• part 2 please lmao

    Cam Shull VisualsCam Shull VisualsVor 8 Stunden
  • me: living near chicago not knowing danny is from there him: mentions kkc it caught me so off guard i was like hold up 😗

    blackbear for lifeblackbear for lifeVor Tag
  • i was waiting for bumble the bee from the salt lake bees to show up

    Paige ReyesPaige ReyesVor Tag
  • Should’ve added the RISD mascot 😞

    Gillian MGillian MVor Tag
  • Dude go Cougars I live right by there!

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  • fight fight fight fight

    brigit1222brigit1222Vor Tag
  • The mascot for the tin caps is supposed to be Johnny Appleseed which is like this story of a dude who planted a bunch of apple seeds across the US. Pretty boring but ehh. If you are wondering what city it’s from it’s from Fort Wayne IN.

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  • the pain i feel being from hillsboro and having the mascot be rated e tier

    Ashley EschAshley EschVor 2 Tage
  • The tourist is a moon bc they hit the ball outta the park into space it’s literally in the logo he looks exactly like the moon in the logo. Yes my feelings are hurt

    Sydney PaganoSydney PaganoVor 2 Tage
  • i’m from pensacola and i can’t tell you what a wahoo is

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  • hmmm... what if you made a video about scary college mascots?! (check out umass boston haha)

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  • Y’all would’ve loved the timber rattlers :/

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  • for halloween u and Kelsey should be big lug nuts and ratchet

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  • Why did u include this intro😭

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  • the hillsboro hops are super close to me lmfao

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  • NO OH MY GOD IM FROM ASHEVILLE. i was pissed when the mascot changed. i have a picture w the old one 🥲

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  • Anyone ever tell you that You look like Mark Wahlberg's Canadian Brother?

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  • honestly how DARE they ignore Sweet Lou of the Walla Walla Sweets.......i'm crying when will they recognize that sweet scary boy...............

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  • is the fort wayne tincap johnny apple seed ?!?!?

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  • the best mascots: orbit, the fish, sprocket, the stripper gopher, and big lug & ratchet

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  • I play for the Yard Goats in MLB20 Road to the Show mode right now and I had no idea our mascot was so terrifying

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  • bowie baysox mascot is terrifying

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  • Wait the Albuquerque Isotopes is a real team? I thought it was a made up team from the Simpsons?

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  • Why does Danny always look like he has that filter on that makes your eyes bigger?

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  • The Tin Caps mascot is supposed to be Johnny Apple Seed Right. Does anyone else know who that is?

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  • Why did you pronounce Amarillo like that 😭 it's not Spanish

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  • i live in asheville and was praying the tourists were covered

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  • this is the collaboration I’ve been waiting forever for

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  • As someone from Asheville I can confirm that the Asheville tourists mascot is terrible

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  • I love that fucking chihuahua

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  • Paddles refer to the antlers on a moose. As in, “damn, look at the paddles on that bull”. It’s a common phrase.

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  • stanning sprocket

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  • goddamnit mine sucks

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  • Not me growing up in Kane county having the same exact experience with minor league baseball as Danny

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  • The way Danny was so serious in rating these I’m crying

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  • How did Cody not know about peanut 😭

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  • heard "minor league baseball team" had an immediate flashback to um. uh...well...*something* about manitoban minor league baseball team the cartwright twins. ill go now.

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  • I’m from El Paso the our mascot he’s kinda weird you also get a dog bowl plate when you go to the games like they want you to go home feeling like a dog

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  • Half of these are just excuses for the wearer to wear an animal costume and get paid

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  • This collab is frictionless.

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  • Aqua Sox is giving me Max Keebler’s Big Move vibes

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  • *screaming at my phone* MOLECULAR ORBIT!!! MOLECULAR ORBIT!!!!!!!!!

    LuLuVor 10 Tage
  • Pointing at Joe Torre and Cal Ripken Jr and suggesting that they are the guys underneath the costumes is insanely hilarious to me.....and kind of.....sad?

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  • I'm from ABQ and I'm fuckin fuming about the Orbit disrespect. Make a new tier list or I'm kidnapping Danny

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  • The Albuquerque Isotopes were taken from a Simpson's episode and dude's name is Orbit because ions and isotopes orbit the center of an atom

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  • Cody finally colabs with Drew Gooden! I'm so excited

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  • 1. trash panda came from tumblr and i hate it 2. the asheville tourist im liken 100% its the moon

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  • its the neutrons danny in isotopes. THE NEUTRONS

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  • You guys should do nhl mascots

  • the blue wahoos stadium is really nice ngl

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  • I love how hard Cody laughs at Danny's jokes. Excellent

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  • this combo made me laugh so hard pls more vids together

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  • The Tourists mascot is a moon hahaha it used to be a bear dressed like an actual tourist

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  • we need Danny, Drew, Jarvis, Curtis And Cody to do a Collaboration

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  • I have a framed picture of me and the Tin Caps mascot and he seems to always be staring at me

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  • Cut your hair cut the crap

    Deanna WDeanna WVor 13 Tage
  • albuquerque isotopes actually got their name from a simpsons episode

    noellenoelleVor 13 Tage
    • and this is the only thing i learned from chemistry

      noellenoelleVor 13 Tage
  • I live in the Netherlands, never heard of these teams and mascots. But man, when I saw Big Mo I was sold. Loving the guy with all my heart

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  • Dynamic Duo Bru-oh

    John KirkeJohn KirkeVor 13 Tage
  • Kinda surprised you didn't look at the Fredericksburg Nationals mascot. I mean, what the fuck even is Gus?

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  • Danny's shoulder span suffers considerably whenever he's on a small screen.

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  • i agree with pretty much all of them but man, that damn human has to be even lower than F…

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  • does orbit the Albuquerque isotopes mascot have home arrest anklets on?

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  • The tin caps guy is supposed to be Johnny Appleseed I think

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  • “Not when a white man does it” PFFTFHAHAHHA

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  • my friend worked for a minor league team whose mascot was "Blowie" and they served snowballs called blowie snowies

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  • im surprised he didnt add in salt lake bees because like... i still have nightmares from that fucking bee.

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