Stephen A "heated" Los Angeles Lakers destroy Denver Nuggets Game1: No Chances For Nuggets In Series

Stephen A "heated" Los Angeles Lakers destroy Denver Nuggets Game1: No Chances For Nuggets In Series
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  • this channel is now blocked!!!

    In-VisionIn-VisionVor Monat
  • People are so in love in Lakers that no one sees how refs are favorizing them... it's like with Real Madrid in soccer... It is so pathetic..

    MarkuciusMarkuciusVor Monat
  • My team, the best king 🤴 James, stop hating, all u all

    Denzil GittensDenzil GittensVor Monat
  • Once people start realizing a person can be a great player without being a great shooter. Go Rondo!!

    Larry DebrewLarry DebrewVor Monat
  • AD with a Prince of Persia get-up 😅👌💯

    NinjaCool ni EndSource GamingNinjaCool ni EndSource GamingVor Monat
  • I was very happy they got the first win but here's the deal these Denver nuggets man they come out of nowhere but I know the Lakers can beat these guys but there's a little if... But of course I'm going Lakers all the way baby

    Vick LeBlancVick LeBlancVor Monat
  • Who uploaded this shit in 360p?!?

    Two Tail Wags MediaTwo Tail Wags MediaVor Monat

    KRS AfoaKRS AfoaVor Monat
  • I miss the young core. I want Lonzo and Ingram! We didn't draft these guys

    j jonesj jonesVor Monat
  • Imagine if AD was like “man fuck that, i should have won MVP”

    Denzel WilkschDenzel WilkschVor Monat
  • Not surprised like come on don't get me wrong nuggets is a great team but clippers is a better and more physical matchup for the Lakers period.

    Dillinger 91Dillinger 91Vor Monat
  • Shuffle them puppies

    Gordon GilbertGordon GilbertVor Monat
  • As a super lebron fan i dont think lebron was the clear cut mvp this year giannis upped his stats got more wins and had the #1 team thats good enough for me. realistically the only time i ever complained about regular season award it was the 2013 mvp vote the heat had best record best team best player it was a easy vote....but 1 person picked Carmelo and the guy that picked melo was also a resident of NYC so lebron wasn't the 1st unanimous mvp but that was fine atleast it was Carmelo best season overall...also lebron not winning DPOY in 2013 is what really bothers me still today marc gasol made 2nd team but won the award that made no sense what so ever only thing i can they say is they didnt want lebron to win every major award that year

    Cody JohnsCody JohnsVor Monat
  • The fresh prince of Persia

    kaiserHD BooikaiserHD BooiVor Monat
  • Lebron got carried once again. And as a Kawhi fan I promise you Denver are right where they wanna be. This is nothing for them.

    Savage GamerSavage GamerVor Monat
  • Lakers in 4

    Anthony DelgadoAnthony DelgadoVor Monat
  • U know who carries the team when lebron scoree below 20 and they still won by double digits

    Bao TranBao TranVor Monat
    • Qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq1qqq11q11111111111qq

      Vali ValVali ValVor Monat
  • Chanting for LBJ and the Lakers but don’t get too complacent. No lead is safe in the 3-point era until you have a 4-0 lead. Stay locked in. Huge kudos to Dwight - he was a monster.

    Gezza 77Gezza 77Vor Monat
  • Nuggets should put Bol on AD just to bother him, and add some size on the floor.

    A LoveA LoveVor Monat
  • Get that ring AD 🏆 💍

    (ಠ_ಠ)(ಠ_ಠ)Vor Monat
  • Destroy you know it's just a basketball game right but I forgot you're a fanboy

    Mr BOOMMr BOOMVor Monat
  • Kendrick didn't hold back! Lol

    Copacetic ProductionzCopacetic ProductionzVor Monat
  • Clickbait

    kreed82kreed82Vor Monat
  • If you take LeBron off your team you’re just like any other team you won’t even be in the western finals

    JCanalesJCanalesVor Monat
    • Flippers fans?

      Sugit HSugit HVor Monat
  • FAKE TITLE....Stephen A.`s y-dat rant!!!! This is just for views!!!

    telenovelasLatintelenovelasLatinVor Monat

    Private NumberPrivate NumberVor Monat
  • This show is kind of racist, Max is the only one that they jump on and talk s**t about, like they gang up on him talk s**t as much as they can, it's pretty racist they only go after the white guy on the show.

    Sean AvilaSean AvilaVor Monat
  • Saddens my heart neither Lebron nor AD won MVP - Defensive player of year

    Peter WaweruPeter WaweruVor Monat
  • if Davis keeps being dominating like this with help from the supporting cast. Lebron and Lakers will easily win this series.

    bigballerju07bigballerju07Vor Monat
  • Let's expose the names of those - i d i o t s - who voted against LeBron James...just for the record.

    Dan TDan TVor Monat
    • They will do him that right through, because they afraid he will be better than Jordan

      Denzil GittensDenzil GittensVor Monat
    • Nenad Milovanovic - you’re just another LeBron hater. LeBron gets enough hate just because he’s amazing, and his stats backs him up.

      Adolph DooleyAdolph DooleyVor Monat
    • Better vote for Giannis then the guy who love to talk to judges and cry a rive wan be like Mike stf

      Nenad MilovanovicNenad MilovanovicVor Monat
    • Dan T - MJ lovers just don’t want LBJ to look any more amazing than he is.

      Adolph DooleyAdolph DooleyVor Monat
  • Ad unstoppable MVP mode

    Alejandro rubionAlejandro rubionVor Monat
  • Its 2020 I wouldn't be surprised if the Miami Heat wins the Championship

    I CarterI CarterVor Monat
  • Lakers in 5

    Bryan WongBryan WongVor Monat
  • I expect Jokic to play more on the perimeter like he did on the Clippers to open him up for some 3 point shots

    Tristan SavageTristan SavageVor Monat
    • @Tristan Savage I like the nuggets too because they fun to watch I have felt in love with the jokers game lol the showing in the playoffs he is the best C in the nba. This team just has earned my respect for how hard they fight every game they don't go away they have been so scrappy in these playoffs and have proven that they can catch anyone sleeping lol.

      Tadeo KrzosTadeo KrzosVor Monat
    • @Tristan Savage very true they played LeBron well gotta give them props for doing that those last mins but didn't have answers for AD in the second half the nuggets did go to quick on that possession too they only came from securing a rebound away of stealing that game. What shot by AD mamba mentality.

      Tadeo KrzosTadeo KrzosVor Monat
    • @Tadeo Krzos im going for the Lakers to win the whole thing but I have become a Denver fan after they keep fighting.. It is hard to beat a team that isn't afraid to put it all on the court. They young and have plenty of years ahead of them.

      Tristan SavageTristan SavageVor Monat
    • was a good game.. Lebron aired ball his 3 and slipped before turning the ball over. I was hoping Denver could pull it off. Kind of felt like they shot to quickly. Dozier missed 4 straight 4 throws.. I was amazed with the AD 3 pointer.. Kobe was in the building tonight

      Tristan SavageTristan SavageVor Monat
    • @Tristan Savage if only the nuggets would have secured that rebound lol but Damm what a shot by AD hugeee shot by him what a freaking half by him jokic made clutch shots after clutch and AD did the same as well in the end he got to hit the last big punch Damm what a game. This nuggets team don't go away man big respect to them.

      Tadeo KrzosTadeo KrzosVor Monat
  • Stephen A. is correct MAX is lucky they allow him to talk about BASKETBALL!!!!

    K13K13Vor Monat
  • Straight up facts.

    Racquel WelchRacquel WelchVor Monat
  • Great win for the Lakers but come on now.. REFS had to have gotten paid extra for doing the "extra" work putting Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic Denvers top players in foul trouble early. Cant wait to see game 2. "Cake walk series" living up to being said thus far.

    J AsuncionJ AsuncionVor Monat
    • They fouled

      Chilano PardoChilano PardoVor Monat
  • Someone tell AD he had 40 and 10 .... i get it bron has all his teammates on his dick but let's be clear Lakers without AD wouldn't even beat a G-League team

    1010 101010 10Vor Monat
  • Waited 6 years for Lakers to be in playoffs. Lakers forever.

    krishna teja Ratnakaramkrishna teja RatnakaramVor Monat
    • When lebron leaves lakers a lottery team again

      just thisguyjust thisguyVor Monat
    • This is our year! Lets get it!

      Purple& GoldPurple& GoldVor Monat
  • All the smoke💨

    Jett Blaq jidahJett Blaq jidahVor Monat
  • Nuggets needs to adjust those cuts that they are used to be getting from the clippers defense will not be constantly available against the lakers.

    DVelasquezDVelasquezVor Monat

    Derrick JohnsonDerrick JohnsonVor Monat

    Derrick JohnsonDerrick JohnsonVor Monat
    • @Purple& Gold Why you send that to me? I'm not complaining. The refs didn't do nothing wrong last night. In fact the Lakers had more fouls than the Nuggets. Plus I was getting pissed cuz the Lakers kept clankin freethrows in that 2nd quarter. They should've been up by like 30 at halftime but they missed like 8 freethrows in the 2nd.

      samuel gaineysamuel gaineyVor Monat
    • Dumb comment. Well get used to the refs calling fouls cuz the Lakers gonna live in the paint all series long.

      samuel gaineysamuel gaineyVor Monat
    • @TheBg29st there was more than one foul that the refs should have called on joker... He got lucky he wasn't fouled out in the third quarter...

      Purple& GoldPurple& GoldVor Monat
    • What game were you watching? 🤣 The way the Lakers were attacking the paint and defending Murray and Joker was frustrating them. Frustration leads to stupid fouls and Murray and Joker had plenty of those. If you think the refs gave the Lakers this game, you need to go back and rewatch this game. The Lakers veteran ship and their focus is what will win this series for them. The nuggets are just happy to be here in the western conference finals. They were celebrating like they won a championship after beating the Clippers 🤣. Laker won't celebrate until they win it all!

      Purple& GoldPurple& GoldVor Monat
    • Name a foul that wasn’t warranted? I can name a foul that wasn’t called for joker that would have gave him 5 but continue

      TheBg29stTheBg29stVor Monat
  • AD lookin like a Dirt Rider with the pull-up face mask around his neck and the Helmut Rag on his head. So many years in Glamis for me just like that.

    MrDrago1954MrDrago1954Vor Monat
  • AD stay with the Lakers please

    The JokerThe JokerVor Monat
  • Stephen a Smith then got so comfortable on first take that his takes has become Cold takes Mean while Kendrick Perkins got them 500° takes

    James JonesJames JonesVor Monat
  • STEPHEN A SPOKE NOTHING BUT FACTS BEFORE THE GAME!!! Davis has a field day!!!! IM GONE MISS BRON WHEN HE RETIRE!!! It’s not going to be the same

  • The nuggets wrong place at the wrong time.

    Carlyle CampbellCarlyle CampbellVor Monat
    • Best comment Award🏅🏅

      John MitchellJohn MitchellVor Monat
  • Breaking news, LeBron James might become the only player in NBA history to win Championship in the East the West and the bubble, The 2020 NBA Bubble, also referred to as the Disney Bubble or Orlando Bubble, is the isolation zone at Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando, that was created by the National Basketball Association (NBA) to protect its players from the COVID-19 pandemic during the final eight games of the 2019-20 regular season and throughout the 2020 NBA playoffs. Twenty-two out of the 30 NBA teams were invited to participate, with games being held behind closed doors at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and the teams staying at Disney World hotels.that greatness. For LeBron James

    Tyrone TylerTyrone TylerVor Monat
    • @Tyrone Tyler It people like you that make being a fan of the lakers and Lebron hard because you sound dumb asf right now

      Get BentGet BentVor Monat
    • Get Bent stop it hater. Danny not the Leader, king 🤴 James is. Without king James, you knew what will happen.

      Tyrone TylerTyrone TylerVor Monat
    • @Tyrone Tyler Danny green already has a ring in both East and west

      Get BentGet BentVor Monat
    • James Mario don’t reply you is damn LeBron James hater.

      Tyrone TylerTyrone TylerVor Monat
    • Only player? This is a 12 man team

      James MarioJames MarioVor Monat
  • Denver got Lakers exactly where they want. Lol

    Jay MufasaJay MufasaVor Monat
  • Denver got lots of foul calls in the 2nd coz they cant stop every laker attacks on the paint, they ended up fouling on every play. Lakers in 4 👌

    RCN TVRCN TVVor Monat
    • No,they get fauls because judges are get paying for that.

      Zoran CvetkovicZoran CvetkovicVor Monat
  • Refs Put Every Starter on the Nuggets in foul trouble !!! Easy Way to determine a winner !!! 😁👍

    Paul PaulPaul PaulVor Monat
    • @Slavic Union true but also AD had done the same thing on jokic and the refs didn't call it so the refs where kind of bad last night 🤷🏽‍♂️

      Tadeo KrzosTadeo KrzosVor Monat
    • The Nuggets put themselves in foul trouble lol

      Cree MorganCree MorganVor Monat
    • Every starter on the nuggets put themselves in foul trouble, good lesson for game 2 🤣

      Shauntay BShauntay BVor Monat
    • Oh so hacking and blocking fouls shouldn’t be called because it hurt your feeling?

      TheBg29stTheBg29stVor Monat
  • 16 Denver fouls in the second Quarter ..... The Refs are gonna decide the Series !!! Los Angeles vs Heat !!! Los Angeles Wins !!! 🤣 WWE !!

    Paul PaulPaul PaulVor Monat
    • Cry me a river🎼 🎶

      TheBg29stTheBg29stVor Monat
  • I was so happy watching this game!!so happy what my boys did🐐🐐

    Lekkerding PrinsriesLekkerding PrinsriesVor Monat
    • @George Pena 🙄😒😒😒😒

      Lekkerding PrinsriesLekkerding PrinsriesVor Monat
    • Dome Arts the lebron charge

      George PenaGeorge PenaVor Monat
    • George Pena Lakers 28 fouls... Nuggets 26. Wtf are you talking about?

      Dome ArtsDome ArtsVor Monat
    • You was happy the refs were on your side lmao 😂 I would be too shit take the easy way out

      George PenaGeorge PenaVor Monat
    • We are peaking at the right time.

      Gabriel NtshikoseGabriel NtshikoseVor Monat
  • Only time Lakers lost was in the feel out games and they blew out the nuggets this series is over 🧹

    SRTSRTVor Monat
    • @person 1 bruh kobe didn't have anyone on that team wat Lamar Odom come on bruh u having excuses to bring that up

      Matt VelazquezMatt VelazquezVor Monat
    • @person 1 Flippers fans or floppers fans?

      Sugit HSugit HVor Monat
    • @person 1 not the same team so stupid comparison

      SRTSRTVor Monat
    • I'm old enough to remember Kobe and the Lakers blowing a 3-1 lead to Phoenix a few ago. Just saying.

      person 1person 1Vor Monat
    • @person 1 not against the lakers dude,if against the floppers yes 😄

      Sugit HSugit HVor Monat
  • AD looking like he about to fight the Leonidas and the 300 Spartans 😆😆😆

    jerahsassie javierjerahsassie javierVor Monat
    • @Mike James "

      Melvy june balasaMelvy june balasaVor Monat
    • Underrated comment 😂

      George ChijariraGeorge ChijariraVor Monat
    • @Cree Morgan That's funny

      Mike JamesMike JamesVor Monat
    • Damn, that’s a good one 😂😂😂

      Cree MorganCree MorganVor Monat
  • Well...AD, Howard, JM & Morris plus Rondo, CaruShow, KCP, Green & Kuz will give nightmare to Joker & Murray...With that, 2020 MVP trophy given to Giannis, hardly beaten by Heat & choked during playoffs!!!! OMG! How did it happen? This makes "giant" to be "monster" leading to win the Champ trophy. At the end, King Lebron & Team, will make them to win the NBA 2020 Champ trophy! It's a MISSION. a GOAL & an honor for KOBE, coz' of your love, respect to him & the stuff you learned from Kobe, who shown us his Mamba mentality in winning BBall games & be Champ!

    Gas Mags MarceloGas Mags MarceloVor Monat
    • Don't even mention playoffs, it's a regular season award. I also thought Bron should've won it tho.

      Teran IcerTeran IcerVor Monat
  • 8:25 for the title. I disliked this video, purely for the horrible presentation

    HM Free mindHM Free mindVor Monat
    • Maria Concepcion Guanzon I know right? He could’ve at least made it interesting and engaging. Where was the focus?? Lol

      HM Free mindHM Free mindVor Monat
    • He needs longer watch time 😂

      Maria Concepcion GuanzonMaria Concepcion GuanzonVor Monat
  • 1 down 3 more to go..keep it up.guys

    Sugit HSugit HVor Monat
    • Anybody see KCP drop a quiet 18 pts last night. Bron was coasting with 15 pts and 12 assists. His 2nd quarter was a 13 pt bonanza. I thought he was gonna drop 30 but he was enjoying watching AD, Kuzma, Markieff, Green, hell the whole team have their way.

      samuel gaineysamuel gaineyVor Monat
    • Lakers bout to continue the beating on Sunday. Got hungry roll players who keep showing up

      samuel gaineysamuel gaineyVor Monat
    • @DezTV yupe 1001 %,the throphy for #8-24 & city of LA

      Sugit HSugit HVor Monat
    • Yeah 7 more. Purple&gold

      jerahsassie javierjerahsassie javierVor Monat
    • 7 more bro but one game at a time 💪🏾 champs 2021

      DezTVDezTVVor Monat
  • 🙏🙏💛💙💛💜💛💜

  • 12 points in a 100+ points per team is NOT a Blow out. the game was tight and is just the beginning

    Jose RovirosaJose RovirosaVor Monat
    • Nothing tight about game 1

      Egan-Lloyd HoltonEgan-Lloyd HoltonVor Monat
    • You couldn't have watched the game bruh... Lakers were up 27 in the 3rd... The Nuggets outscored the Lakers in the last 4 minutes when all the starters sat down.. It was total domination from beginning to end.... A blowout

      Egan-Lloyd HoltonEgan-Lloyd HoltonVor Monat
    • Dude what quarter did you just watch? Or maybe you only look the final score. Lol

      the pooh letsthe pooh letsVor Monat
    • @Elijah Payne is game ONE. GAME ONE of 4 out of 7.

      Jose RovirosaJose RovirosaVor Monat
    • Nuggets never stood a chance. We'll see if they can make the adjustments

      Steven CarreonSteven CarreonVor Monat
  • I bet the "Joker" is not laughing right now..

    Rolly BercasioRolly BercasioVor Monat
    • @Zoran Cvetkovic your lucky my King only scored 16 because if he scored in the 2nd half your sorry ass nuggets should been blown out by 50pts...😂😂😂

      Rolly BercasioRolly BercasioVor Monat
    • @Zoran Cvetkovic man up...its not the lakers fault your joker foul too much..there should be no excuses...go cry to your momma.. 😂😂😂

      Rolly BercasioRolly BercasioVor Monat
    • @Rolly Bercasio Excuses?! Rigged judges give Lakers 24 free throws only in one guarter?!?! They give Jokic 2 fauls in 30seconds and also technical faul to Jamal in the same minut?! Judges were shameless just like you.

      Zoran CvetkovicZoran CvetkovicVor Monat
    • @Rolly Bercasio Jokic scored 21 even that he played only like 25 minutes in this rigged match.Your queen scored only 16, so? With fair judges and standard 35+ minutes Jokic wiould be easy over 30-35 points.

      Zoran CvetkovicZoran CvetkovicVor Monat
    • @Vuzmajk i love that nuggets..that is why we eat that nuggets...😂😂😂

      Rolly BercasioRolly BercasioVor Monat
  • Why they always bringing up lebron when they're interviewing Davis ?

    Prentiss BrownPrentiss BrownVor Monat
    • because it's Lebron...and your ass comments about it

      Mario SisinniMario SisinniVor Monat
    • Because he’s the face of the league that’s why! That’s how reporters get a paycheck talking about the best player in the league!

  • AD Dwight Javel and LEBRON Are About To Give That Poor White Boy Joker Nightmares For The Rest Of Life💪🏿😂😂😂😂

    • @Daniel Rouco Facts... I actually didn't even think they were even being foreal lmao.

      Tadeo KrzosTadeo KrzosVor Monat
    • @Daniel Rouco Including Yourself👈🏿😂😂😂😂

      OB LOVEOB LOVEVor Monat
    • OB LOVE 😂😂 I love that this stupid comment sparked a race war again

      Daniel RoucoDaniel RoucoVor Monat
    • @1Lareza1 lol but since when this shit became about race lol I am a fan of basketball and I don't care what color you are as long as you know how to ball smh yea that dirk led team in 2011 was not as good or at least as talented as that heat team that's what I am trying to acknowledge lol. But race had to be brought up into this conversation lol so you mean to tell me Luka don't got the chance to be the best player in this league? Lmao

      Tadeo KrzosTadeo KrzosVor Monat
    • @1Lareza1 but yea it makes it look even worse that dirk was inferior to that miami heat team and the big 3 were still not able to beat him what a shame right? As the favorites I may add..

      Tadeo KrzosTadeo KrzosVor Monat
  • AD look like a Persian warrior.

    San MiguelSan MiguelVor Monat
    • @Slavic Union It's his mono bro 😂😂

      Nunya BiznesNunya BiznesVor Monat
    • San Miguel - lmao 😂

      Adolph DooleyAdolph DooleyVor Monat
    • Alejandro rubion 👍🏽

      San MiguelSan MiguelVor Monat
    • Iron Mike yeah a Genie in Alladin hehe

      San MiguelSan MiguelVor Monat
    • So Cool1 black, white, brown, yellow, green, blue whatever🤪 or else pink lol

      San MiguelSan MiguelVor Monat
  • I am more of a FS1 guy in where I get my sport takes so i am not familiar with that lady in the middle, she fine as hell. Name?

    paopao02420paopao02420Vor Monat
    • Charlie and yes she will make you fall in love damn she beautiful

      Dennis AllenDennis AllenVor Monat
  • If you take away giannis in bucks they win 1 game against the heat, when his on the game they got swept! Thats your MVP! Congrats! No voting system next year, let computer calculate their stats plus wins against weak east

    Dan Joseph RodriguezDan Joseph RodriguezVor Monat
    • Tadeo Krzos the bucks offense was ran better when Giannis wasn’t playing because when he’s playing there just watching and spotting up when Giannis don’t play you got guys driving to the basket moving around more

      JoeJoeVor Monat
    • @Joe bro it is true that middleton plays better when he is alpha but let's not act like he had the chance to take that series to 6 at least and that game 5 was still close even though the bucks were going cold for several possessions but middleton fucked up a lot of times with a lot of bad contested shots and many turnovers when the bucks could have taken the lead and extend it. Dude thought he was KD with the type of shots he was taking ended with 23 points 8-25 shooting bruu with no Giannis and 6 turnovers with or without giannis khris is not a first option let alone barely a second.

      Tadeo KrzosTadeo KrzosVor Monat
    • @Joe which teams?

      Tadeo KrzosTadeo KrzosVor Monat
    • Tadeo Krzos they struggle because the ball doesn’t move Middleton plays better when he’s the alpha and the game Giannis didn’t play were competitive when Giannis played they struggled

      JoeJoeVor Monat
    • DRoyale1 take lebron off any of those teams there barley making the playoffs and getting bounced in the first round that’s why lebron should be the mvp his impact on teams when he doesn’t play they lose when Giannis doesn’t play the bucks still have a winning record

      JoeJoeVor Monat
  • What is the meaning of this thing you call "heated"? I see every day and don't understand meaning. Is it some kind of stupid thing? Lol

    yeeluvspizzayeeluvspizzaVor Monat
    • As well as intense as well as angry. Example when two people yelling and cursing at each other when disagreeing in a conversation. Or when u angry about something you can say that u heated

      YIMAYIMAVor Monat
    • Heated usually mean very excited or angry!

      MrXmagerMrXmagerVor Monat
  • refs pulled hard with LA , joker got 3 fouls in first half...

    vadergrdvadergrdVor Monat
    • Egan-Lloyd Holton wow but when they win you'll say Nuggets on fire. Dont underestimate us. Dont use that excuse. Everybody knows the grind on playoffs and they must be ready. As what kuzma said dont play your food. Finish it early.

      Jc VasalloJc VasalloVor Monat
    • Bro they played 2 consecutive 7 game series... They are emotionally depleted and add the fact that the Joker was hackin all night and u goin see fouls all night

      Egan-Lloyd HoltonEgan-Lloyd HoltonVor Monat
    • vadergrd i get you with that. But they are young team. He supposed to have energy after 2 days rest. Unlike the lakers the older veteran team. Thats the perk of finishing the series early. Dont make it an excuse bcause this is playoffs bro. Dont you remeber when 2018 bron play all games took boston to game 7 by himself and game 1 in the finals he finished wd 51 points to only lose to 4 superstar gsw. Did someone says he is old or drained after the game7 series wd boston. No insted he was still bashed bc they loose.

      Jc VasalloJc VasalloVor Monat
    • Joker is the epitome of white guy can't jump joke. He is good against smaller opponent like trez, KL or slower opponent like gobert. But against AD and DHoward he is nothing. Cannot move, very slow that is why he needs to foul.

      the pooh letsthe pooh letsVor Monat
    • @Jc Vasallo denver is also drained after 2 7 series

      vadergrdvadergrdVor Monat
  • Second

    Ogbuiyi IfeanyiOgbuiyi IfeanyiVor Monat
Stephen A "heated" Los Angeles Lakers destroy Denver Nuggets Game1: No Chances For Nuggets In Series