The case for Urijah Faber vs Henry Cejudo...

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Chael Sonnen talks about a potential match-up between Urijah Faber and UFC Champion Henry Cejudo...

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  • Chaels idea of success is losing to champions.

    Chris BrunelleChris BrunelleVor 19 Tage
  • Silva vs Sonnen 3 confirmed

    The King Of NorwayThe King Of NorwayVor 25 Tage
  • I think Chael forgot that GSP left the sport without passing on anything other than domination same as Jones

    SmokeZ42SmokeZ42Vor 26 Tage
  • It just could be that... you’re not chael

    53Z4L53Z4LVor 28 Tage
  • 😂"Let me offer you this undefeated, undisputed title." -Uncle Chael😂

    Nigel LiottaNigel LiottaVor 28 Tage
  • Ricky lost to merab

    Wrestla RWrestla RVor 29 Tage
  • The case is as follows...1. My guy just lost to Faber. 2. I want everyone to think my guy is great. 3. The only way to do this is to constantly pump Faber since losing to the number one contender or potential champ sounds way better than losing to a retired guy.

    33moneyball33moneyballVor Monat
  • Oh great. Lets put the bantamweight division on hold again for some Team Alpha Male bullshit.

    The pigeon 258The pigeon 258Vor Monat
  • That's just the way this goes....

    Gotty BeatsGotty BeatsVor Monat
  • Ricky dounds like a tool

    gentellabsgentellabsVor Monat
  • speaking of high schoolers.... a-rod was regarded as the best prospect at 17 - first the first round draft pick 1993 minor league and debuted in the major league at 18

    EexpersEexpersVor Monat
  • All good points except faber knocked his ass out in the first round and made it look easy

    Vic RattleheadVic RattleheadVor Monat
  • I’m trying to be open-minded about this “you beat them once you take all their super powers” (ranking). ...Listen I know life in inherently unfair, but if people have the power to level the playing field of fairness, like not let a fighter like Conor McGregor get a title fight after losing his ranking and literally “losing” that’s a good thing. On a moral level, he seems like a scumbag. If the powers that be would or could bypass the pecking order, can’t he be at least a good guy? Despite what you say Chael, you’re a good guy, I’d let you skip in line.

    Astro RocketsAstro RocketsVor Monat
  • Uriah Faber is a washed up nothing. He won a fight against a nobody. Now a title shot? Sounds like pure UFC logic. It'll happen, no question.

    William RackhamWilliam RackhamVor Monat
  • Wrestler vs. Wrestler

    Jason PetersonJason PetersonVor Monat
  • Henry Cejudo is an Olympic gold medalist and Urijah Faber is an NCAA Division 1 Wrestler. Battle of the wrestlers. Would love to see that fight.

    Jason PetersonJason PetersonVor Monat
  • Don't let this distract you from the fact this bum got destroyed by Machida and fell for the same flying knee twice.

    Conor 'best striker in the ufc' McgregorConor 'best striker in the ufc' McgregorVor Monat
  • No one gives a crap about anyone else in the division... Faber gets the shot

    william flowerswilliam flowersVor Monat
  • No one gives a crap about anyone else in the division... Faber gets the shot

    william flowerswilliam flowersVor Monat
  • No one gives a crap about anyone else in the division... Faber gets the shot

    william flowerswilliam flowersVor Monat
  • The rule of this sport is that Chael Sonnen wins. Period.

    Joe JohnsonJoe JohnsonVor Monat
  • I think Chael is the only American I’ve ever heard use the saying “couldn’t care less” correctly.

    Alex DoverAlex DoverVor Monat
  • Cejudo Vs Benavidez Sterling vs Faber

    Joebbray98Joebbray98Vor Monat
  • I want to see Joey B get the shot but would also be happy to see Faber in there.

    PC PPC PVor Monat
  • GSP should come back and fight Jon Jones

  • Hey to you good sir the undefeated American gangster two things I have for you big man . First is just to let you know I look forward to anything you put out for us I really enjoy hearing your opinions being from the midlands over in the U.K. I don’t get to follow much wrestling but I still enjoy hearing you talk on the subject . Secondly what did Ricky say to you guys about the stoppage ?? I don’t think he was going to go out or even go close to getting knocked out but I do think Uriah would have swarmed him and Ricky might have not been able to recover in time or get into a position in which to intelligently defend himself . My opinion is the stoppage was a touch early but even though Simon wasn’t going to be KO’ed I think he would have been unable to stop Uriah swarming him with unanswered blows and therefore the ref would have been forced to stop the fight . Was Ricky unhappy with how it ended or was he pragmatic enough to realise the fight was going to be stopped when Faber landed the next few blows so regardless if the stoppage was a second or two early it was still getting stopped so it made no difference to the outcome anyway ? Or is the gyms opinion on the stoppage not suitable for print ?

    Obi Ant KenobiObi Ant KenobiVor Monat
  • ahnn. My 10 year old son is taller than Cejudo and Faber, who wants to see two pesky mosquitos fight!?

    The Luminous OneThe Luminous OneVor Monat
  • Im not a faber hater but he really didn't look good in the fight except for the knockout. Cejudo would destroy him.

    MeatySmirkMeatySmirkVor Monat
  • Yes !!! Uriah vs Cejudo!!!! And Masvidal vs McGregor!!!!! What a card!!!

    Greg KiserGreg KiserVor Monat
  • Chanel is a psych fight genius true that.

    Anthony NellonAnthony NellonVor Monat
  • Urijha took place 15 on the rankings lol

    Robert MeyerRobert MeyerVor Monat
  • Hope Faber beats Henry

    Patrick RasconPatrick RasconVor Monat
  • The comeback fight for Tito Ortiz is going to be epic...

    Jeff BourkeJeff BourkeVor Monat
  • It should be Cody but Uriah is important in this sport it makes sense if he won that last fight. And to be honest Henry may look and act like a kid but he’s 32 so game on

    Iburiedpaul 9Iburiedpaul 9Vor Monat
    • MeatySmirk cause two of those losses were to TJ and that foos been cheating mang

      Iburiedpaul 9Iburiedpaul 9Vor Monat
    • How should it be Cody? He's lost his last 3?

      MeatySmirkMeatySmirkVor Monat
  • "If a guys on a roll and you beat him....that's now your roll..." Highlander style.

    Vulgar TechVulgar TechVor Monat
  • What Chael just said!

    jhon doejhon doeVor Monat
  • Chael was trash talking a storm ⛈ before Connor was relevant! Still the funniest fellow the ufc has seen thus far👍👍

    alex carpenteralex carpenterVor Monat
  • Wasn't feeling it when it was first mentioned but your vid kinda turned me around on it. Let's see how they can build that moving forward.

    john keithjohn keithVor Monat
  • All those years of drug use are starting to show on Uncle Cindy's face. PED's haven't been kind to the cheating kangaroo from East Linn, Oregon. I predict a face lift in the next 6 months. 😂😝🤫

    John CosgroveJohn CosgroveVor Monat
  • Chael always says you have a 50/50 chance of winning. Chael has had 49 professional fights. The chances of a 50/50 chance happening 49 times in a row is over 10,000,000,000/1. Chael found a way to win them all. That's why Chael is the undefeated, undisputed GOAT

    RGMRGMVor Monat
  • I can't believe there are people doubting Uriah. If there's a man to take Cejudo down it's him. And what a forgone conclusion, because Uriah deserves to wear the belt before really retiring. This fight will happen, it's just a matter of when.

    Mario PaulMario PaulVor Monat
    • He has lost every UFC title fight he has been in. 4 of them. He is 40 and was on the decline before he left. You can't believe people are doubting him. What the fuck are you talking about.

      The pigeon 258The pigeon 258Vor Monat
  • 👍🏾👊🏾✌🏾🇳🇬🇺🇸

    ayo30sayo30sVor Monat
  • You keep what you kill

    iwasdeershanked81iwasdeershanked81Vor Monat
  • Lol this looks funny after the fight

    will millerwill millerVor Monat
  • Chael a little long on this video.

    hillz4everhillz4everVor Monat
  • when is the man undefeated at Gangsterweight commin out of retirement? *UNDEFEATED*

    boxman guyboxman guyVor Monat
  • Chael just loves to “pass the torch”

    Jeff TJeff TVor Monat
  • For some reason i was reading this as Cejudo vs Uriah Hall...

    Rabbit in RedRabbit in RedVor Monat
  • Cejudo vs Faber is the only fight I'm interested in at that weight class

    Sean MilletteSean MilletteVor Monat
    • @RaZer that would be cool. Wont hold my breath though

      Sean MilletteSean MilletteVor 28 Tage
    • @Sean Millette He is meant to comeback early next year (hopefully)

      RaZerRaZerVor 28 Tage
    • @RaZer is Cruz active? I would watch that, it just doesn't seem like a fight that will happen.

      Sean MilletteSean MilletteVor 28 Tage
    • Cruz vs Cejudo?

      RaZerRaZerVor 28 Tage
    • It would be a huge waste of time.

      The pigeon 258The pigeon 258Vor Monat
  • No home Cage advantage? You're saying Brazilians fighting in Brazil or Brits fighting in the UK, don't have an advantage with the crowd? The doping policies? The judges? Etc? NBA, NFL, NHL players don't get more press in their home town? Come on Chael

    Brooklyn JongkindBrooklyn JongkindVor Monat
  • I live in The Dalles, and you have always been my favorite. Not just because I have lived in Oregon nearly my whole life. You are just an inspiration, “ if you are never willing to go too far, you will never go far enough” always stuck with me. You inspire me to always speak me mind, regardless of who gets hurt. The truth hurts.

    Skuz BuxetSkuz BuxetVor Monat
  • I like Uriah Faber, but he is ranked #14 in the UFC, and allowing him to have a title shot, is a total let down to guys ranked much higher than him, and who have earned a title shot.

    Ocean SummitOcean SummitVor Monat
    • You are right, but the promotion doesnt care and neither do the fans

      bluebirdbluebirdVor Monat
  • Give Urija one more fight and then send him to Henry

    Pondo PondoPondo PondoVor Monat
  • 12:28🤣🤣🤣

    TopMmaWear TMWTopMmaWear TMWVor Monat
  • 12:12 lol

    TopMmaWear TMWTopMmaWear TMWVor Monat
  • NO!

    Swazi PrinceSwazi PrinceVor Monat
  • Agreed!!!

    Vanillazilla79Vanillazilla79Vor Monat
  • There is no case

    Max MooreMax MooreVor Monat
  • A sport he doesn't do Chael???? Faber is a High-level wrestler and he has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. What the hell are you talking about son?

    Said HSaid HVor Monat
  • Do you think Faber is on PED's?

    Jameson CrossJameson CrossVor Monat
  • chael really does speak to the audience before they have said anything. Chael knows what the MMA fans are thinking a lot of the time and whether you agree or disagree he speaks to you, lays out his points his reasoning and leaves it there for you to think about. You won't find a commentator for MMA that is more in tune with the people

    VictlinVictlinVor Monat
  • If Urijah took everything from Ricky Simone does that mean that Ricky would have gotten a title shot? I love Urijah and always root for him, but I'd like to see him against a top guy first, not someone who was ranked 15th. But I would love it if Faber could smash Cejudo.

    Ken FarnsworthKen FarnsworthVor Monat
  • Bet you feel stupid.

    Don MarinDon MarinVor Monat
  • Well articulated as always and forever. Salute!

    Dale DentonDale DentonVor Monat
  • But Henry would get paid the same either way u can't prize fight in the UFC. Even cowboy said as much about fighting Conor. That Conor says this red panty night shit but the opponent gets paid the same either way.

    Rob RineRob RineVor Monat
  • “While not making sense it still makes sense” - Chael P Sonnen. Toughest man TO EVER.......come out of west Linn Oregon.

    Richard DunmireRichard DunmireVor Monat
    • He still has PTSD from the time he saw someone litter right before his very eyes.

      Touchy issuesTouchy issuesVor Monat
  • I understand everything now because of the way Chael explained it! wish you was my wrestling coach!!

    Elliott VElliott VVor Monat
  • Conor came back after a year to a direct title fight...and not even one fight between..soooo I dont see the problem here.

    Ryu JerichoRyu JerichoVor Monat
    • @Ryu Jericho Faber was nowhere close to a title shot when he left. Faber should have to beat at least 3 guys in the top 15 to get a shot. These things are not the same. Stop trying to compare them. Complete fucking idiot.

      The pigeon 258The pigeon 258Vor 29 Tage
    • @The pigeon 258 and? how about faber atleast having a fight before getting a title shot? If you cant see thats the way it should have been done then you are a moron

      Ryu JerichoRyu JerichoVor 29 Tage
    • Conor was a top fighter and a champion when he took all the time off. If you can't make a distinction between that and Faber getting a shot then there is something wrong with you.

      The pigeon 258The pigeon 258Vor Monat
  • 12:22 he has a wife, you take her.

    Darth HayabusaDarth HayabusaVor Monat
  • The California Kid was an amazingly entertaining fighter in his early days. Good to see him win for sure.

    Mc MeMc MeVor Monat
The case for Urijah Faber vs Henry Cejudo...