Roger Federer's Forehand Grip

This video examines the grip that Roger Federer uses when he hits a forehand. Turns out that Federer uses an eastern forehand grip, which is the most conservative grip you can use when hitting a forehand.

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  • You watch too many shows about lawyers delivering their final speech in court in front of the jury.

    deepseadiverdeepseadiverVor 3 Tage
  • this the same grip I have but didn't know the name of it. Its not fully semi western, and yes it makes a difference on picking on low balls.

    dropshot118dropshot118Vor Monat
  • Is that Shia Lebuff

    Casey TurnbaughCasey TurnbaughVor 3 Monate

    Marc RaizMarc RaizVor 4 Monate
  • The problem with the eastern forehand grip is that it does not allow for heavy topspin, which is crucial in modern tennis.

    Anuj AggarwalAnuj AggarwalVor 5 Monate
    • it can if you add more wrist movement or just slightly tilt your hand to get the racket face to the same position as the semi eastern grip. federer is hitting heavy topspin while using this grip. some people prefer this grip because it is faster to switch to a backhand grip from it

      kcazzzzzkcazzzzzVor 4 Monate
  • Depends on the shot. Anyone with advanced play will change their grip depending on the situation. Roger does as well.

    billucf96billucf96Vor 5 Monate
  • $20,000 for a 4-minute clip about Federer's grip. That's how much this clip has generated in income for the creator at the rates that I'm aware of which are 1 cent per 1,000 views.

    T CT CVor 9 Monate
  • Started playing in the 70's, so the continental grip was prevalent.

    Michael HegyanMichael HegyanVor 9 Monate
  • 3-4th bevel

    Mike HamiltonMike HamiltonVor year
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    Familie HankeFamilie HankeVor year
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    Dimitris AvramidisDimitris AvramidisVor 2 years
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    Asakura SamuelAsakura SamuelVor 2 years
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    Johnny KwanJohnny KwanVor 2 years
  • This man acted alone and killed John F. Kennedy. I thought Jack Ruby had ended him, but no. Here he is explaining grips.

    Elmo BlatchElmo BlatchVor 2 years
    • Definitely a doppelganger otherwise!

      RishiRishiVor year
    • LMAO. Hilarious comment!

      DogDaybreakDogDaybreakVor year
    • This is one of my all-time favourite comments. Thank you sir!

      Arun ThomasArun ThomasVor year
    • Elmo Blatch They faked his death. His name is Lee Oswald Harvey.

      Wilton BatiquinWilton BatiquinVor year
  • Fed hits an extreme Eastern FH, most of the time. He varies it towards Eastern or SW depending on the shot.

    gumbogumboVor 2 years
    • gumbo no

      golem20173golem20173Vor year
  • The maestro. I tried many things to copy this man's forehand, and finally I found an efficient way to do that based on the excellent book Talent Code. The most efficient way to practice something is to copy every detail of maestros' action, to say, calibrate with an instant feedback. Using a computer's camera, I made a program that helps me copy him. I hope it helps you too.

    freehn Kfreehn KVor 2 years
  • Oh gosh I cannot do eastern grip it feels weird on me. I use a western grip

    SchwozSchwozVor 3 years
  • Well based on the pictures shown so far in this video it looks more like something between eastern and semi-western! It isn't what is to say complete eastern nor semi-western! Or is it only me to notice that?!!

    Hamed ZaeimaHamed ZaeimaVor 3 years
    • Back in the day until 2006 ot seemed more like a Eastern going to a semi Western, from 2007 forward it looks more like a tradicional Eastern

      Leonardo GattiLeonardo GattiVor Monat
    • no its true roger uses a modified easter grip so its between

      Arman BastavandArman BastavandVor 11 Monate
  • My heel pad is on eastern and index knuckle is on semi western.

    vasDcrak GamingvasDcrak GamingVor 4 years
    • My heel pad is on eastern and index knuckle is on western. Is that wrong?

      hasselbaink89hasselbaink89Vor year
  • Eastern is so awkward for me

    Jason ZhouJason ZhouVor 4 years
    • For me fits like a glove instead all others, semi-western is fine and more accurate and make a lot o top spin in comparison, but I prefer all the way playing using eastern grip

      Matheus FelipeMatheus FelipeVor 2 years
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    Gold Gold GarciaGold Gold GarciaVor 4 years
  • Federer es el mejor vamos Federer recuerda esto nunca te rindas pásenla voz hasta Federer. Campeón

    Gold Gold GarciaGold Gold GarciaVor 4 years
  • heel pad is between 3 and 4 for Federer. It is very subtle. They are only seeing obvious position. The slight difference is significant in the ball produced.

    Kent WoodKent WoodVor 4 years
  • Shown is Semiwestern grip. Between it and Continental - that;s where the Eastern is.

    Sss SsrSss SsrVor 4 years
  • OK, so Federer uses Eastern FH grip, then what? What is the point of this video? What a wasted of time to take 3000 video while you can just go ask Roger, but I doubt that if will help you play any better.

    Hung PhanHung PhanVor 4 years
    • aminul1984 I have and it makes no difference

      golem20173golem20173Vor year
    • +Hung Phan Give it a try and find out.

      aminul1984aminul1984Vor 4 years
    • racquet grip give you ZERO extra head speed. The mechanism of how you swing it does.

      Hung PhanHung PhanVor 4 years
    • Give it a try and see how much more racquet head speed you get with this grip, then you won't complain too much. If you want to learn the best forehand then you need to learn from the best.

      aminul1984aminul1984Vor 4 years
  • confusing to place eastern grip between continental and semi western, i always considered eastern grip to be something to hit one handed topspin backhands with...

    SpiguheSpiguheVor 5 years
    • @Spiguhe That would be the eastern backhand grip. On his forehand, Federer uses an eastern forehand grip. The grips are different based on which stroke is being hit

      Kyle SungKyle SungVor 5 years
  • Great video. Very good examination of Federer's grip, with a lot of photos to back it up. Thanks a lot for sharing, it's helped me position my hand better, hopefully so I can hit a forehand more like Roger's.

    Jay ShahJay ShahVor 5 years
  • no eastearn grip Use semi-western grip Roger ...

    dario rodriguezdario rodriguezVor 5 years
    • I've never heard of his term; It looks very much like a Semi-Western grip, which is what I learned with. Ivan Lendl used the same grip. It provided the ability for great wrist snap at the end. that's the juice at the end. What do you think, Dario?

      Wallace YallupWallace YallupVor year

    Noraisyah Mohd NainiNoraisyah Mohd NainiVor 5 years
  • People, Stop try to imitate top players! How you hold the racket is not important as long as it let you swing easily. This is hilarious.

    Hung PhanHung PhanVor 5 years
    • @Hung Phan Very true yeah.. I'm having trouble trying to pick what grip I should use at the minute.

      Bacon PizzaBacon PizzaVor 4 years
    • Agreed, what I meant is the grip have to match your swing. What is the point to learn Federer grip if you can't swing like him?

      Hung PhanHung PhanVor 4 years
    • +Hung Phan Grip is actually a major thing. It can totally change how you play.

      Bacon PizzaBacon PizzaVor 4 years

    Drej TomanDrej TomanVor 5 years
  • Children. .. to hold it like Roger does not mean you'll stroke it like Roger :-)

    Sz KiSz KiVor 6 years
    • Absolutely.... You should have craziness

      Dipesh BudhathokiDipesh BudhathokiVor 6 Monate
  • I think you are right.

    hold outhold outVor 6 years
  • bevel

    EigyerEigyerVor 6 years
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    • youre' killin me Smalls

      Wallace YallupWallace YallupVor year
  • i hit a little more than full western

    RiPpEdMaMaRiPpEdMaMaVor 6 years
  • I modeled most of my game on Federer's from about 2008-2010. I then got a coach to really get my technique proper. I stuck with the eastern forehand, as Fed does. I find it very forgiving. Just for the sake of trying it, I shifted my grip as shown in the video, and found it a lot more difficult to hit. At one point, he says that there were a few captures of Federer cheating his grip just a touch, where his knuckle is more towards the fourth bevel. I find this to be the ideal forehand position.

    anton1207740anton1207740Vor 6 years
  • He says "bubbles" or "babbles" or something else?

    Mikaël GENAUDEAUMikaël GENAUDEAUVor 7 years
    • Mikaël GENAUDEAU bevels

      Shanmuga SundaramShanmuga SundaramVor 3 years
  • what's this dude babbling on about?

    ultrafattyultrafattyVor 7 years
  • i think so i think its around 3-4

    natenateVor 7 years
  • Wilson made in CHINA......boooooohiissssss what crap.

    TerraNauticaTerraNauticaVor 7 years
  • roger federer can hit a tennis bill with any grip he wants

    jedrzejkujedrzejkuVor 7 years
    • It is not the Wand, It's The Wizard

      Wallace YallupWallace YallupVor year
  • I thought 2 is semi-continental and 1 is full continental? semi-continental being a in-between of eastern/continental.

    WaulnutWaulnutVor 7 years
  • how about Roger's ground stroke? can you teach us?

    Gerald SareGerald SareVor 7 years
  • depends how Roger holds his cock when batting off

    Bang4URBuxBang4URBuxVor 7 years
  • Will's wrong. It's not a standard eastern, it's in between eastern and semi-western.

    KrutchtacularKrutchtacularVor 7 years
    • Wallace Yallup You’re smoking buddy, it’s literally the most neutral eastern you can get. Federer’s heel pad is not even on the third bevel fully, sometimes in this video it’s obviously headed towards the second bevel still on the third bevel mostly though. His index knuckle is just dead middle nothing special. A semi western grip would put his index knuckle and heel pad mostly on the fourth bevel. You obviously don’t hit with a semi western grip then .

      BeanerBeanerVor year
    • I agree. It appears and I would guess he has his index knuckle in between 3rd and 4th bevel. Mine is on 4th aka semi western

      Mike HamiltonMike HamiltonVor year
    • @golem20173 RF hits with a SemiWestern grip. I've hit with it all my tennis life; it's the same grip.

      Wallace YallupWallace YallupVor year
    • Krutchtacular no its eastern. You can clearly see it in the video.

      golem20173golem20173Vor year
  • 2 is continental (the serve grip) eastern is 3

    cole housercole houserVor 7 years
  • ZZZzzzzzz

    NetAssetTennisNetAssetTennisVor 7 years
  • He had eastern forehand grip

    Aleksandar JovanovicAleksandar JovanovicVor 7 years
  • Nice china sign

    Bence PBence PVor 7 years
  • The guy, if he is really investigating this subject should just ASK Roger!!! Nothing is better than going straight to the horses mouth!!!

    Yvonne GallopYvonne GallopVor 7 years
  • Yes you are absolutely correct. However Roger actually has 26 different grips. This grip being shown in this video is NOT his primary forehand grip!!!. The biggest problem here in this video is this guy is showing an absolutely WEAK wrist, which I assure you is in correct. At least according to Roger it is incorrect!!!

    Yvonne GallopYvonne GallopVor 7 years
    • Yvonne Gallop please stfu wtf you talking about

      golem20173golem20173Vor year
  • yes it looks like that but no he has the same grip as Pete Sampras. very flat (eastern forehand) sometimes he like a bit mishits the ball causing his racket to turn a bit but no Roger's is a true Eastern.

    viktor petersviktor petersVor 7 years
  • his grip is between semi-western and eastern

    Casper HUANGCasper HUANGVor 7 years
  • i believe it is. the actual eastern grip is not 3, its 2

    Standing Before KingsStanding Before KingsVor 7 years
  • yes

    jaydaily3jaydaily3Vor 8 years
  • Yes you are absolutely correct. cheers!!!

    Misha SharpMisha SharpVor 8 years
  • FYB posted their video in 2009, it is Now(2012) known that Federer does not use a full eastern.

    Misha SharpMisha SharpVor 8 years
  • Federer is known to have actually created his own grip, Basically his grip is in between a Semi-western and a Eastern as he explained it allows Federer to generate more spin. Many people have said that he uses a Eastern grip and this is only confusing because his grip is more nearer to the Eastern than the semi-western, but is still definitely not a full eastern grip.

    Misha SharpMisha SharpVor 8 years
  • Well, pretty predictable that Fed uses an Eastern forehand grip. Probably because it is the grip that gives him the most possibilities. He can put plenty of top spin on the ball, he can hit it really flat like he likes to do on offence, or he can even slice it, It is all dependent of the wrist, and he is in total control of what shot he is going to make

    TomTrix99TomTrix99Vor 8 years
  • do you recommend holding at the end like that for the forehand? i.e. the bottom of the palm hanging out? i serve like that but tried it couple times for forehands and tends to get more whip but not sure at expense of accuracy. thanks

    TIMTIMVor 8 years
  • you mean bevel 3.5...

    razhorblahdrazhorblahdVor 8 years
  • Federer uses a modified eastern grip.

    iBOSSnianiBOSSnianVor 8 years
  • what if you're left handed? wha do you do?

    Roy EdmarRoy EdmarVor 8 years
  • I almost shit my pants because I thought Lee Harvey Oswald came back when I first saw the video lol

    Alumiss682Alumiss682Vor 8 years
    • Alumiss682 no I thought he looks more like cooper manning the least famous manning brother

      Trail SnailTrail SnailVor 9 Monate
  • 90, it'll make your technique and focus better. It will also give more control and precision on every shot.

    cavaleercavaleerVor 8 years
  • Understood. I hit a FH using a mostly continental FH grip but this is where my heel pad and index knuckle should be. What I want to know is, can I hit heaving, whipping topspin with this grip? I see no other choice but to use the Eastern FH grip because it's an easy transition to the one handed topspin BH grip. Please advise!

    Darren HDarren HVor 8 years
  • it is like a semi-semi-western grip

    Tomas ArancibiaTomas ArancibiaVor 8 years
  • And how do you find halfway between Eastern and Semi? Grip types are very generalized. The way we hold a racket is influenced by how we are taught and your individual tendencies.

    WilliamWilliamVor 8 years
  • Check out my channel

    oheythere1998oheythere1998Vor 8 years
Roger Federer's Forehand Grip