SML Movie: Pregnant Jeffy!

Jeffy gets pregnant!

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  • Go watch the behind the scenes:

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  • It Is so funny when hairy said aaaaa spit on my pregnet natior dadyy

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  • 2:07 WTF

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  • Hahahaha 11:50 check it out

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  • Where did you get the rick and morty portal gun

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  • i would name my son marcus

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  • Bro this is funny yo

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  • I don't know won't Mario and I hate then

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  • sml idea codys date but the person is a girl

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  • Codweeb

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  • Sml Idea evil Harry

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  • .

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  • Ass face

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  • Jeffy come with me to to the stairs

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  • if i had a baby the name would be bella or liam

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  • 1:53 cody's ken doll is in the background in this scene

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  • Did anyone else predicted that they’ll say nah has soon has they looked at their toys

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  • When's the human puppet Bowser Jr and friends back to life) if I had a baby what would I name it? I'll name it Timothy

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  • i would name him lucas

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  • I would name my child Boy: Jake Girl: Alice

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  • I Love the part were jeffy gets pregnant 😆

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  • mykee

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  • Remember the video Jeffy’s kids, one of his kids is named Jeffy Jr.

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  • only OG guys remember bbb baby machine

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  • Hourly like Haley

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  • I want to be like Haley

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  • I don't like Junior why did Ginger even think about having a baby Junior's the dumb one and Junior's cry isn't unacceptable

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  • Wait who’s test is that😐

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  • Based on true story

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  • 5:47 tho

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  • There terrible parents

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  • Pepe

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  • Still but I hate that this is the

  • I love your Chanel your the best DE-visionsr ever

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  • EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Tank you

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  • Teen girls nowdays are like this

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    • Ok?

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  • Rosalina; Mario what the Mario;Jeff’s

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  • Id name my kid either rohan or sidney (Depending on gender)

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  • I like your DE-visions videos is the best DE-visions or ever

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  • I love your vids🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • during watching this video the ad about the iphone 12 "im having a baby" showed up

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  • Penus

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  • gayists

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  • I want you to make a part two of Jeffy and juniors baby so yeah and I sobcribe to you and I'm the biggest fan of you my favorite puppet is Jeffy and junior they make me laugh a lot so yeah and my name is daisy Altamirano so yeah bye it

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  • Jeffy puppet video you tube

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  • :1 :2 :3 :4 :5 :6 :7 :8 :9 :0

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  • amp

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    • Utate

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  • Superpowers 3 >:(

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  • Lol. This. Is so. Funnnnnnnyyyyyy

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  • Just because Jeffy wipes boogers on the couch doesn't mean he's not the father

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  • I knew Jeffy Junior hated green beans because Jeffy hates them Chef Peepee might get angry at him for throwing the plate

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  • Yeah I got to go to be playing with y’all can’t be in El Indio at Thomas

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  • So uhh do you sell them to germany?

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  • now its 5 years old

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  • 00:10-00:20-00:53-01:05

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  • Shawn boy name girl name Isabel

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  • What

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  • Why didn't you get Codys b-b-b baby machine

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  • 0:17 0:18 I can’t stop laughing

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  • Because my name us madelin. That matches with mayin

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  • I wode name my baby poopy butt nah just jokeing i well name it mayein

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  • Hmmm diarrhea

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  • i whould name it Charles

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  • The boogers I think are paint

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  • Sml idea mario new style

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  • Do Jeffy beats his father

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  • 113♡

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SML Movie: Pregnant Jeffy!