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  • This song sounds like it says "Dave I'm wrong, I should have done better than this" and that hits hard on two levels...i miss my bm lmaoo

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  • Lemme say this, there is no greater love, then to lay down ones Lambo for ones friend

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  • This guy could definitely teach the rich people of the world how to be thankful for what they have

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  • David Heath and Zane and Jason best vlog squad members

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  • This is the video that really launched David.

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  • This vlog is literally so real all the reactions are just so pure

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  • As somone who struggles to take care of my 2 year old daughter and her mother with a low income job and lives in a older mobile home I would love to see David help families by surprising with a house. The joy this would bring to a family would last a lifetime and it would amazing to watch dreams of having a stable and safe home come true

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  • The words were not sufficient to represent his happiness which was completely visible in his eyes , the originality , happiness on his face and shivir in his voice were making us cry. BEST REACTION VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!

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