Superheroes at a Water Park / 11 Ways to Sneak Snacks into the Water Park!

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Watch in our new video - superheroes in the water park! And of course they didn't forget to bring their favorite food with them. But how did they manage to get her through security?
Tobu - Return To The Wild.
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  • Your video a so stupid

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  • Ha ha cats are funny

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  • Aquaman shouldn't have touch the girl without permission when she thought there was nobody in the pool cuz that would just be rude

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  • I love super heroes

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  • The armor armor is plastic-.-

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  • does someone know how you get the emojis for your comments this is not for troom troom

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  • For a sec I thought you were going to say arm pit

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  • I Love tis ved

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    • I love tis vedéo

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  • Hi Troom Troom! Your Videos Are Very Entertaining! :-)

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    • 1. wHaT tHe HeLl U sAyInG? 2. iT iS mY oPiNiOn! 3. WhY cAnT u ReSpEcT tHaT?

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    • no if its his watter park why he eating there then

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  • Wait, its illegal to bring snacks in a water park? *so my whole life was a crime?*

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    • I do what I do I can say a lot of random stuff if I want to

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  • i like the gun

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  • Hi! This video is so funny!🤣😂. I love it!

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  • I already knew that his shield came back cuz I watched the movie Captain America and I saw his shield come back so when he threw a shield I knew right away and she was going to come back like zoom 😏🌈🐻

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  • I have the same mikerphone the gold wun

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  • If I were in that video I would be Catwoman and I love your videos so much

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  • I’ve been to 5 different water parks 13 times and all of them allows food and it never inspects you and takes your food. This video is so wrong 🤦🏽‍♀️ (no hate it is just the truth to me)

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  • Ewwwwwwww ewwwwww ewwww he went through the toilet

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    • i hope there was poop in that toilet

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    • poop is funny

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  • I do what I do I can say a lot of random stuff if I want to

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    • That's not real at all you're just making it up

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  • A mermaid boy I don’t believe I don’t believe This mermaids are not real it’s just like a picture of a mermaid a Cardboard I don’t believe mermaids are not real guys how do you guys do that like mermaid are here but mermaid or not real okay I just believe that they are you because Mermaidsis unicorns monsters vampires I’m not real

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  • this is so corney lol the super heros lameee cat womon has a mask not a real cat nose haaaaaaaa

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  • So cat woman never takes a shower right?????????????

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  • I love troom troom

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Superheroes at a Water Park / 11 Ways to Sneak Snacks into the Water Park!