The Door in the Woods | "The Door" | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

Once the DOOR has been OPENED....there's no sending the BRUTE back.... #TheDoorInTheWoods
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Children of a rural cult family find a door in the woods that has been carefully protected for many years. How is it opened and what is locked within?
Writer/Director: Joey Greene
Producer: Joe Harkenrider
1st AD: James Mahoney
Storyboard Artist: Daniel Donahue
Director of Photography: Paul Houston
1st AC: Justin Ogden
Key PA: Austin Davis
PA: Molly Dunn
Studio Teacher: Robert Andrews, Todd Pliss
Set Medic: Trevor Coats
Sound Mixer: Nicholas Pierce
Production & Wardrobe Designer: Chloe Faith Badner
Key Grip & PA: Michael Hanna
Key Grip: Jude Jatau
Gaffer: Julian Terry
Grip PA: Matthew Katz
Creature and Makeup SFX: Mark Villalobos
Lead Makeup Artist: Emma Lu Marshall
Makeup Assistant: Jim Huertas
Editor: Adam Huebner, Joey Greene
Re-Recording Mixer: Robert Reider
Colorist: Mitchell Martin
The Brute: Eric Prochnau
Carrie: Carissa Bazler
Ben: Roman Dean George
Michael: Cameron Rico
Max: Chance Keller
Sister: Erica B. Marie Avila
Mother: Alison Kawa
Marcus: Thomas Gumee
Bethany: Jessica Buda
Native Man: John Ray Estrada
Father: Oscar Rodriguez
Molly Dunn
Ryan Larsen
Ana Scott
Jasmine Johnson
Austin Davis
Mary Bonney
Matthew Katz
Michael Hanna
Christopher Sparks
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All graphic content depicted is purely fictional for entertainment purposes and is not otherwise condoned.

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  • What do you think of the newest addition to the CRYPT MONSTER UNIVERSE?? Where did the brute and the door come from?? How did these people end up protecting it??

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    • cartoon for babies 0+

      StarOg LasienStarOg LasienVor 9 Monate
    • How do you make these terrifying XD the door in the forest was bloody I love it

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  • The brute was probably in a fortnite 1v1 and died cuz the kids

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  • and thats is why we use codoms

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  • That's a hungry boi

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  • Why does brute look like a bada$$?

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  • i feel bad for the kids who died like if they were alive that would be a relief that they was alive i bet they lived a happy liveت

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  • 11:54 The Girl was shouting like a elephant

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  • I wish that Superman beat this creature

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  • And the girl didn’t die lucky for her I still feal bad

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  • I feel bad for all because the glasses one got head eatan and next one he and his sister dad mom didn’t survive and last but not least the girl was in lot trouble because the dad tried to tied her with medal and the monster came behind him and killed him next the girl tried to close the door but the monster ate her hand and the end almost forgot the mom died every body died but not the girl

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  • Groot, Groot, come out of your hole Brute: I AM GROOOOOOOT!!!

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  • Wait. The dad is the only one wearing red, and the girls family is the only one who knows about the brute, explain

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  • The moment the father and daughter went into the woods, I saw a birch tree and I was hoping to all gods that, The Birch and The Brute will fight, or they got killed by The Birch!

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  • Yall are dumb I dont feel bad

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  • d

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    • So crazy

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  • in my opinion, i would throw a candle at the door... if the monster isn't in there, i'm just gonna shoot a dart at it to make it fall asleep, then shoot it 15 times, send it to outter space, throw it into a black hole, then send the black hole out into the infinite universe were it will disintergrate into atoms and it will be a huge victory for me!!!

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  • if you see and bloody door in the middle of the words that is chained, would you open it? kids: HECK YEAH! me: oh heck no! kids: (dies) me: I'M SMART CAUSE I KNOW NOT TO OPEN A DOOR THAT IS CHAINED AND HAS BLOOD FOR A REASON girl: (instant regret)

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  • The video is bad girl lost shes arm and she is not crying?

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  • The brute always went for the necks, hes kinkiy

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  • I thought it was a unwritten RULE YOU CANT KILL KIDS AND IF U DO U CANT SHOW IT

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The Door in the Woods | "The Door" | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film