Second Stimulus Check Update Sunday September 27th: Will Hazard Pay Be In The NEW Proposal?

Second Stimulus Check Update Sunday September 27th: Will Hazard Pay Be In The NEW Proposal?
The HEALS Act is the latest proposal for the next stimulus package. In this proposal SSI, SSDI, SSA, RRB, VA, 2018-2019 filers and non filers would qualify for a $1200 stimulus check and dependents of all ages would also qualify for a $500 payment. The proposal would include the Restructured Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) or enhanced unemployment. FPUC would go from $600 to $200 for two months and then change to 70% or a maximum of $500 in October. The proposal would also provide an expansion of the Paycheck Protection Program, add an Increased Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) and provide a Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). The HEALS Act would also provide a creation of a new refundable payroll tax credit for coronavirus expenses, a temporary full deduction for business meals, more flexibility for states using the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) & state income tax changes. Furthermore, the proposal would provide $105 billion to fund qualifying schools and liability protection for colleges, universities, businesses, hospitals, etc.
What to expect in the next $1200 stimulus check:
This is a second round of economic impact payments structured identically to the rebates sent to taxpayers in the spring. It would provide $1,200 for single taxpayers and heads of household, $2,400 for those married filing jointly. The credit will phase out identically to the first round, at 5 percent per dollar of qualified income above $75,000 for singles, $112,500 for heads of household, and $150,000 for joint taxpayers.
On this channel we cover the second stimulus check, the stimulus update, and also the next stimulus package. The stimulus package that passed under the Trump Administration earlier in March of 2020 was the Cares Act. We discuss the stimulus check, the second stimulus check, stimulus unemployment, the SBA PPP Loan, the EIDL loan, the forgivable loan, and the upcoming stimulus package. We also discuss if SSI, SSDI, Railroad Retirement beneficiaries, Social Security recipients and VA recipients qualify for the next round of stimulus checks. We hope you enjoy this second stimulus check update. This channel also answers frequently asked questions like, when will we receive our next $1200 stimulus check? who will qualify for the next $1200 stimulus check? when to expect the next $1200 stimulus check? will the enhanced unemployment insurance (FPUC) be extended at $600?
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  • Do you think hazard pay will be in the new proposal? Let us know down below. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE HERE: ********CORRECTION I SHOULD HAVE SAID OCTOBER 1ST OR 2ND AND NOT AUGUST 1ST OR 2ND*******

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  • I'm so frustrated right now my hours have been cut at both my jobs I work in the healthcare field and we've gotten NOOO LOVE what so Evaaa ppl were making almost as much as me in one WEEK for not working .. That's extremely frustrating to know we haven't gotten a thing as essential working

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  • No hazard pay in Pelosi’s bill, it’s dead

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  • August??

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  • NO MORE NEGOTIATING.! let them do what they want to do...arguing with each other! It all about then anyway!

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  • Truck drivers definitely need it

  • Hello David this is Cheryl I just want to say first I truly truly appreciate you a friend that I never knew but I learned so much about politics only because of you thank you for sharing that video it was beautiful I appreciate you David God bless and looking forward to hear your videos again

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  • I applied for my sba grant since March but didn’t receive a penny until I got in contact with a Grant and Relief Officer. It felt so good to be helped by such official to receive my full payment

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  • All talk, no action. Despite the rhetoric, he has done very little, if anything, to support his base. If he doesn't act, I'm left with no choice but to vote for Biden

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  • They really should consider hazard pay because most of us was placed in this situation without knowing breathing was a serious issue

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  • The story remains the same. Each week, it’s “next week.” Each month, it’s “next month.” The comments section is the same under each video, whose “great exciting news” always turns out to be big disappointing news the following week. People exclaim, “Vote them out!” as though no greater perils might come with single-issue voting, and as though the problem were as superficial as to be remedied by putting new faces in Congress. It’s the same old solution to the same old problem. The recursive disappointment further demoralizes people into a state of learned helplessness, beaten gradually into a state of impotent, defeated outrage that can express itself only in irresponsible, bluntly-impassioned actions and statements. Immersion into the spectacle of this debacle lends the illusion of participation in its resolution, whilst one goes around and round in an ever-tightening circle, no longer able to see the direct path by which we’d arrived here nor the straight line to the exit door. Wherefore no millions marching on the Capitol to demand compensation for our anxiety, despair, lost jobs and homes, failed businesses, and destroyed self-determination? Watching stimulus-update videos, instead.

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  • will my child receive any stimulus check? it's just me and him he is 16 , but we are both on SSI. I did however receive a $1,200 payment last time but no $500 for child they said he didn't qualify since he receives SSI also, so will he get one this time or not?

    Konspiracy KittyKonspiracy KittyVor 21 Tag
  • No stimulus updates ever , not this week and never. It’s same damn thing every week. There’s always stimulus updates but there’s never any movement, it’s never going to get done.

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  • if they could get the senate on any of the other bills how do they think they'll get the senate to agree on 2.4 billion which is higher than the last one🤔

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  • What if the American people vote on freezing their salaries and vacations and all other amenities that we pay taxes on, until they actually take the people and economy seriously. Between Covid-19, hurricanes, social unrest and fires, we need something positive coming from a government that’s begging people to put them back in office.

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  • This is sad people cant make their mortgages nor pay rent working these much lower paying jobs if they find one and not everyone can turn a dollar into a business nor make it to work to with nothing in their bank accounts.

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    • October

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  • The government already announced no stimulus bills will be taken up until after the elections.

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    • Not true. If a bill is voted on by the house then the senate must come back to vote on it.

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    • Thank you, I pinned a comment to correct that statement.

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  • Not August 1st or 2nd **October 1st or 2nd** But either way it seems the government will work hard to make sure that we receive no more stimulus so that it can be blamed on the other party during the election's.. And yet our government is the "BEST" and in a crisis TRUE COLORS SHOW... NANCY, CHUCK and let's not forget MITCH who is nowhere to be found... Our Government is a JOKE

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    • Thank you, I pinned a comment to correct that statement.

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  • I really believe Nancy wants the extra money so that could be use for essential workers!!!!!

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Second Stimulus Check Update Sunday September 27th:  Will Hazard Pay Be In The NEW Proposal?