pierce Shipp
Cave Drawing:
Arón Keyser
Sound Design:
Travis Thomas
Original Score:
Josh Burke (Prismfold) (
Featuring Original Music by:
Dreux Ferrano Jr. (DRUOX) (
End Credits Music:
Ori Schlesinger
Additional Music:
Pokemon Original Soundtrack
Animated in Blender
Special Thanks:
Arón Keyser (PrimatePunk)
Dreux Ferrano Jr. (DRUOX)
Shawn Smash (RocketDogShawn)
Travis Thomas
Josh Burke (Prismfold)
Dave Capdevielle
Josh & Rachel
Karly, Codi, Canaan, & RJ
Rose W
John & Barb
Cooper, Dayton, & Charlie

Pokemon is Copyright Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company

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  • Charmander is still alive. Change my mind

    Life of AshuraLife of AshuraVor 3 Stunden
  • To all the people who think charmander is dead, IT SAID TO BE CONTINUED AT THE END, SO HE IS CLEARLY STILL ALIVE!!!!

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  • Make a part 10

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  • Charmander was level 15 and the exp whas lllllllllllllllllllll l he killed whiskers SO i think hes gonna be charmeleon

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  • Make another video that charmander recovers and squirtle is on his team and they kill all those dumb stupid caterpies

  • With heroes and villains like this, I honestly can't decide who to root for.

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The Lizard Slayer - Starter Squad (Ep.9)