Stephen A. loves the Kobe-inspired changes to the NBA All-Star Game format | First Take

2020 NBA All-Star Game highlights:
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Doris Burke react to the 2020 NBA All-Star Game and delight in the ways that the new format honored Kobe Bryant's competitive spirit.
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  • NFL.... Take notes

    Kelly MooreKelly MooreVor 22 Tage
  • Request for Doris Burke to be on the show more.

    isiah saylorisiah saylorVor 27 Tage
  • The panal of judges for the slam dunk contest should be only former slam dunk contest participants and slam dunk contest winners.

    Eric SparksEric SparksVor Monat
  • 2:58 go ahead max! Haha he put molly in her place

    Emily AnEmily AnVor Monat
  • Molly: Breathes Stephen A: GO AHEAD MAX!!!

    fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhhVor Monat
  • Max's kids' teacher: "Sir your children aren't doing their homework" Max:" they will when IT MATTERS MOST, FATE OF THE UNIVERSE ON THE LINE"

    soinhu foitusoinhu foituVor Monat
  • Stephen did something we all wanna do to Molly lol. 2:55. Thank u

    Cubbie BlueCubbie BlueVor Monat
    • Dorris is the smartest woman in sports, gotta love her

      Emily AnEmily AnVor Monat
  • Very nice video...Great :)?

    Ailsa NiAilsa NiVor Monat
    • Anthony Davis AND Lebron all defending Giannis at the same time - that had to be a picture for the ages OMG!!!

      soinhu foitusoinhu foituVor Monat
  • Kobe would’ve loved this format. He would’ve tried to win every quarter. Man he would’ve loved to be able to draft his own all star team too. Man

    Joseph PaeJoseph PaeVor Monat
  • That cute little goofy grin on Doris's face at 4:41 just makes her look more fuckable than normal.

    beanie0112beanie0112Vor Monat
  • This could have been the best NBA All Star ever, thanks for that robbery in the Slam dunk contest.

    Deep hugDeep hugVor Monat
    • Fire Molly Thanks

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiVor Monat

    Joel VegaJoel VegaVor Monat
  • Dorris Burke can get it

    big daddy budenbig daddy budenVor Monat
  • The Allstar game was the best snd most competive game this season. Not just ugly 3 pointers. Defense and competition arebetter to watch. It looked like the competiv hard games, like in the 80s 90s.

    Ibrahim ZenginIbrahim ZenginVor Monat
    • Kobe bryant definitely left his mark on this game from above. From the MVP award name to the Mamba mentality for everyone Play every game likes its your last because you j

      Deep hugDeep hugVor Monat
  • they followed their leaders? not one person on the All Star team treated the team captain as a leader, stop hyping and giving credit to lerbron for such ridiculous claims. none of them followed suit, they would have played hard regardless if lebron or Giannis didnt take it serious. the captains are literally just popularity contests. Stop

    JoshJonesJr1JoshJonesJr1Vor Monat
  • Molly sucks and not because she's a women but because shes stupid and brings nothing to the conversation

    Alcoholic WeedSmokerAlcoholic WeedSmokerVor Monat
  • 2:57 is the best part

    Mamba Mentality RIP KOBEMamba Mentality RIP KOBEVor Monat
  • Cp3

    Chris PaulChris PaulVor Monat
  • I didn't catch it until I just read it!!! That was cold!!! HAHAHAHA LMAO!

    Lewis CalvinLewis CalvinVor Monat
  • NFL and NHL taking notes

    mike vincentmike vincentVor Monat
  • Dorris is the smartest woman in sports, gotta love her

    frankEfrankEVor Monat
  • g o a h e a d m a x

    My Fire FlyerMy Fire FlyerVor Monat
  • THAT, was a helluva game, Definitely the 4th quarter. I was going out of my mind. And so were people around me in a sports bar, in Orange, California. It was wicked - WOW it was so great!!! Kawhi deserved the Inaugural Kobe B. Bryant ASG MVP Trophy. The block by Giannis on Lebron at the glass in the 4th quarter was epic! I loved seeing Kawhi, Anthony Davis AND Lebron all defending Giannis at the same time - that had to be a picture for the ages OMG!!!

    ocnealocnealVor Monat
  • Nba sucks

    Sir RonaldSir RonaldVor Monat
  • Doris has such a beautiful basketball mind

    wikedwunwikedwunVor Monat
  • Fire Molly Thanks

    Darth DullaDarth DullaVor Monat
  • 🤣😂😭😆 The 2:57 marker was the best thing from this segment. Molly’s facial reaction was priceless. Thank you Stephen A

    Rick DaRulaRick DaRulaVor Monat
  • That was the greatest All Star game 4th quarter I ever saw in my life time. Great game. Hopefully this All Star game effort continues.

    trey treytrey treyVor Monat
  • make it win by 2

    godsquadgodsquadVor Monat
  • Kobe bryant definitely left his mark on this game from above. From the MVP award name to the Mamba mentality for everyone Play every game likes its your last because you just dont know when your time will come.

    RickyTy1RickyTy1Vor Monat
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    李善德李善德Vor Monat
  • We Love The Great Doris Burke

    Les davis jrLes davis jrVor Monat
  • *The guys on the right of the thumbnail tho!!!🍑🍆😉🤤🎂*

    Kaityln MooreKaityln MooreVor Monat
  • 😂😂😂😅😂😂😂

    Relly HallRelly HallVor Monat
  • Oof. Doris and Molly on the same screen

    J GJ GVor Monat
  • 1:43 really? What NBA is she talking about? NBA has been an inconsistent mess since 1993.

    MichiganJackMichiganJackVor Monat
  • Chris Paul was the Real MVP

    Jay BelafonteJay BelafonteVor Monat
  • The Comment section does molly wrong...

    Danial MuhammadDanial MuhammadVor Monat

    K Fam AdventuresK Fam AdventuresVor Monat
  • This man is funny as heck ! 😂😂😂😂😂 hilarious ! You guys should check out my first video !

    CHRIS The ActorCHRIS The ActorVor Monat
  • It has to be able to end on a free throw. Ik its not entertaining but y’all rnt thinking. If it’s not ending on a free throw then anytime giannis or someone gets down low they r get hacked by flagrant fouls

    Brendan L.Brendan L.Vor Monat
  • The greatest way to honor Kobe 🏀🏀🏀

    The Failed OneThe Failed OneVor Monat
  • Now they need to play every quarter the way they played the 4th then it will be perfect.

    O AO AVor Monat
  • Best all star game since 20013 in my opinion

    Troy AddictTroy AddictVor Monat
  • Other leagues don’t care about the all star game,mlb has the homerun derby nfl he can’t have a real all star game for physicality purposes same with hockey

    lance garrisonlance garrisonVor Monat
  • Hopefully, this new format is here to stay, permanently.

    That One Commenter You're Always FindingThat One Commenter You're Always FindingVor Monat
  • The only good cop is a dead cop.

    CNY GolfCNY GolfVor Monat
  • Shut up molly

    jhk0428jhk0428Vor Monat
  • Molly - it felt like ... Stephen A - GO AHEAD MAX 😂😂😂

    ZeeZee TOPICZeeZee TOPICVor Monat
  • How about a white performer for once? Maybe a white performer who knows how to sing the national anthem correctly? There are white fans that watch nba also. But I guess it’s all black or your a racist in today’s world.

    BigDaddyCool42BigDaddyCool42Vor Monat
  • Hello, Humans. "The more attention you pay an enemy, the stronger you make him. Be attentive, but don't be paranoiac." -Paulo Coelho TERRANCE OUT

    Tramaine TerranceTramaine TerranceVor Monat
  • Rest good black mamba and mini mamba ✊🏽

    pacer451 -pacer451 -Vor Monat
  • Dang, Max needs to cut his hair.

    That One Commenter You're Always FindingThat One Commenter You're Always FindingVor Monat
  • the flip side to molly is this lady...yes yes yes molly time again. if i call her kale on the side of a plate of food i could get metoo’d so i will just say shes like a linen napkin at a Fancy restaurrant

    ell geeeell geeeVor Monat
  • They should make free throws decrease the opponent score, so that the game would necessary end with a field goal.

    ☯ mazewaxie ☯☯ mazewaxie ☯Vor Monat
  • I know why y’all here

    ThaTruth223ThaTruth223Vor Monat

    KilecrafKilecrafVor Monat
  • Doris: If they see a problem with their league, they will fix it. Me: why can't they fix 2k then?

    xXFatmanForeverXxxXFatmanForeverXxVor Monat
  • Love dorisssssssSSSSSSHHHH Burke🤣 so many SSSSSSSHHHHHHH.

    Juzelle JardinJuzelle JardinVor Monat
  • If a player shoots a free throw it should take away the other team’s points so it wont end on a freeethrow

    OreoMaskOreoMaskVor Monat
  • Should be that free throws remove a point from the other team

    Jamie StealJamie StealVor Monat
  • Kobe finished his career with free throw, just like this all star game ended :)

    Žinoma NežinomybėŽinoma NežinomybėVor Monat
  • Giannis in the thumbnail looking like A Boogie With Da Hoodie

    stryfetc1stryfetc1Vor Monat
  • Max “When it matters most” Kellermen

    ElikaakileElikaakileVor Monat
  • Nice suggestion SAS it shouldn't end in a free throw but what a game tho it was 🔥🔥🔥

    dariel codillandariel codillanVor Monat
  • Doris Burke is a beast 💯 btw all of y’all need to be like Stephan a and cut molly off w ease and swiftness 👍🏾

    TheNewKGTheNewKGVor Monat
  • Just fix the free throw ending issue & the no time outs rule. There is no reason why these men are running up and down for such a long time with no subs. That can result in injury.

    LadyA1 ALLDAYLadyA1 ALLDAYVor Monat
  • Nobody is debating that it was a great game and that the format worked - Max Kellerman Whiney old Skip Bayless- am I a joke to you?

    Arnav JoshiArnav JoshiVor Monat
  • Swap molly with doris... please

    Rob ColmanRob ColmanVor Monat
  • Get rid of Max and keep Doris

    Comic ChatComic ChatVor Monat
Stephen A. loves the Kobe-inspired changes to the NBA All-Star Game format | First Take