That Vegan Teacher Was CAUGHT STALKING TommyInnit..

That Vegan Teacher is a TikTok vegan teacher who has recently been exposed to a lot of drama with Minecraft streamer TommyInnit who is more known for his Minecraft videos with Dream SMP, Wilbur and many others.. rather than drama with a vegan teacher. Today we're gonna discuss how creepy this gets.
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In this video I discuss a large amount of creators including TommyInnit, Dream and TommyInnit who are a big part of the Dream Team SMP which includes the likes of: Wilbur Soot, Quackity, Tubbo, Dream, Sapnap and George. These creators are mainly known for their Minecraft streams, Minecraft highlights and Minecraft speedruns. We also speak about That Vegan Teacher who is known for her vegan tutorials and just in general helping other vegans and exposing TommyInnit

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    • Oh no, we got an angry boomer. I mean oh no.

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    • LoL

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    • Why the hell did she just say rape to animal I don't get what the hell she just said tbh

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    • Happy birthday

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  • The most intimidating thing about her is that her voice sounds like she's 14

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  • Level 999 Karen

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  • The whole thing about kids never going through war or suffering is so incorrect. I've know kids who have left Waring counties, who have suffered trauma, who have been through so much crap. People need to realize how diverse and different people are. Everybody has their own crap and there own circumstances. Nobody is the same and it is so ignorant to believe that all kids have perfect happy lives and families. When people tell kids that they don't understand suffering or stress or whatever it is so damaging. Kids and people in general should be aloud to feel and have emotions without out being shamed and judged because they "don't understand the real world". That whole mindset of "being an adult is hard and you'll never understand because you're just a kid and kids don't understand anything" is just wrong and awful. Everybody suffers in some way, everybody has their own stuff and people should stop invalidating others; because we should all feel valid.

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  • the only thing i live for is inabber calling me a beautiful dumbling

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  • If you weren’t personally in the Holocaust, your not woke.

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  • Does she realize not everyone can go vegan? Like there's certain diets people can't have cause their bodies cannot handle it!!!!

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  • the vegan teacher is dum as hell she calls us stupid look at her self

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  • Isn’t it ironic that she calls people selfish if they aren’t vegan or if they are vegan for the wrong reason and then complains about the hate she gets as a vegan and says she’s being targeted by vegan phobia? Isn’t that a selfish thing?

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  • Yes you are right

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  • I only subbed because I said to my self “I mean he has a cute dog” XD

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  • 8:56 Take notes, Glider Guy. This is how you convince someone to stop doing something harmful. Not by insulting them or their non-harmful habits, but rather with sensible, non-bias reasoning.

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  • Did someone tell you, that you look like Bubbles from Trailer Park boys?

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  • tommyinnit is good vegan teacher is bad

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  • BEANS!

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  • I am Canadian... That Vegan Teacher is Canadian... why is it that Canada gets all of the Worst celebs. (excluding Ryan Renolds)

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  • If only Filthy Frank was still here.

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  • just scrolling through to find one 'beans' comment... hmm, can't seem to find any....well if thats the case then: beans

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  • Cars need gas to drive. Gas is made of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are made form the decomposed bones of animals. Vegans can not drive.

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  • no one cares about vegans no one notices her im sure

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  • I was today years old when I learned that the vegan teacher is from the same country as me and now I want to move to Paris

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  • I want a boxing match between her and Gordon Ramsay.

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  • Seriously the bible says its ok to eat wear use animals

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  • 4:25 "What the fuck?!" Lady... Three words: Consent. Is. Key.

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  • 1:17 I've seen a few videos talking about the lady... Glad to see she finds new ways to aggravate me by passing a moral choice as a deep psychological way of being like gender or sexual orientation. Oh and shifting veganism from "not consuming products from animal exploitation" to "a way of being that is about the human, not the animals"

    NeRethil WolfssonNeRethil WolfssonVor 17 Tage
  • The dislikes are from the veggie army of that vegan teacher...

  • Did she ever consider that her clothing, and everyday objects include animal products????

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  • she's clearly not stalking Tommyinnit, because if she was then she would know he has many girlfriends lmao

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  • Ya know that lady yelling at cat meme? She's the lady and a literal toddler as the cat

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  • Lady your 56 and look older than my granny who has memory's of being a kid in ww2! Unhealthy much

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  • I absolutely GUARANTEE that this woman makes less people go vegan than not.

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  • I killed a lot ants recently i think im gonna being stalk by vegan teacher

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  • The fact she also made a song called “I can’t breathe”, sort of mocking the death of George Floyd while the song was about animals and other things getting tortured?

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  • Says “you don’t know what it’s like to go through war.” When she only lived through Persian gulf war and the very end of Vietnam, neither of which would have had any impact on her life.

    BladeBladeVor 20 Tage
  • Is it just me or does her voice sound kinda smooth and calming, but that also way she scares me. The way she says "you will see the light" in a smooth kinda calming voice, that just makes it all the most creepy.11:40

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  • She's the Carole Baskin of Veganism. now we just need to wait for Netflix to drop some weird documentary bout her BS lol

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  • Without killing animals, I don't think we would of survived because we used animals as clothes in the stone age and if we didn't kill them. Humans would go extinct.

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  • beeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnssssss

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  • Actually...I think you can become vegan but I don'T think you can born vegan. Also...she may be an adult. but she can get arrest for what she is doing...I mean that she kinda scary. She just freaking me out! I respect the vegan person! it'S thier choose and if they like living like this well I'm happy for them! Everyone should be able to leave and eat what they want.

    Lou DeltaLou DeltaVor 22 Tage
  • lets be vegan... meanwhile the tiger hunting for a food

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That Vegan Teacher Was CAUGHT STALKING TommyInnit..