Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentines Day

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    • that would be cool- MRS. BEAST

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  • Jimmy: everything here will be recycled Me: wait even the hole house!?!

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  • Is jimmy your real name?

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  • Chandler is a Flattering mr beast

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  • Mr Beast chalennge u u find me.. Here in philipines 😁 and then im cook u.. Frog farm promise haha lol 😘 shout out hanep naman

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  • What is he gonna do if he propses?!

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  • Why aren’t u uploading

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  • So pretty 😍

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  • Chandler get an ostrich

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  • Hey Mr beast has some of the best videos

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  • 4:47 .....

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  • My name is maddy.......

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  • Very beautiful couple

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  • That's a beautiful house jimmy

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  • First closet: Weedwacker Expectation: Roses Second Closet: Weddle the Wizard Expectation: Weedwacker ??? lol

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  • The funny thing is that my name is maddy

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  • chris made this more funny

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  • Them:*touches hands all together* Me: AAAASHHHHHhHHhH

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  • You have a girlfriend With that face?? (I mean that handsome face right😉)

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  • *S I M P*

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  • Girlfriend is way more beautiful than these all flowers

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  • Could have bought her a Louis vuitton thong or sum but...

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  • W

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  • 0:09 chandlers sleeping

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  • Chandler: I don't have a girlfriend. Jimmy: will get you one. Me: Waaaaat.

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  • Imagine if he had 99,999

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  • Pewds said your a simp

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  • Surprise your mom, god bless her and you

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  • y'all leave chandler for me

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  • Roses are red Violets are blue Why did u leave me Karen What did i do

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  • the boyssss

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  • wholesome

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  • It's only 99,999 because Chris threw away one piece of roses HAHAHAHA

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  • Dude you do way to much hard work how about you take a break and your spending to much money so chill with that buddy

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    • Too*

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  • Simp

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  • It looks good

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  • get an ostrich

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  • The boys

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  • welcome to the "Barbie's Dreamhouse" life

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  • Me to my friend: would you rather have a girlfriend or the Boyz My Virgin friend: The boyz

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  • Super idol 😘 shout out po

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  • Who else saw Chandler eating a rose?

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  • If Chandler had a house it would suck

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  • 8:23 I thought this was P.G

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  • simp

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  • Can you give me money?

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  • The flower market in Holland is smiling.

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  • Super idol 😘 from philipines

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  • Chris =married👰 Mr beast = has a gf❤️ Chandler = alone 😔

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    • atleast he has a dog

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  • Mr beast

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Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentines Day