The Best Car for Someone in a Wheelchair?! - Our new Tesla Model X!

The Tesla Model X is one of the coolest cars on the planet, and just so happens to be the perfect car for Cambry. Get 1000 free supercharger miles with our code: We knew that getting in and out of a vehicle would be pretty much the same no matter what car we bought. BUT by getting an electric 'self driving' capable vehicle, we could avoid gas stations, and let Cambry's hands take a break while using the Tesla Autopilot. Not to mention the Smart Summon ablities. No more blocked parking lot spaces! The future of electric cars is looking pretty bright. Yeah, a Tesla is very expensive at the moment, just like all technology, its interesting to know that the technology exists, and will get cheaper and more common with time.
See why Dan Sold this Tesla HERE:
HUGE Thanks to Luxe Auto Spa for protecting the inside of Cambry's new ride:
Learn more of Cambry's story here:
Cambry's Instagram:
Falling asleep on Autopilot?!:
Wrapping Dan's (well... now our) Tesla:
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  • Tesla should make the driver side chair rotate, and an arm that grabs the chair and puts it in the back passenger seat place. So she has full assistance from the vehicle. Instead manufacturers should make a small amount of cars focusing on disability. Ease of access and use, surprising that not many manufacturers do this as more people with this or a similar condition they don't have to struggle. Or tesla could just take this model x then modify the car to suite her needs best.

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The Best Car for Someone in a Wheelchair?! - Our new Tesla Model X!