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(Lyrics) :
[Verse 1]
Was it a wasted couple months?
Sneaking outta the window, spending nights in limbo
Was that all there was for us?
Midnight driving, running through highland
Does it make me the criminal?
That I let you go
That I broke us and left
I hate that I never know
Why you're still so caught up in my head
I know you wanted a promise
I wasn't ready, can I be honest?
Never knew what I had until I lost it
And I got this rubber band on my wrist, on my wrist
And I snap it every time that I think about your lips
Yeah, I got this rubberband on my wrist, on my wrist
Almost break it every time when I'm trying to forget
[Verse 2]
Know that I have never been good at this
Love you in a second, next you know I'm checking out
Of moments I shouldn't miss
Now I'm looking through the photos
Wishing I was different
And I got this rubber band on my wrist, on my wrist
And I snap it every time that I think about your lips
Yeah, I got this rubberband on my wrist, on my wrist
Almost break it every time when I'm trying to forget
I know you wanted a promise
I wasn't ready, can I be honest?
Never knew what I had until I lost it
And I got this rubber band on my wrist, on my wrist
And I snap it every time that I think about your lips
Yeah, I got this rubberband on my wrist, on my wrist
Almost break it every time when I'm trying to forget
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    • @Meatball 'Yikes' yeah mine didn't help either. I had the exact same mindset ad you described. I thought since I wasn't cutting it was okay.

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    • @Kaylene yeah and tbh, it didnt help me it made it worse. They were basically telling us self harm is okay as long as it's not leaving physical mark's. Coz those rubber bands fucking hurt. Especially if you pulled it back hard enough itd leave welts after a long enough time (or mind did when I began snapping it a lot coz I thought it was okay since it wasn't exactly cutting) They were feeding our unhealthy harmful toxic mindset with a slightly less toxic not as harmful mindset that once the rubber band wasnt enough we would fall right back into razors. Coz they never tried to help us or fix their mindset. They only tried to silence us and be like "look I made her stop cutting" no you put a rubber band on my wrist and basically said "you can hurt yourself still just dont leave a mark"

      Meatball 'Yikes'Meatball 'Yikes'Vor 28 Tage
    • Yeah same I used to have a bad habit of cutting because of my depression (ok not going to lie it still is kind of a problem) and my therapist told me to snap a rubber band on my wrist instead of cutting.

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