Sharife Cooper With A Double Double In Just His Second Game | Full Highlights | 28 Pts 12 Ast 5 Reb

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  • He seems stuff that you’re like “who tf is he throwing to😩??!” Talent !! This is what you call talent

    caicaiVor 26 Tage
  • He won't be one and done but he will be a first round pick when he does leave school the way he handles the ball makes it looks easy giving me kyire vibes

    Rodney GreenRodney GreenVor 27 Tage

    Greedy TayGreedy TayVor Monat
  • Next great PG. better shooting rondo at this point! If he gets a respectable dribble pull up three pointer or a reliable step back do you guard him....?

    BFHBFHVor Monat
  • and everybody been saying he not gonna score or hes not ready smh

    CloudsCloudsVor Monat
  • so , is it true , he is the 1st 6 star in ncaa history ?

    AuburnEverything JHAuburnEverything JHVor Monat
  • I will no longer slander his game 😐, dude a whole 🪣👍🏽❗️ Fasho Lottery Pick

    MPRChrisMPRChrisVor Monat
  • I forgot that he was in college

    BigpopsBigpopsVor Monat
  • if y'all enjoy reactions over highlights, on my channel I have reacted to this a much more. Come through and support I would appreciate it!

    KeeKeeVor Monat
  • Killed the double team

    Eli kangbatehEli kangbatehVor Monat
  • In 2 games he’s solidied a top 10 draft spot😂

    Lathan PankeyLathan PankeyVor Monat
  • At 7:47 his teammate didn't shake his hand, I think he didn't like that last play when he didn't pass it lol I peeped

    CantrelleCantrelleVor Monat
  • I like cade and jalen suggs and jalen green but ny knicks need this type of pg he is absolutely perfect for what we tryna do

    ZonedOutENTZonedOutENTVor Monat
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    Declan LawfordDeclan LawfordVor Monat
  • Sam Presti is watching

    NinerByNature88NinerByNature88Vor Monat
  • Yoo he cold asf🐐😭👌🏽.

    yt_southsidegpyt_southsidegpVor Monat
  • Yeah we gotta see him improve his shooting

    Traven LeeTraven LeeVor Monat
  • You cannot guard that boy full court no matter what

    MrcoolerthanuuMrcoolerthanuuVor Monat
  • Anyone know why he didn’t play before?

    Curry EmpireCurry EmpireVor Monat
  • Can't wait to see him play LSU against Cam Thomas

    D FlamesD FlamesVor Monat
  • Reminds me of a young Chris Paul, who controls tempo, and pace masterfully. After watching his first game, I didn’t see what the hype was about, but man was I wrong. Being from East Orange, New Jersey, and having played a pickup game with his dad, who should’ve been a pro himself. His pop’s had that same, never get in a hurry, excellent ball control game, and could get around any defender with great hesitation, cross overs, you name it. Sharife’s future is bright, and he will be a future lottery pick.

    UnclRannUnclRannVor Monat
  • Reminds me of AI. Once he works on his jump shot he's going to be deadly.

    eagleman0977eagleman0977Vor Monat
  • Kinda remind me of like Kyrie or AI a little

    JalenJalenVor Monat
  • Look how he controls the pace, they can’t rush him. Also, he is 3 steps ahead of the defense at all times. This guy has a feel you can’t teach.

    Jahard FisherJahard FisherVor Monat
  • Chris Paul 2.0

  • How tall is he ?

    MrGoHAMtvMrGoHAMtvVor Monat
  • His layup 📦 hella different 🚫🧢

    uncle buncle bVor Monat
  • Cooper Too Raw Straight From GA 🔥🔥🔥

    Og BabyLosOg BabyLosVor Monat
  • 1:43 that man was asking for the ball. And instead of going for the easy lay- he gave him some shine. That’s a good heart

    Miss Care AgeMiss Care AgeVor Monat
  • CP3

    Garshaun McCombsGarshaun McCombsVor Monat
  • Only problem is see is that slow ass jumpshot at 6'2"

    Chyko MoneyChyko MoneyVor Monat
  • Lottery Pick with ease and if you think not look at Kemba and CP3

    JaiJaiVor Monat
  • Its a true blessing see him back on the floor! Keep up the good work folk #cooper

    James TaylorJames TaylorVor Monat
  • The numbers he's putting up reminds me of Trae Young. I think he goes top 10.

    Anders RydenAnders RydenVor Monat
  • Auburn is having a losing season and the point guard gets praised. Ok...

    MLCMLCVor Monat
  • True point guard but he’s goin to the D-league.still room for improvement he’s quick but not as fast as I thought and he needs to get stronger.

    Joseph WilliamsJoseph WilliamsVor Monat
  • Besides his bad shot IQ, he reminds a lot of CP3

    Jlatr4738Jlatr4738Vor Monat
  • He gotta fix his shot IQ tho, 9% from 3pt is worrying.

    Jlatr4738Jlatr4738Vor Monat
  • Best pg in the class

    AznjerrickAznjerrickVor Monat
  • Rifes a damn goat! WDE!

    dustin hermandustin hermanVor Monat
  • Excellent vision 👏 love the way he reads the defense. His jumper is suspect tho

    Israel MoyetIsrael MoyetVor Monat
  • They was giving that boy all the calls

    Alex FAlex FVor Monat
  • alot of auburns players were on the same team with rife @ AOT thats why they play so well his dad smart for gettin them all to go to one college to play together.

    Aamir1kAamir1kVor Monat
  • He game even more mesmerizing than it was in high school. I’m rooting for em

    I Am ZayI Am ZayVor Monat
  • sharifeeeeeeeeeee

    teddyteddyVor Monat
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    Patrick LaymanPatrick LaymanVor Monat
  • He going first round 1st or 2nd pick

    RJE EntertainmentRJE EntertainmentVor Monat
  • I like the calmness he plays with. He has the vision to see everything on the court and see the play before it happens. Elite control of the game from the PG position. That left hand lob was next level.

    Lee ShelvinLee ShelvinVor Monat
  • John EllisJohn EllisVor Monat
  • He need to keep working on his shot. He good tho

    Ismail MaloneIsmail MaloneVor Monat
  • He is a bucket!💯

    dale wilsondale wilsonVor Monat
  • Reminds me of a young Chris Paul. Speed, change of pace, change of direction, and court vision. All are elite. He’s 4th so far in the draft for players I’ve actually seen play (not counting the g league players yet) behind Suggs, Cunningham, and Mobley.

    Tim DePaulisTim DePaulisVor Monat
  • Broooooo he’s crazy😂😂😂😂😂. I knew he was good, but I didn’t expect this.

    Nathan VertNathan VertVor Monat
  • Point God

    803Mar L803Mar LVor Monat
  • Rife one in done

    dr clutchdr clutchVor Monat
  • Reminds me of ja

    Jon MillerJon MillerVor Monat
  • The NCAA investigated his pockets for a reason 🔥😂. He’s a lottery pick 💯

    Ej StewEj StewVor Monat
  • No jumper. Crazy skill though.

    Purple-Reign Vision's PRVPurple-Reign Vision's PRVVor Monat
  • He’s the Tuffest laid back, unpredictable hooper ive ever seen

    LashodTheGreatLashodTheGreatVor Monat
  • I see a less athletic ja morant in him, finesse at the rim, quick first step, a great passer, and he doesn’t shoot much unless you give it to him, ja just jumps higher🤷🏾‍♂️

    334 Von334 VonVor Monat
  • Good pg with GREAT vision but he DRIVES LEFT EVERYTIME EXCEPT ONCE.... force him RIGHT

    Mr19901611Mr19901611Vor Monat
  • he really good but the refs started bailing him out with foul calls that would have been turnovers

    Gavin GreeneGavin GreeneVor Monat
  • Auburn is a new team with cooper on the court.

    R GTR GTVor Monat
  • I see a 10-15 year NBA career is this kid. He gonna be solid

    Richard HodgesRichard HodgesVor Monat
  • He looks small though

    The TruthThe TruthVor Monat
  • Point God

    Paris OkaforParis OkaforVor Monat
  • I’m not seeing 1st rounder like everyone else he’s shooting 9% from 3 and he’s 6ft

    Big BucksBig BucksVor Monat
    • Look at his free-throws! They 💧! Young man is the next Chris Paul! That’s impressive

      TheinternetGM TheinternetGMTheinternetGM TheinternetGMVor Monat
  • Yesssirrrr Rife!!!

    wilgilliamwilgilliamVor Monat
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    Peter APeter AVor Monat
  • He will be a 1st rounder I believe.

    Julien DeterJulien DeterVor Monat
Sharife Cooper With A Double Double In Just His Second Game | Full Highlights | 28 Pts 12 Ast 5 Reb