The Herd | Colin Cowherd SHOCKED Bruce Arians takes shot at Belichick & Patriots about Tom Brady

The Herd | Colin Cowherd SHOCKED Bruce Arians takes shot at Belichick & Patriots about Tom Brady

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  • Bruce Arians is by far the most overrated coach....More overrated than Rex Ryan.

    Bruce J. WillsonBruce J. WillsonVor Monat
  • Bruce is letting TB coach because he knows deep in his heart that if anything goes wrong he can throw blame at Tom. And if they are able to move forward it will make Arians a genious.

    Ivan The terribleIvan The terribleVor Monat
  • Theorem is theory gettin prooft

    butragenjo 007butragenjo 007Vor Monat
  • Colin sucks

    SteelflexSteelflexVor Monat
  • The best leaders... know when to let those below them, do what they do best. #TB12

    Roberto DeNiro-VasquezRoberto DeNiro-VasquezVor Monat
  • This is pure talking head drivel that rots your brain. But the people love it. Hey they love candy that rots their teeth too though. Keep it up with your trash divorce takes Colin!

    salazar bernesalazar berneVor Monat
  • This comment is all about arians insecurity as a coach 😂😂😂 tom bradys offense is better than his so now hes gonna try and take credit for that by saying hey it was my idea to let brady run the offense 😂

    salazar bernesalazar berneVor Monat
  • That goes to show you how stupid people is just like Bruce Arians by him not letting Brady coach he have won 19 division titles 13 AFC championship and 6 Super Bowls what have Brady won for Tampa Bay and Bruce Arians won Playoff game so who's the dummy and if you need braided to coach why are they paying you

    Jb BentonJb BentonVor Monat
  • We know Joy, "you are always in the mood." That's why we watch

    Fresh eXperienceFresh eXperienceVor Monat
  • Damn it! Joy has me mesmerized and distracted YET AGAIN!

    The Rogue Titan Artificial Meta IntelligenceThe Rogue Titan Artificial Meta IntelligenceVor Monat
  • Deshaun Watson while athletic makes bad decisions as a quarterback!

    Neil GaryNeil GaryVor Monat
  • JOY JOY JOY!!!!😍😍😍😍😍 You give me so much.......shall I say...........JOY!

    Pembrook SutherlandPembrook SutherlandVor Monat
  • As a Bucs fan, every time I hear Bruce Arians talk, I want Dabo Swinney to replace him. Go Bucs.

    Bill BuyersBill BuyersVor Monat
  • Who's Bruce Arians?

    America #1America #1Vor Monat
  • I thought in beginning of September Tampa was a good team, good owners, good city, fans etc. Just needed to get rid of the turnover machine ? BTW regardless of who’s“ way or culture “ TB punt return n punt coverage is still not that good.

    Justin GardnerJustin GardnerVor Monat
  • Shocked?!? BA takes shots at everyone.

    Rob WRob WVor Monat
  • Joy has her own emoji. 🤩 lol

    The Red PearlThe Red PearlVor Monat
  • How does Collin have a sports show he knows nothing about sports or Sports business

    John SirkoJohn SirkoVor Monat
  • This is about football, not some co host. I don't want to hear the fantasies of losers on DE-visions

    Adventures & Survival in ThailandAdventures & Survival in ThailandVor Monat
  • braaavoooooooo ppl always say "theory"

    Joe LopezJoe LopezVor Monat
  • Joy is So beautiful.

    Jerome MaidaJerome MaidaVor Monat
  • Brady made jobs for all these coaches. Great players make average coaches look good. Especially quarterbacks.

    John AnthonyJohn AnthonyVor Monat
  • What the hell I mean we don't understand what tom brady was. You didn't understand. Anyone watching knew what tom was.

    Joe BlackJoe BlackVor Monat
  • Nba is a died league, they did nothing right

    Erich IbarraErich IbarraVor Monat
  • Any team that makes a run like the Patriots did for all them years Dallas Cowboys San Francisco 49ers look at the years right after the run it just happens you do things to win championships and then you have to pay for it look at all the money Brady left on the table in New England to build a better team being in the bottom tier of paid quarterbacks most of his career crazy true winner

    Joshua ChavesJoshua ChavesVor Monat
  • Elway and Marino both had much higher TANGIBLES than Montana....

    thejokersonyouthejokersonyouVor Monat
  • Joy's hair is off the chain,she should wear it like this more often, very beautiful lady

    Naughty Nurses FeetNaughty Nurses FeetVor Monat
    • @Adventures & Survival in Thailand no shit ,just saying joy is a very beautiful lady

      Naughty Nurses FeetNaughty Nurses FeetVor Monat
    • This is about football dude, take your fantasies to your basement dungeon

      Adventures & Survival in ThailandAdventures & Survival in ThailandVor Monat
  • 7-9 with a quarterback who threw over 30 interceptions.. Any quarterback who protects the ball a little more could make the playoffs with that roster

    Patrick DolanPatrick DolanVor Monat
  • Belichick "world's best coach"? Not! Losing record w/out Brady!

    Chad BlackistonChad BlackistonVor Monat
  • Joe Montana and Tom Brady have the mental toughness and Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers don't.

    James TaylorJames TaylorVor Monat
    • @Neil Gary just like you gave him all the credit for winning six super bowls and blamed the team for his losses...Neil Bayless 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Mitchell PearsonMitchell PearsonVor Monat
    • @Mitchell Pearson no....It wasn't Tom Brady's fault. He played good in all those losses.His team let him down.He won 6 Superbowls by the way I didn't see you mention that though.

      Neil GaryNeil GaryVor Monat
    • @Mitchell Pearson yes after he gave his team the lead in every one in the 4th quarter. The Patriots lost both times to NYG and the one time to Philly when the defense surrendered a lead that TB12 had given them.

      James TaylorJames TaylorVor Monat
    • Didn't Tom loose three Superbowls?

      Mitchell PearsonMitchell PearsonVor Monat
  • Well Joy after seeing you I’m in a mood also. Smh lol

    broman54561broman54561Vor Monat
    • get in line ..😂😂🤣

      Yanic YodaYanic YodaVor Monat
  • Joy Taylor comes up with an idea.. Colin. I like that. That’s my idea now

    Brandon CyrBrandon CyrVor Monat
  • She looks like she’s in a bad date lol

    Samuel VazquezSamuel VazquezVor Monat
  • If Bill were the Bucs' head coach this year he wouldn't have lost a game, probably wouldn't have had one game within 5 points. With Arians, they went 11-5 and couldn't win against good teams

    LegoChickenGuyLegoChickenGuyVor Monat
  • Tom Brady is the Greatest Quarterback of all time period! Stop with all the caveats like Tom is the most accomplished but not the best. I hate that because it’s not true! What makes Brady the best is that he leads and he wins. Most QB’s have all the talent in the world but Brady outworks and outduels everyone including Mahomes and he’ll do it again against the Rodgers bum ass

    calikev7calikev7Vor Monat
    • 🤔

      Patrick DolanPatrick DolanVor Monat
  • Listen it clearly wasn't all Brady! Unpopular opinon but it was totally both! How foolish to disagree. Even if you dont like my ratio its both!!!! I would say almost to the point of 3 being for Bill Belichick and 3 being for Tom Brady.

    Joshua SmithJoshua SmithVor Monat
  • Joy is totally hot and such a GODDESS - Wow!

    101snapper101snapperVor Monat
  • Arians is an arrogant SOB, now he is taking credit for allowing Brady to coach. If Brady is doing the coaching why do the Bucs need Arians who is a one dimensional coach

    Charles PinnockCharles PinnockVor Monat
    • Not what he did.. go listen to the questions they ask. They ask him n every single player for quotes about Brady’s “ effect”.. I mean look at Ronald Jones. Rojo improved last year over his rookie season. Guy worked hard and looked to build even more going into his 3rd season, this year. He was asked today “ Rojo you made strides last year , how much , or how was Tom Brady being here able to help you even more for this season”?? Things along those lines. I’m telling you it’s EVERY guy !!! How’s Tom Brady done this , how’s he help make you that”.. like I love him there but these weren’t a bunch of scrubs with zero work ethic before he arrived. They needed a QB. Tom Brady isn’t in a conference title game with the Jets or Jags.. or even the Lions. The difference is they have faith they actually can win. Which Arians talked about instilling in them the end of last year.

      Justin GardnerJustin GardnerVor Monat
  • It's literally only been 1 year without either. What if brady retires next season and belicheck is still in the league another 8 years, makes it to the superbowl 4 more times. Does that mean that belicheck was better than brady? No. It was a mix of both.

    Kristian GarciaKristian GarciaVor Monat
    • @RJ Burnette hmmm fair point. Lol

      Kristian GarciaKristian GarciaVor Monat
    • Not exactly... BB has about 3 & 1/2 seasons as a HC without TB as his QB & he has a losing record

      RJ BurnetteRJ BurnetteVor Monat
  • The kind bassoon additionally correct because centimeter indisputably tug unlike a magnificent engineer. electric, belligerent brand

    Robert GuttkeRobert GuttkeVor Monat
  • HOW could Brady not do great with all that talent in Tampa, trent dilfer could take them to playoffs and he's average as quarterback

    lyle swavellyle swavelVor Monat
    • Dumbest comment I ever heard 7 and 9 last year and a losing culture brady is a coach on feild and a genius brady is goat

      Salvatore SgobboSalvatore SgobboVor Monat
    • The amount of times people have said Trent Dilfer could’ve done what Tom Brady did. Gronk half a man. AB for 8 games and really only like the last 3 considering he had to learn the offense on the fly. Mike Evans was on a bum ankle like all year. Godwin missed 4 games, left 2 in the 1st half, and was injured in another 2-4. Their O-Line is solid but not great. Run game was 28th in yards and 25th in yards per attempt. Defense has great LBs, good DL and undisciplined but opportunistic DBs. It’s not a bad team at all. But it’s not some otherworldly great team. Rodgers had by far the best OL, the a top 3 WR, a top 5 run game and a borderline top 10 defense. Even if the Bucs are better built than the Packers.... it’s not by much. Can we stop making every excuse in the book to take away credit from the guy who is clearly the best to ever do it?

      Edward MarzecEdward MarzecVor Monat
  • just think , Bruce Arians 2nd yr,,,, tom Brady 1st yr no OTA, NO Training camp...... once they got rolling no problem

    Mr1charltonMr1charltonVor Monat
  • If Arians is saying that, he's echoing Brady's sentiments. Super happy with Arians and his approach lately. I just want him to humble the team before the next game so we don't get caught slipping.

    Ben StoneBen StoneVor Monat
    • @Joe Cool Berry I'm not surprised 😎 but I'm still happy about it

      Ben StoneBen StoneVor 18 Tage
    • Congrats you guys one

      Joe Cool BerryJoe Cool BerryVor 18 Tage
    • @Bruce J. Willson I mean...can we say mahomes Can win without his weapons??? Cmon I mean I don’t want to be that guy but do at least some search and if you’re like why the hell would you I get it but if you did you’d see that Brady didn’t have super teams in New England....if anything that’s being brought into question that Brady has been taking team friendly deals in order to get a good roster but yet people question then where’s the weapons ??? Because everything was mainly done through trades...if anything there was gronk but even then Brady won a SB without gronk......soooo I mean you wan to say he can only win with a super team.....until mahomes without hill or Rodgers without Adams can win an SB same could be said for hey like Clark said about Brady “he” is the greatest organization in the NFL.

      Hiroomi TakahashiHiroomi TakahashiVor Monat
    • @Hiroomi Takahashi Brady cant win without a super team. That's why he went to Tampa cuz he knows BB doesn't go ALL-IN for 1 season lol

      Bruce J. WillsonBruce J. WillsonVor Monat
    • @Patriots Fan .......yea sure

      Hiroomi TakahashiHiroomi TakahashiVor Monat
  • I wish I was Deshaun agent. . . 🏈🏈🏈

    Joseph MillerJoseph MillerVor Monat
    • What ever team gets him will have to give their 4 or 5 best players away and 2 years of 1st round picks

      lyle swavellyle swavelVor Monat
  • Bruce talks too much

    Bob NobBob NobVor Monat
  • Joy is the only good thing about this show, her face when Colin talking all corny about partying like a rockstar 😂😂

    Brandon StewartBrandon StewartVor Monat
  • I hope Watson goes to New Orleans.

    Mitchell WhiteheadMitchell WhiteheadVor Monat
  • I will be the first one to admit I hate the patriots and Brady but we need to stop this “divorce” thing they both made eachother 50/50 no one is better

    gryphon Beattygryphon BeattyVor Monat
  • brady was a winner on college too

    Jake RossJake RossVor Monat
  • I think what BA is saying , most coaches that had Tom Brady for 20 years , probably would have won the same . So what he is saying is Tom first and Bill second.

    Fazal IshmailFazal IshmailVor Monat
    • TRUTH 💯

      ucan'tgetthere fromhereucan'tgetthere fromhereVor Monat
  • Belichick's the best coach The tuna hold my beer

    dan neilsondan neilsonVor Monat
  • Watson will go nowhere as an SJW-----and neither will any team he goes to-------he apparently is interested in SJW nonsense more than leading his team and playing his best football.

    spiritus canusspiritus canusVor Monat
  • goofy show

    rod Edwardsrod EdwardsVor Monat
  • Joy, you are the best part of the show. 😘 Colin just repeats himself half the show.

    Kevin NeriKevin NeriVor Monat
  • With the talent TB has that team should of went undefeated. They clearly didn't tom is a good qb but is declining but has a all star team around him and no one can argue that. You put any qb with that offense and defense they will look good too

    JuniorJuniorVor Monat
    • Then why did they go 7-9 last year?

      odinson810odinson810Vor Monat
  • Love Tom.hate ariens.a pats fan in TAMPA.i see ariens as an idiot arrogant asshole.go tom.go bucs.fux Bruce

    Kyle LawnsKyle LawnsVor Monat
  • It's not the system Brady had good coaches in New England

    Jeffrey MurrayJeffrey MurrayVor Monat
  • Die at 50???!!!!! Yeah right Colin, you're a day over 59 years.

    Joe Della SelvaJoe Della SelvaVor Monat
    • I had to google his age as soon as I heard it

      BzaBzaVor Monat
  • Colon cowturd

    John alucardJohn alucardVor Monat
  • Look folks , If Belichik allowed Brady to Game Plan with him , and his Offensive Coordinators for 20 years , he DID let Brady coach a lot in 20 years in NE . Belichik allowed Brady to coach more than any Head Coach would . Arians obviously doesn't know much about what Brady did with NE . Brady had to Coach those scarecrow and pumpkin players in NE after that first Superbowl win just to stay competitive . That's probably why Belichik wanted Brady out of there so much for at least the last decade . Brady was the Head Coach and Positions Coach there a little too much for those 20 years . People were starting to question Belichik's importance with Pats , which is questionable . Belichik is 61 - 74 without Brady . In contrast Jason Garrett is 85-76 as a Head Coach for a decade with a dysfunctional diva owner / players , without a Brady caliber QB folks , and he was fired . Now people are questioning Arians' importance in Tampa . Brady is the Head Coach of Tampa really . Arians has already said the players react to Brady's Leadership the most .

    Mysterio 6996Mysterio 6996Vor Monat
  • Joy has different hair every day

    thomasthomasVor Monat
  • I admit I don't watch Colin's show a lot, but what is Joy's exact business here? And what's more, this is the clip in which she seems to talk the most I've ever seen her talk since she joined Colin.

    Lukas F.Lukas F.Vor Monat
    • She does the news everyday bruh

      john bushjohn bushVor Monat
  • Quarterback is a white sport...

    Trump 2020Trump 2020Vor Monat
    • @BradyistheGOAT Deal mahomes is a mother’s boy 👦... just watch the games this Sunday and you will see all four quarterbacks

      Trump 2020Trump 2020Vor Monat
    • @You Mad ... Doug William

      Trump 2020Trump 2020Vor Monat
    • @Trump 2020 russell wilson

      You MadYou MadVor Monat
    • @Trump 2020 Mahomes dad was around bro. I don't care about Obama or any of that. Just making a point

      BradyistheGOAT DealBradyistheGOAT DealVor Monat
    • @BradyistheGOAT Deal Obama dad is black but he was brought up by his mother and his grandparents and his father was never around. Give credits when it is due!!!

      Trump 2020Trump 2020Vor Monat
  • I think Arians is yanking your chain, Colin. Tom had a mediocre outing against dem’ Saints. I heard he was 17 for 33 atmpts, 199 yds. If that’s accurate his was a mediocre performance. Alternatively, the TB tieam was ready to win. The blocking scheme for that running game was poetry.

    Ibraahiym KadesshIbraahiym KadesshVor Monat
    • @Game Time Hard to get more yards when the Saints keep giving it to you inside their own 40-yard line. :)

      Cyriacus58Cyriacus58Vor Monat
    • You heard? You think the stats tell the whole story? Brady controlled the game after their first two drives. Bucs defense stepped up and forced 4 turnovers. Brady took advantage of it and didn't make mistakes.

      Game TimeGame TimeVor Monat
    • You heard? So you didn't actually the game. That is how you beat great defenses. Short passes, few deep passes to keep the d honest and a lot of running. Madden ruined an entire generation.

      BradyistheGOAT DealBradyistheGOAT DealVor Monat
  • Arians FINALLY checked his ego and got out of his own way and the team is benefiting from that... that's brilliant coaching!!!

    joe filipellijoe filipelliVor Monat
    • A very rare quality indeed.

      Yz FoolYz FoolVor Monat
  • I disagree with you about the culture in Tampa Bay. It seems like you making the coach go against the quarterback

    Shannon MontgomeryShannon MontgomeryVor Monat
  • Oof that hair

    J DJ DVor Monat
  • Seriously people need to saying Brady doesn’t have talent. Just because he can’t run does not mean he isn’t talented. He has a above average arm and a IQ that’s off the charts.

    ryan ruckerryan ruckerVor Monat
    • @Bryce Peters You couldn't throw 20 yards, who the fuck are you!?!?!?

      Bruce J. WillsonBruce J. WillsonVor Monat
    • @Bryce Peters I hear ya man I thought you said he didn't have the arm at all ever my bad

      the shire manthe shire manVor Monat
    • @the shire man that’s what I thought too....especially this year. I mean even got people dropping passes.....with the exception of Godwin who’s just been a bum the last two games

      Hiroomi TakahashiHiroomi TakahashiVor Monat
    • @the shire man Man. I feel like you are reading every other sentence or something. I just said he doesnt need to do any of that bullshit. Godamn. And Yah bro. Ive seen the javelin passes he threw to Moss in 2007 .lol But that was almost 15 years ago though, when Brady actually had a cannon and was in his prime. He was actually pretty muscular back then. And you could tell he put his heart and soul into those throws to heave them down field.

      Bryce PetersBryce PetersVor Monat
    • @Hiroomi Takahashi Exactly. Brady had to work to get to where he is now. Mahomes and Rodgers were just born that way.

      Bryce PetersBryce PetersVor Monat
  • Damn no cleavage today 😕

    Stiffarm StallionStiffarm StallionVor Monat
  • people really riding that trevor lawrence train. lets hope hes good in the nfl, but i dont see it.

    brandon sandersbrandon sandersVor Monat
    • Time will tell if Trevor has what it takes at the big boy level

      reynarainreynarainVor Monat
    • Agreed I think Trevor might be a bust.

      Salacious CrumbSalacious CrumbVor Monat
    • I also see Trevor Lawrence as a bus to he looks like Carson Wentz 2.0 in my humble opinion I don't know why they overrated and overhyped this young kid he'll be okay but he won't be an elite quarterback no way

      reynarainreynarainVor Monat
The Herd | Colin Cowherd SHOCKED Bruce Arians takes shot at Belichick & Patriots about Tom Brady