• Zoruark

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  • Analog horror at its finest

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  • Why is this genuinely terrifying

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  • This will probably be the first Pokémon game I will ever play

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  • Its just the zorua trailer but with bad recording

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  • Well now I know why they're outsourcing the DP remakes. This could indeed be Game Freak's next masterpiece after over a decade because of how much focus they're putting on it

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  • Pokenormal cativity

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  • He's dead

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  • I am only confused

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  • Researcher FAINTED

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  • gay

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  • Litte did we know it was actually ditto i know that litte blob is evil you cannot hide the truth gamefreak

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  • Sounds like when a 5 year old on Xbox breaths into there mic

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  • is Pokemon trying to start an arg?

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  • ( cutely dies)

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  • I kinda makes sense that the trainers can get hurt because if a move were to miss the pokemon and like disappear it would make no sense

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  • 😰😨😱

  • ✌✌

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  • or a snorunt

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  • Its a Zorua

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  • I heard the male narrator's voice saying he wanted to go further in right after seeing a bunch of Snorunt and all I said was "It's Froslass, it's fucking Froslass, please be Froslass, bring her back."

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  • watching this after watching the fixed footage.....

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  • Mom come pick me up I'm scared

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  • When I saw people comparing this to a found footage horror movie I thought they were exaggerating but NOPE

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  • Aw he's talking about the new zorua

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  • imagine the game is perma death

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  • Ahhh yes. Incredible VHS recording from the 1800’s

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  • Very Professional!

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  • It sounds like Arceus in the flesh minus the cute part.

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  • Whos that Pokémon?!

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  • My eyes and ears hurt

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  • Hmmm

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  • VHS rip

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  • I watching this in reverse btw

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  • seems like pokémon has been watching a little too much dorkly

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  • Guess this just proves that Pokemon can be dangerous

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  • Hope you can add to playstore

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  • Glad to see the new Pokemon x FNAF crossover is coming along nicely

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  • 0:40 those are wild runt 😂😅😅

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  • I feel like i just watched a snuff film. For pokemon fans. I love it

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  • He found Obama's lastname...

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  • Guy find an iphone in the 70s :

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  • They recorded this with the nintendo 3ds camera

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  • Jesus this is cringe. If you want a real "found footage" vibe, don't higher a breathy, effeminate weaboo 4Kids wannabe doing the only audible voice.

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    • what's wrong with an breathy effeminate weaboo? uwu

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  • "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" **Actually dies**

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  • gamefreak too lazy too actually show what's going on lmao. i remember when you're planting seed in the swordshield dlc the screen goes black lmao. fuck gamefreak for ruining games that have potential to be the best of the series

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    • 🗿

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  • And remember kids even though a pokemon is cute it can still kill you

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  • This is really nice. Now they just have to remove the turn based battle system :)

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  • Alguém sabe informar se terá versão para Android?

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  • So they are actually listening to the fans Thats easily one of the best trailers pokemon has ever done

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  • Makes me think this game was planned for production all along. But they're just pushing out BDSP to silence this that kept being for it. It's clear which one has more work going into it

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  • Confirmed: Samurais had VHS cameras

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    • Whoa. Dark.

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  • Given that Hisui is based on Hokkaido, it only just drives the fact how intense the region is. Also by how Hiromu Arakawa and Golden Kamuy describes Hokkaido, this should be a lot of Fun 😮😊😊

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  • Ah yes, the official announcement trailer Pokemon Spooky and Scary. The box legendaries are a literal human skeleton and a rotting pumpkin still sitting on the front porch in March. H.P Lovecraft is the boss of the evil team with his 2 signature pokemon being Cthulu and a certain black cat with an unfortunate name. All the grunts are Scooby Doo villains. Because of corruption, Lovecraft is also the Champion.

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  • For those who haven't figured it out by now, the purpose of this video is that it was retrieved from somewhere in the Hisui Region's Alpine area, and would be restored later on. The Restored Footage is now available, and is The Pokémon Company's new Reveal Teaser for one of the new Hisuian Regional Variants, with a Halloween-esque vibe. Given their last attempt at this sort of thing (that 24-hour stream of almost nothing in Sword/Shields Mystic Forest area, only giving quick glimpses of two new Pokémon), this style of Pokémon Teaser for Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a great improvement!

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  • For something coming from pokemon this video is scary

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  • Mom come pick me up.....

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  • wat

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  • Dang when did pokemon start turning into a horror game? Honestly kinda gave me "the walton files" vibe there

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  • Can you do better on footage I can't see anything

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    • thats the point 🗿

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  • will ash and goh go to the hisui region?

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  • Shit, this was why Oak told us to stay out of the Tall Grass!

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  • Trevenant Henderson

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  • My man is flipin' done

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  • Now THIS is how to do a teaser trailer!!!!

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  • im PRAYING he was talking about a new eeveelution

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    • @Kiwi oh lolll

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    • It was Hisuian Zorua 😆

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  • I wasn’t expecting horror movie vibes when I tapped on this video😂

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  • Whoa. Dark.

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