Seeb, Bastille - Grip (Official Lyric Video)

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As the night time bleeds into the day
Tomorrow spills across the sky
And the sun’s a harsh reminder why
We are feeling barely human
We don’t know what’s good for us
Cos if we did we might not do it
Who knows where our limits lie
We won’t discover til we push it
I should just walk away walk away
But it grips me it grips me
But I should call it a day and make my way oh it grips me
Cos the devil’s got my arms and it pulls me back into the night
But I should just walk away away oh it grips me
Cos the devil’s got my arms
Cos the devil’s got my arms
And it pulls me back into the night
We got drunk on this unholy wine
To deliver us from our own minds
The promise of a better time
Till we’re feeling barely human
I would rather forget and wash my memory clean x4
Video Director: Mina Solstad Nergaard
Video Producer: Håvard Bergo
Video Editor: Mats Johannesen and Håvard Bergo
Official lyric video for Seeb x Bastille - Grip © 2018 Universal Music AS / Virgin Records Ltd
#Seeb #Grip #Vevo #ItGripsMe #Bastille"

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  • Even though "Joy" is the track after "Those Nights," I feel like this is the track to follow either one of those songs. If "Those Nights" captures those final, loneliest hours of the night, "Grip" captures that feeling of pure happiness at seeing someone to bring you comfort in the morning, to chase away that loneliness the way the morning sun chases away the last remnants of the night.

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Seeb, Bastille - Grip (Official Lyric Video)