RUNNING ERRANDS WITH MY MOM! (new room shopping)

In this video my mom and I went shopping for some new things for my new room. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed vlogging it. Thanks so much for watching, Love you!
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Thank you so much for watching!
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  • why does she call her mom her actual name?

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  • does anyone know y she calls her mom and dad by there first name

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  • Now your mom doesn’t care about you swearing 😂 she gave up

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  • Sadie just when live on insta! missed it? I posted the full thing!!!!!

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  • just found out my ex watches u and likes alllll ur instagram posts so i will be unsubbing - sorry i loved ur videos xoxo (j cant watch it w o thinking of him watching it) i wish u well

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  • why does her mom look like the cheer coach @ my school & have the same name that’s uhhhhh . 🤔

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  • What are your youtube analytics? You probably have like 97% female 3% male based on all of the names from your comment section. Kinda curious.

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  • I hate shopping too.

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  • is it a thing for moms to clean or move your room around when you’re gone bc my mom does the same thing

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  • Honestly she's kinda obnoxious

  • Sadie is heather

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  • at 4:59 that's a big brother song

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  • Kelly really said cut the cameras

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  • I stg every mom owns that camo shirt and WORKS IT

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  • This video 💛😂

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    • Makayla Casper lol no

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    • Makayla Casper OKAY RIGHT hahaha I was like 👁👄👁 OH

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  • I like the vlogs so much more then the challenges that she does cuz I feel like shes so much more talkative in these

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  • ok even on the worst days you make me smile

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  • Why do u call ur mom by her first name

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  • why doesn’t she call her mom?

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  • put your mask on right. you literally had covid before and you continued to see people after recovering. stop being selfish and ignorant. that goes for your mom too. keep your mask over your nose and mouth when you're in a store or don't go in at all.

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  • Hi new here is Kelly her real mom? Or step because no hate at all but my mom would have murdered me if I called her by her name 😅🤣 also I'm totally subscribing ur hilarious

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  • ily.

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  • I’m convinced Kelly come in contact with a serial killer...

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  • Why does she call her mom kelly? I never got that lol no hate I was just wondering. I love you Sadie!!!! 💛

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  • Why do you call your mom by her first name

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    • Do they like it

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    • as a joke.

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  • yalll she called kelly her mom and not kelly💀

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  • I can’t believe I have been here since 30k subscribers 😲

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  • omg what is that song like at the very start of the video i hear the beat i just need to know the name

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RUNNING ERRANDS WITH MY MOM! (new room shopping)