The Largest Black Hole in the Universe - Size Comparison

The Black Hole story continues with our Black Hole merch, spanning the whole range from somewhat bonkers to more serious. Check it out here:
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The largest things in the universe are black holes. In contrast to things like planets or stars they have no physical size limit, and can literally grow endlessly. Although in reality specific things need to happen to create different kinds of black holes, from really tiny ones to the largest single things in the universe. So how do black holes grow and how large is the largest of them all?
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  • The Black Hole story continues with our Black Hole merch, spanning the whole range from somewhat bonkers to more serious. Check it out here:

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    • Expansion of the universe causes that, the distance mentioned in the video is correct.

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      yigithan.kilincyigithan.kilincVor 7 Stunden
    • @yigithan.kilinc You are wrong. The speed of light is limited so if the age of the universe is now known as 14 billion years, it means, that you just can not see the light from 17 billion lightyears distance few years later. That is impossible. The only possible explanation to this : the video commentary is wrong. It should be maybe 17 millions of lightyears, or 1,7 billions or so...just anything lower than 14 billions of lightyears.

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    • Expansion of the universe

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  • Fun fact: if you calculate the density of TON 618 you find out that it's around 4g/m^3. Yes, 250k times less dense than water. We always look at black holes as these very dense objects, but when they're big they're not anymore

    Jacopo MarcheselliJacopo MarcheselliVor 2 Tage
    • @Simon Dauria the magics of this channel :)

      Jacopo MarcheselliJacopo MarcheselliVor 10 Stunden
    • Wow, that was a civilizated discusion online?!?!

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    • @Actin the inner structure of a black hole within the even horizon is something we don't really know. The singularity is an hypothesis based on some simple assumptions from general relativity, but we only know that the physics we know breaks within the event horizon. Still, a normal galactic black hole has a density that's 10^14 time higher than the one of water (10^17 kg/m^3) while a supermassive black hole usually is around 20kg/m^3. To me it counter-intuitive that the event horizon spreads so much increasing the size, rather than shrinking for the size power law

      Jacopo MarcheselliJacopo MarcheselliVor Tag
    • @Jacopo Marcheselli thanks. Also it makes sense that ton618 density is so low since all of its mass is concentrated at the singularity - a point infinitely small, while the even horison is just empty space.

      ActinActinVor Tag
    • @Actin yes, I blundered, mistaking the m^3 as a liter 🤣 As an excuse I should say it was late at night, I'll correct it, thank you for pointing it out

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  • Hmm? The larger the Black Hole......The more compression on the Centre.....”Therefore one assumes that the Biggest Black Holes are the Smallest!” Just as Pre - Big Bang

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  • Well, I'm not a physicist, but the theory of dark matter being undetectable black holes is sounding more and more plausible to me. I don't understand the math behind it, but i know that objects with a larger mass have a greater gravitational effect, so a black hole being acted upon by the gravitational forces of another black hole would have a greater effect than between the stars and the black holes. It would seem by simple reasoning that this gravitational effect between millions if not billions of black holes would be what "holds together" the galaxies. It's pure conjecture of course, we can't prove these black holes even exist, that's the whole reason the idea of dark matter exists, but black holes seem to me to be a reasonable explanation.

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The Largest Black Hole in the Universe - Size Comparison