San Diego’s Latest Stadium Renderings

The City is committed to creating a truly unique and representative destination for the NFL in San Diego.
San Diego resident and beloved sportscaster Dick Enberg outlines in this new video how the stadium design was inspired by the city it will call home. Dick, who calls the play-by-play for his hometown San Diego Padres, has personal insight to the wonderful advantages San Diego has to offer to the NFL.
The initial design concept was revealed in early August 2015 and has since been refined to reinforce its unique spirit of place. Its design belongs nowhere else in the country and in essence, has been created by San Diego itself. The experience is catered to the San Diego lifestyle, weather, culture of innovation, neighborhoods and geographical influences.
The stadium is about San Diego and the social experience; innovation and intimacy; moments and memories; football and the future. By designing for the city’s strengths, the stadium will transcend generations and bring fans together around a beautiful city and a shared passion for football.

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  • This aged horribly.

    Cleveland BCICleveland BCIVor 28 Tage
  • XFL

    Jordan AliJordan AliVor Monat
  • This dumbasses really went to LA after all

    Marcos DuránMarcos DuránVor Monat
  • Bring the chargers home.

    Bill MontgomeryBill MontgomeryVor 2 Monate
  • Did it ever get built?

    OlaGolmeOlaGolmeVor 3 Monate
    • @Savaga A Same thing in Oakland, Now they are leaving for vegas... These owners want the tax payers to pay but dont want to share in the profits.. I think that is rediculous.

      OlaGolmeOlaGolmeVor 2 Monate
    • @OlaGolme yeah pretty much

      Savaga ASavaga AVor 2 Monate
    • @Savaga A So the city wouldnt pay for it so it never got built?

      OlaGolmeOlaGolmeVor 2 Monate
    • No because dean spanos wouldn't pay for the stadium

      Savaga ASavaga AVor 2 Monate
  • Fuck you Spanos

    LiL BoolAidLiL BoolAidVor 3 Monate
  • This aged well

    Kings ManKings ManVor 4 Monate
  • It's so dissapointing that 1 selfish billionaire prevented what would have been the best stadium experience compared to sofi and allegiant. Both of those stadiums look amazing but this would have by far been the best

    Andrew SmithAndrew SmithVor 5 Monate
  • Chargers don’t have enough fans to play in a huge stadium like that they are constantly getting raided by the other teams fans every week

    No NameNo NameVor 5 Monate
  • They should have stayed

    Frankie GomezFrankie GomezVor 6 Monate
  • Im a filipino but i was born in san diego and lived in san diego and my whole family was a san diego chargers fan. I mean, superfans. But since chargers moved to L.A, everything come to an end. Edit: IT BELONGS TO SAN DIEGO!!!!

    ginagawgawmo prods.ginagawgawmo prods.Vor 7 Monate
  • Just saying if we get a football team please give me a new team keep the chokers out of San Diego

    Sandy GhettoSandy GhettoVor 7 Monate
    • @Fender Tremolo until we get a new stadium

      Sandy GhettoSandy GhettoVor 7 Monate
    • San Diego won't get a new team

      Fender TremoloFender TremoloVor 7 Monate
  • Man, their move still stings and I wish this plan would've gone through but things happen for a reason. Still support the Chargers and I will always love my city of San Diego!

    Christian VargasChristian VargasVor 8 Monate
  • Loyal fans in which they ditched

    Go pack Go 12Go pack Go 12Vor 9 Monate
  • You know how its fake the stadiums filled

    Go pack Go 12Go pack Go 12Vor 9 Monate
  • F*** you spanos

    BlobulousBlobulousVor 10 Monate
  • I feel bad for the poor Chargers. They and San Diego deserved a better fate than being the distant second banana in LA.

    BigfilmhatBigfilmhatVor 10 Monate
  • I would like to a another NFL team move to San Diego with that Stadium design.

    4ciredor704ciredor70Vor 10 Monate
    • @DisneyRocks they all play in big market areas and their fanbases would riot

      Savaga ASavaga AVor 2 Monate
    • @DisneyRocks None of those teams would relocate

      Savaga ASavaga AVor 2 Monate
    • What would you like San Diegan the chiefs?raiders?steelers?patriots? Or cowboys?

      DisneyRocksDisneyRocksVor 5 Monate
    • 4ciredor70 I agree with 100%

      Sandy GhettoSandy GhettoVor 7 Monate
  • Looks great! So the San Diego Fleet are going to have a new stadium.

    Alberto GarzaAlberto GarzaVor year
  • Little did they know

    Melissa BowersMelissa BowersVor year
  • "The City is committed to creating a truly unique and representative destination for the NFL in San Diego" Really? Never seemed COMMITTED to me :(

    Información ImportanteInformación ImportanteVor year
    • More committed than LA is

      Jack LeslieJack LeslieVor 4 Monate
  • Chargers need to move back to their home: San Diego! Bring the Clippers with them.

    Russell Fine ArtsRussell Fine ArtsVor year
  • chargers should be in san Diego

    Panthers KidPanthers KidVor year
  • Feels bad man

    Henry AlcantHenry AlcantVor year
  • Great Stadium

    Dan NguyenDan NguyenVor year
  • San Diego is a fuckn cheep city

    Best FIGHTSBest FIGHTSVor year
  • chargers left sd not long after government and companies like qualcomm soldout to armies of mindless poorly western emulating memorizer brains from the international university immigration fraud loophole. now sd is full of foreigners who have no interest in american football or american people and their culture. these new foreigners from other places who do not come to create places like san diego from nothing, but only come to take from what is already established. if they wanted to create and contribute, and not simply take, they would go 30 miles south to mexico, or stay in their own places, and make it into a san diego of their own. its only the people that make the place, and all the others have long had their own places. good job "city" with your contrived racial quotas and "diversity" for redistribution of san diego creator peoples wealth, quality and way of life. only pandering to the wallets of recent foreign invaders to san diego, california, USA, and the whole western world now. people who do not create nicety for themselves in their own places. only coming to take others homes, jobs, schooling, space, and all resources. 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    ya yayaya yayaVor year
  • So sad this never happened

    Brody LandesBrody LandesVor year
  • Woow i was so exited when this rendering of the murph 2.0 came out. Now its kinda sad to watch and know that soon the Q will be demolished. So Fuck you Dean Spanos, by yours not truly Ron Burgandy.

    SoCal619 ChargersSoCal619 ChargersVor year
  • This is hard to watch. To think of what might've been for San Diego and the Chargers. For all the criticism Dean Spanos receives (and rightfully so) San Diegans are also a bunch of PUSSY'S. People crying about "It's too much money" and "I don't want MY tax dollars going towards paying for a new stadium for a BILLIONAIRE". Fucking crybabies as if they really have ANY control over where their tax dollars are spent. If we did, all the roads would be pristine, schools would be maintained, and teachers and public servants would get paid good wages. So here we are...without a team. What did we gain? WHAT DID WE GAIN??? This is a SCARED city. We're like the football team that tries to nurse a 3 point lead against the Patriots for an entire 2nd half. Its not going to happen. San Diego needs to be bold. Stop being a great city that's afraid of its own shadow. RIP Dick Enberg

    DeeJayRoyalT2DeeJayRoyalT2Vor 2 years
  • I still say San Diego Chargers and I always will

    Casey BraceCasey BraceVor 2 years
    • Casey Brace if you don’t switch when we get a new team your lost

      Sandy GhettoSandy GhettoVor 7 Monate
  • Oh.

    Nick -Nick -Vor 2 years
  • Maybe if this ad was regularly advertised on TV more people would have voted to raise hotel taxes for a stadium. What's so special about downtown that Spanos was so insistent on the stadium being there? I-8 and I-15 intersection is the best place in the county for traffic dispersion, not downtown.

    Hyper SonicHyper SonicVor 2 years
  • It seems like it would've been a nice stadium if the team had not been moved to Los Angeles. I just looked at the NFL Standings with the 2017 Preseason about to begin and it's really weird seeing the team name listed as the "Los Angeles Chargers".

    Spartacus516Spartacus516Vor 2 years
  • Too bad nothing materialized to have kept the team in San Diego.

    Pete RojasPete RojasVor 3 years
  • Chargers are moving to California

    Kdog CdogKdog CdogVor 3 years
  • Their so stupid they got moved into 2nd division and anyways I didn't like them

    Giovanny 110Giovanny 110Vor 3 years
  • this is a perfect location downtown provides no parking.and I don't want to imagine how much stress that would be for trolly riders trying to get home work etc but its all about the money at the end not what's right unfortunately

    Ashley PhillipsAshley PhillipsVor 3 years
    • who works sunday afternoon and sunday nights?

      Roger SotoRoger SotoVor 3 years
  • This looks better than the convadium design

    Chicken SoupChicken SoupVor 3 years

    Gregory MayGregory MayVor 3 years
  • This video always gets me pumped up!

    Christopher HudsonChristopher HudsonVor 3 years
  • Yes. Keep our Bolts here! I propose to construct a year round stadium with a shopping mall, movie theater, food court recreation/health center, etc. I mean, make it big! Building such a stadium at the train yard, and let's not neglect the Convention Center connected directly as a part of the stadium would, I believe generate a large revenue, and maybe even bring us the Superbowl to our city. We're already a first class city. Why not have a first class stadium!"Build it and they will come."

    Mrm LowMrm LowVor 3 years
    • 😕

      Fender TremoloFender TremoloVor 7 Monate
  • Spanos is going to pay for this stadium? Im not sure about a downtown stadium with the parking, one of the best things about Qualcomm was the tailgating

    Michael FairchildMichael FairchildVor 3 years
  • Looks amazing but it could use a row or two more at the top for more seats.

    Solsist __Solsist __Vor 3 years
  • Why that stadium look soo clean tho!!!!!!

    Antonio DAntonio DVor 3 years
  • And the Chargers don't like this?? This is world class stadium! I guess they want gold seats!

    R MaR MaVor 4 years
  • Now this this is nice

    Lou Hamer ProductionsLou Hamer ProductionsVor 4 years
  • now all they have to do is win a super bowl XD

    Nuke74Nuke74Vor 4 years
  • Dean "doucebag" Spano and the NFL should pay for all it. if not this is a waste of money.

    Mark AnthonyMark AnthonyVor 4 years
    • See my new post above. The proposed idea I am putting forward would pay for itself. If a bond is issued for the building and operation of this stadium I think big money would fill a lot of pockets including the City's. Mayor Faulkner, my friend, are you listening.

      Mrm LowMrm LowVor 3 years
  • that's right L.A. u can keep your smog ,bad traffic, and rams ...well keep our year round beautiful weather, our easy to get by traffic (use the back streets),and most importantly now WE WILL KEEP THE CHARGERS FOR ANOTHER 50 + YEARS AND MORE AFTER ....that's cool that the stadium is based on mission valley.

    Ivan CastilloIvan CastilloVor 4 years
  • Beautiful stadium if it get's built. I'm glad the Spanos family will strive to keep the Chargers in San Diego. The Chargers belong to the people of San Diego.

    Tom VillanuevaTom VillanuevaVor 4 years
  • This video is so well done. What a beautiful stadium this would be if only Spanos would wake up, fire Fabiani & embrace this!! I'd LOVE to see this in Mission Valley. The design is nice....walking in to this place would leave you speechless. & the thing's totally in reach IF Spanos would embrace it. But alas...he'll probably walk away from it to go to Englewood :(

    Daryl SandlinDaryl SandlinVor 4 years
  • This is frustrating because the city knows they need to keep the chargers. The chargers know they'd be making a mistake by leaving San Diego but they do need a new stadium, there's no question about it. The city needs to act before its to late.

    Andrew AlvarezAndrew AlvarezVor 4 years
  • Chargers play like shit on turf but real grass they are the beast

    Ewalk3Ewalk3Vor 4 years
  • this staduin looks soooo awesome. as long as they stay in san diego, ill be fine

    Sinistra6Sinistra6Vor 4 years
  • It looks better than the future falcons and vikings stadium

    Jules GrenierJules GrenierVor 4 years
  • im a broncos fan bu i dont wont them to move

    5280 FROYO5280 FROYOVor 4 years
  • For those idiots that say putting money in a Stadium to keep the Chargers in town, please look in to how much it will cost for advertising San Diego on ESPN,CBS and Fox on NFL Games for 30 Years and if it is less than half a billion than you can talk all you want, but until than Shut the Duck up, your just taking out of your ass

    Manuel Sosa TubeManuel Sosa TubeVor 4 years
  • I want the Chargers in L.A. But I don't want to share stadiums with the Raiders. Leave them in San Diego.

    pR1MeYwL99pR1MeYwL99Vor 4 years
  • we need to start a citizens initiative for this stadium, come on San Diego get out of your ass

    Manuel Sosa TubeManuel Sosa TubeVor 4 years
  • The Chargers should stay in San Diego. The Spanos family can get the fuck out.

    oldschool1oldschool1Vor 4 years
  • People putting all the blame on the owners should remember the city had the same 15 years to put together a stadium deal and failed.

    coronaflocoronafloVor 4 years
  • Can't wait for those "Sponsor activation zones for increased revenue!"

    justtheoldlovejusttheoldloveVor 4 years
  • Great presentation!!

    Jorge MartinezJorge MartinezVor 4 years
  • As a die-hard Bolts fan, seeing the Chargers logo fade out and fade away (at the end of the video) makes me think they're already gone :(

    Ben DayhoeBen DayhoeVor 4 years
  • You're all idiots. You know, tax payers will be footing the bill. While, these ass holes collect all the profit. New stadiums do nothing to stimulate the economy. The fact that people get so emotionally invested in a sports team, is beyond me.

    Gary CroweGary CroweVor 4 years
    • @Bernard Sanderstein

      Dave MDave MVor 4 years
    • @Dave Mathison 300 million out of 1.1 BILLION! Hahahahaha, nice try dave.

      Bernard SandersteinBernard SandersteinVor 4 years
    • @Bernard Sanderstein Maybe you're new to all this Bernie. I'll drop a little more knowledge on you. The 100 million is "extra" on top of the G4 loan of 200 million the NFL kicks in. I'll leave the rest for you to look up.

      Dave MDave MVor 4 years
    • +Dave Mathison 😂😂😂 HOLY FUCK THAT'S RICH... Think again, the NFL has said that they're only willing to give 100 million dollars in the reserve fund to the team. The Spanos family won't pay a dime. Give it up already! THEY ARE GONE!

      Bernard SandersteinBernard SandersteinVor 4 years
    • +Gary Crowe Not exactly footing the bill sparky. The city is proposing the private sources, Chargers, NFL, PSL's to pay 68% and the city/county 32%.

      Dave MDave MVor 4 years
  • exterminador1904exterminador1904Vor 4 years
  • Can someone tell me were the hell is san diego's term sheet. The same term sheet that people were demanding from st.louis

    IGTUR6IGTUR6Vor 4 years
  • What a dream come true for the people and players of san diego. A mighty but yet humbling stadium. Nothing but high fives from me to you all. Maybe some day i can make it for a game. Yes it would be a dream come true....

    Ruben TellezRuben TellezVor 4 years
    • Lol

      Fender TremoloFender TremoloVor 7 Monate
  • hubba hubba!

    salas gsalas gVor 4 years
San Diego’s Latest Stadium Renderings