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  • jeremy and katie have to kiss on camera if this video gets 750k likes :) ❤️ thanks for watching ❤️

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    • Can i get a SHOUT OUT please ❤ Brent you've forgotten something you said in the convincing eva that you will meet her boyfriend 😅✌

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    • Dom is a Simp

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    • haha lovite done

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    • I want to like your vids, and sometimes I do, but you need to do something different. You've done the exact same videos for like 3 years.

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  • Cmon 750 k likes guys!! Jatie has to kisss

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  • Waittt....who's here after Dom and sophie's video??

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  • Brent: when i say 3 open your eyes " 3,2,1"

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  • Brent you should hit every boy that tries to flirt or simp with Lexi with a broom except for Andrew, Andrews chill

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  • Hi brent I am Khanak from India and want that you and your friends to speak Hindi challenge for 24 hours

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  • this vids is middle schoolers trying to put relationships together

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  • Brent I miss Eva

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  • Done! I really love you!

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  • wait so first ashley wicka, then lexi rivera, then this girl, and now sofie dossi?? really dom...

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  • is no one gonna talk about 1:01 ..... I SHIP BEXI

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  • Anyone wondering why in the video "My best friend did this with my sister" he said Andrew was his best friend and now Dom!?!?what!

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  • i know i’m only 9 years old but pleeeeeeeease i want to see you guys i swear i will do anything i can do i will give you all my money its only 1,342$ and you are rich so i don’t think you want it but i will give it to you and your friends ... please let my dream be real 😢💔

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  • anyone else notice that when ever Dom meets someone for the first time, he gives them a hug??? just me? ok

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  • Did u guys think all his video is a settings? how come they don't shy in front of cams if theyre not youtubers

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