Surprising Addison Rae With A Custom Car!! 🚘 🚗 ft. Tik Tok | ZHC

I surprised Addison Rae with her dream custom car! DE-visionsr surprises Tik Tok star!
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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    • U guys r just the bestest i always try to re-do u guys es painting but i can't 😅😢

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  • Hi Addison Rae I really like your car and it’s super cold and I wish I can have that car and can you ask Charlie DeMello if she can show me the phone that you got from the boy that you’re wrong the phones with the marker prayers I really like and I like the car that have a circle yellow on it and that your name is gonna be on I don’t know which picture is going to be I did and watched and I’m gonna watch all of your videosAnd I want you to come at 63 Martel Avenue and him is in America I wish you can be next to me and I right away can you come with you and Charlie and Charlie sister and can you ask Charlie talk with her sister about her music fashion make

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  • Úsame de botón de: hablo español Jajajajjajaj no soy gringa

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  • Who’s watching this in 2020 👎

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  • Hi hope u having a wonderful days what if we try to preston 😊 good job and thanks for ur hard work

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  • :o

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  • Please give me an custom I phone 11 I know I’m from England

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  • Look at Leo’s face lol 3:17

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  • Lucas be like 👁👄👁

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  • she pretty

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  • I really like it and I like Addison Rae and Charle Demilio

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  • MrBeast? No! Mr BEE

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  • How are you so good at drawing

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  • 14:33 look at the banana

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  • What is with that design with addison rae

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  • ZHC: Untapes The Car Everyone: Ooh Satisfying Addison: cries Lucas: banana Hotel: trivago

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  • love your vids

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  • Them playing with the watermelon me 😠😤

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  • Omg u deserve so many more subscribers ur so kind omg!!!

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  • You guys are so talented

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  • yes cry yes

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  • My mans diagnosed with stage four simpitus

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  • Cuteee

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  • Pineapple pizza is my favorite pizza so I’m OFFENDED

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  • I have been subbed since he had 600k subs, and I have never won, see, this is how hard it is to win a give away.

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  • How many times has Addison said “Y’ALL”

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  • Coooooool

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  • Wow it's so pretty I love it ahhh

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  • Your ar best

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  • Them when it gets smudged: oh it got smudged. Me: 😭 😭 😭

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  • Hi

  • Hey ZHC i dont care abt wining give aways what matters is you doing what u do by helping hospitals etc. By your talent and art and that takes money to do. Hence i really appreciate it and if you ever see my name selected in a give away please i dont need the giveaway instead i would like you to pawn it and give the money to some needy people or feed them a couple of meals if possible. Cause these things are priceless and will make you and me feel very good abt ourselves. Regards NJ

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  • This channel is so overrated

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  • Can you please do something for Charli

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  • Onde esse povo arruma tanto dinheiro? Pq genteee,eu queria, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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  • I want to Charlie and Addison in Barbados

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  • *banana*

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  • ZHC = 👑✔✅➕

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  • That’s Addisons dream car it sould be a Tesla

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  • Michelle is so sweet 🥺💗

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  • ZHC is David Dobrik V2

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  • 14:33

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  • Don't you think it's better to give the jeep to someone who needs it and not addison?

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  • I dare u to makeover ur phone...(likeeee it) ⬇️

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  • U r so talented,i love all ur vid,i wanna dare u to makeover ur phone

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  • Cool. Your videos are good.

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  • Hi I sub how to win

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  • What happened to addison she didnt post in tiktok for a long time :(

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    • She just took a break from the social networks.

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  • i sub bcuz of the asmr

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  • Addison: squeals for getting a Jeep Me: OmG I GoT a DoLl I Am SoOoO HaPpY!!!!

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  • Hi wish I had one

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  • Wow

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  • i love zhc intro

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  • Me be like nah I don’t want the car I want the stuff in it. Everyone else: I want the carrrrrrr

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  • Just finished some custom shoes should I put on a cover coating

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  • 13:32 wait that’s a illegal

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  • Brain thorley

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  • Do Preston plays and loserfruit

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  • Mine address is 1509 Draper playing with Play-Doh and I live in Utah

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  • I wonder if the drawin will be gone if it rains ???

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  • Shirt Witt

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  • hi man im aashrit from INDIA

  • This is how many times adison said ya,ll 👇

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  • When he takes his shirt off but he aint have abs 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Can you give me a car too, you only must drive 15000 Kilometers!!!

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  • Muncie mishel zhc leo

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  • I love your video

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  • But how will she like it if it has Texta and spray paint all over it

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  • I dear you to feed 60 homeless parsons This is challenging

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Surprising Addison Rae With A Custom Car!! 🚘 🚗 ft. Tik Tok | ZHC