Spending 2,000 Arcade Tickets at the Prize Locker!

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Today I'm in Walt Disney World Florida at the Swan and Dolphin hotel. This place has an arcade so I had to check it out and play some arcade games and claw machines! The goal for today is to win 2,000 arcade tickets so I can get the prizes that I want from the Prize Hub vending machine!
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  • You didn't drink mountain dew

  • You got fat stacks of tickets

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  • Once I beat stacker first try... major ticket level

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  • Nice video youre always one of my favorite youtuber

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  • You know thres a arcade here. Cold. Timezone

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  • I thought they banned prizes at Disney

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  • On Tuesday we went to mr. Gatti's as a family and I got the drop Bonus Ball and extreme monster jackpot ask the boys fault we're going is how I got the extreme jackpot on my first try event I was surprised

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  • This arcade is quite big and it also has good games in there.

    anh vuanh vuVor Monat
  • This arcade is quite big and it also has good games in there.

    anh vuanh vuVor Monat
  • I have never seen that Pac Man basketball game before, would have been cool if the balls were made to look like Pac Mans (Pac Men?) I have a bunch of those squishmallow plushes that I won from carnival games a couple years ago, they are some of my favourite plush.

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  • Go to laser storm laser tag! There's a mini arcade for while you wait to play the laser tag

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  • Hello arcade Warrior here is a joke when did the noob get tickets he didint because he is a noob :D please reply if you do I’m going to freak out

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Spending 2,000 Arcade Tickets at the Prize Locker!