Sierra Canyon 1st Round Playoff Game GETS HEATED!! INSANE Poster Dunk Gets EVERYONE CRAZY HYPE!

Sierra Canyon's first round playoff pool play game against St John Bosco is in the books. The game started off slow in the first half but Sierra Canyon quickly picked up the pace in the second half and ran away with the game including some crowd pleasing highlights in the second half.
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  • Harold yu is afraid of contact and really isn’t that good

    Isaac HouserIsaac HouserVor 3 Tage
  • I ain't watching this game, Lebron paid YT to promo it through anyone watching NBA highlights.. he ain't never gonna be his daddy.. now, fuck off..

    Zz ZZz ZVor 21 Tag
  • This crowd so quiet

    UnderatedPulseUnderatedPulseVor Monat
  • My 8th grade aau squad is better that both squads wth😭

    CSZNCSZNVor Monat
  • Ang bobo mo bronny

    Jericho ReyesJericho ReyesVor Monat
  • Where are they playing

    Ish HartIsh HartVor Monat
  • are they playing with a basketball or a fucking hot potato

    David HumphriesDavid HumphriesVor Monat
  • damn they have a high school version on Yao Ming

    David HumphriesDavid HumphriesVor Monat
  • I can't watch this its so bad.

    Seth MooreSeth MooreVor Monat
  • Guy behind the camera needs to find another job. Just zoom out.

    Tyler ScrogumTyler ScrogumVor Monat
  • The ball doesn't look like regulation

    eliteeliteVor Monat
  • Anyone else felt the ball was to small

    Niyyata SinclairNiyyata SinclairVor Monat
  • Z WADE should get so much more minuets... got kids out here doing junk

    King XfadeKing XfadeVor Monat
  • What happened to Zaire Wade?

    Marvin RhodesMarvin RhodesVor Monat
  • Keep bronny in mans a facilitator

    Wyatt LeathermanWyatt LeathermanVor Monat
  • bro why don’t we ever see z-wade anymore...?

    Evan JeffersonEvan JeffersonVor Monat
  • Queria fala nada n mais, q jogo horrível ksksks

    GabrielPlayGamesGabrielPlayGamesVor Monat
  • Number 23 look like Patrick Mahomes

    Nope SwagbossNope SwagbossVor Monat
  • LB.JR running the offense actually looks clean. I could only imagine the home work his father puts him through. He's going to be a lottery pick forsure.

    RIP KobeRIP KobeVor Monat
  • We’res Zaire?

    Yaniv CohenYaniv CohenVor Monat
  • so many bad shots 😂

    SleepySleepyVor Monat
  • This looks like a rec league game tbh.

    Pure LockdownPure LockdownVor Monat
  • it’s funny how bronny gets less playing time then all of them

    FTW GamingFTW GamingVor Monat
  • How much does Zaire Wade play?

    Brayden DykstraBrayden DykstraVor Monat
  • 2019 spire would of smoked this team

    MosTGOATMosTGOATVor Monat
  • I’m surprised y’all didn’t put bronny in the title

    Johnterrius MorganJohnterrius MorganVor Monat
  • All the bench warmers got in at the end

    Zachary CypressZachary CypressVor Monat
  • I know y’all read the comments 🙄 like I just don’t understand what’s so hard about implementing a scoreboard in the corner so fans can get a sense of how close the game was

    Barry McCahckinerBarry McCahckinerVor Monat
  • Got so dizzy, keep the camera in one spot

    Elo AtunezElo AtunezVor Monat
  • Play Bronny more. Man can pass the ball. And P.S. we want a scoreboard. Great video tho.

    Lil_ Power17Lil_ Power17Vor Monat
  • Where D wade son?

    Pretty ZinoPretty ZinoVor Monat
  • bruh bronny needs to start shooting

    King ChopppaKing ChopppaVor Monat
  • Zaire Williams is overrated. Lacks effort and intensity.

    Marty WardMarty WardVor Monat
    • Idk about that but I do think they looked like a better team before he started playing for them in December

      Jefferyp PreeceJefferyp PreeceVor Monat
  • Is Zaire hurt? Or does he not play for this team anymore?

    Luis TabaresLuis TabaresVor Monat
  • When Bronny hit that growth spurt, and really get to have the ball in his hands, he is going to be on some Penny Hardaway sh!t.

    Nothinbut FactsNothinbut FactsVor Monat
  • I don't think LeBron's son is that good. He's like the eighth best person on his team.

    Jason VoorheesJason VoorheesVor Monat
  • Idk who is better #1 or #3... #1 makes big shots, #3 is a pure shooter/scorer (Mybad I don’t know they names)

    941DRichardson DDR941DRichardson DDRVor Monat
  • talk about butter fingers, nobody could catch a clean ball

    Karly WittenbauerKarly WittenbauerVor Monat
  • I hate to say it, but Bronny does not look like a basketball player.. hes very average.. he wont keep up as he gets older

    chris nychris nyVor Monat
  • Number 20 needs to get subbed in more

    Demario OseitutuDemario OseitutuVor Monat
  • Amare Bailey shoots like diangelo russel

    Demario OseitutuDemario OseitutuVor Monat
  • When bronny ain’t start

    Jaret HeckmanJaret HeckmanVor Monat
  • Where zaire wade?

    Angel LopezAngel LopezVor Monat
  • Predictions: Bronny is going to be a banger like T-mac without the injuries and Bronny, Zaire, BJ Boston are going to be a future big 3.

    the one who woke upthe one who woke upVor Monat
    • Also Bronny is going to be an NBA scoring leader in his career if he decides to be drafted into the NBA.

      the one who woke upthe one who woke upVor Monat
  • College basketball sucks, imagine HS lmfao

    ObsbawnTVObsbawnTVVor Monat
  • No defense and no reffs and the score 10-9 after the first quarter....🤔

    Gary FloresGary FloresVor Monat
  • Were is zaire wade..

    CALI76 a.CALI76 a.Vor Monat
  • #22 on Sierra canyon so fucking sorry like literally he do dumb shit every game

    Busta ParksBusta ParksVor Monat
  • Every video on this channel is labeled "GETS HEATED" yet I've NEVER actually seen anything happen lol!

    RubenRubenVor Monat
  • Why didn’t Zaire play?

    _Cactatortoise __Cactatortoise _Vor Monat
  • That one GTA hack that gets everyone in the game to follow you...

    Ashwin selvakumarAshwin selvakumarVor Monat
  • I wish Bronny did as much scoring as he does when assisting or playing defense

    Abhijith's Super Cool Food ReviewsAbhijith's Super Cool Food ReviewsVor Monat
    • @BigSnow23 I'm not calling him a selfish ball hog, I just like it when he scores

      Abhijith's Super Cool Food ReviewsAbhijith's Super Cool Food ReviewsVor Monat
    • For what? For yall to get on here and call him a selfish ballhog?

      BigSnow23BigSnow23Vor Monat
  • Bruh the other team was fouling hard.

    DesertedbrutakaDesertedbrutakaVor Monat
  • Add an active score board in the video @ballislife

    99rcr99rcrVor Monat
  • 3:02... nice

    Miles FestaMiles FestaVor Monat
  • Both fives aren’t to any use in my opinion ..

    destiny hearddestiny heardVor Monat
  • Do Zaire play??

    TkzayTkzayVor Monat
  • This was a sloppy, terrible, suck game 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Cruz DoomesCruz DoomesVor Monat
  • Where is D Wade's son, bro should have went to another school, he is not getting enough playing time, this is the year he really supposed to shine, he is a senior, coming into this year he was only a 3 star.

    Terry KingTerry KingVor Monat
  • When will josh Christopher’s 2nd round video coming out 😭 need that

    Wolf HaleyWolf HaleyVor Monat
  • Both teams was beating the hell out each other 😂😂😂

  • #5 an idiot being down 20 then staring people down as he fouls them

    dpaulclaredpaulclareVor Monat
  • Ffwd this shit after 2 mins...boring! Horrible edit

    ChiRaqChiRaqVor Monat
  • Get a better location to record from zoomed out or a cameraman who doesn't have Parkinson's please.

    xDWizZzxDWizZzVor Monat
  • that game ugly as hell

    Joao PauloJoao PauloVor Monat
  • If it were to be a Football game Sierra Canyon vs St. John Bosco, Bosco would have destroyed them but in this case it was Basketball GG

    Ghost On MobileGhost On MobileVor Monat
  • Is it just me or is that ball women size very small

    Wavy vicWavy vicVor Monat
  • Algum BR?

    matheuss silvaamatheuss silvaaVor Monat
  • This video sucks bro, of your worst, truly, I can't even finish watching ,.a whole bunch of cutting and editing and replaying . Don't rush just get it right bro.

    Korey ClareKorey ClareVor Monat
  • This is really interesting 🧐

    Xtrends JadaXtrends JadaVor Monat
Sierra Canyon 1st Round Playoff Game GETS HEATED!! INSANE Poster Dunk Gets EVERYONE CRAZY HYPE!