PZ9 TAKES SAFE to DEFEAT PROJECT ZORGO & Uses DIY Hacks to Overcome Fails to Open Mystery Box

After Chad Wild Clay made SPY NINJAS BATTLE HACKERS in BASEBALL CHALLENGE All Sports Trick Shots for Daniel's Secret Files, Vy Qwaint created HACKER TRAPS ME in a MYSTERY BOX in Car for 24 HOURS! Last To Leave Escape Room Wins Challenge, and Daniel uploaded HACKER TRAPS ME in a MYSTERY BOX in Car for 24 HOURS! Last To Leave Escape Room Wins Challenge to the Exposing Project Zorgo DE-visions channel the Spy Ninjas figure out the code to the Project Zorgo Safe is 2019! Unfortunately, it led them to a trap! They were tricked by Project Zorgo hackers! Vy went blind after opening a flash box and Daniel went deaf as well. It's a challenge to battle royale hackers when you are impaired! Everybody woke up in random mystery boxes. Chad managed to escape after a mysterious man was heard spying on him from the outside. After the unspeakable face reveal of the mystery man, Chad had to rescue Daniel from being destroyed by a garbage truck! We have to uncover the safe because once we unlock it and crack the code, we can defeat Project Zorgo forever! But it has been taken! We have to solve a haul of clues, riddles, and puzzles to discover who captured the safe! If we can't obtain the safe, the Spy Ninjas may be over! Thankfully, Daniel has a drone spy gadget on him that can help save us! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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  • Hi SPY NINJAS! Are you excited to see what is in REGINA's Secret Room tomorrow? What do you think is inside?

    Chad Wild ClayChad Wild ClayVor 4 Monate
    • @TikTok Renegade 1v1 me epic name is fortniteslapper3

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    • Posted

      Lucia CastilloLucia CastilloVor Monat
    • Chad Wild Clay the code is3017

      Aiden HoddeAiden HoddeVor 3 Monate
    • I like your videos (from my son)

      Amanda AtencioAmanda AtencioVor 3 Monate
  • RTchTe

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  • Hi chad

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  • It sounded like dax

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  • 10823618374654748

    Kharka LagunKharka LagunVor Tag
  • I know the code its 1626

    Arzha HafiedzArzha HafiedzVor Tag
  • Dax is pz9 and pz9 real name is Melvin

    bria carterbria carterVor 2 Tage
  • My name is shofiqul find

    Najid IslamNajid IslamVor 2 Tage
  • Find

    Najid IslamNajid IslamVor 2 Tage
  • My't be this is the password of that sefe 412515

    Krystin ValerioKrystin ValerioVor 2 Tage
  • Faker

    OmegaAlpha 3966OmegaAlpha 3966Vor 3 Tage
  • i am so exited to see Regina's secret room

    grace spencergrace spencerVor 3 Tage
  • Pz9 Open the safe to actually destroy them and that’s going to be their fault

    Adriana frcsAdriana frcsVor 3 Tage
  • Hack in the room

    Christopher DennChristopher DennVor 4 Tage
  • Note by the tree

    Christopher DennChristopher DennVor 4 Tage
  • Do my password I give you all the comment down below Don all the ones and I gave you a thumbs up

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  • 809411

    Christopher DennChristopher DennVor 4 Tage
  • The password is 82210

    Jasmine JimenezJasmine JimenezVor 4 Tage
  • I love you and you guys are strong and cool😊

    Alyssa GrosseAlyssa GrosseVor 4 Tage
  • The code to the PZ safe is 1029

    FOX pupFOX pupVor 4 Tage
  • 4444 Μαρία

    Lush CityLush CityVor 6 Tage
  • 4168 Ναταλία Μούτσο

    Lush CityLush CityVor 6 Tage
  • I know what's inside it's just a normal room with a Spider-Man poster Harry Potter poster and I don't know the other one but I've seen this video already just to let you know.

    Jacob the starJacob the starVor 6 Tage
    • It haves a tabel but it's not a nomal tabel

      lindsey Robinsonlindsey RobinsonVor 3 Tage
  • New stuff

    Justina JusteJustina JusteVor 6 Tage
  • A picture of you guys

    Breyonna ShedBreyonna ShedVor 7 Tage
  • VY Is Pregnant!!!!!!. Your gonna by a DAD CHAD

    Presha NagPresha NagVor 7 Tage
  • 7035

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  • It's her secret bed ROOM.

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  • No

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  • 232324000000.13431680

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  • Sup Dax

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  • Cy

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  • It's her room in there

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  • 12345

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  • I su

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  • Hi chat and vy the cod is 2091

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  • Cc. Cc

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  • 70041

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  • 9675

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  • Chad wild clay phonuber message my Chat wild clay

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  • I think I know what the code is to the safeTry 2345

    ben trueben trueVor 14 Tage
  • Cwciswbasjojozp9isalu.88 1006

    Cierra SnowCierra SnowVor 14 Tage
  • by the Hailey kim here i i was new to this video

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  • hey chad i think it is some posters and some other posters to i don't now if i am correct

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  • I have seen

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  • www a

  • 19273

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  • Pz9 was behid the tree

    salvadora vazquezsalvadora vazquezVor 15 Tage
  • The code might be 3719

    Kathleen LambKathleen LambVor 15 Tage
  • Call Chad wild clay I know who PD food is under that mask he is really a monkey yeah I know crazy it’s a monkey I’m not kidding🤧🙀

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  • Hi

    Sare TSare TVor 15 Tage
  • Really I Love your video

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  • 9346

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  • Daniel pz9 has it

    Salvador LaraSalvador LaraVor 18 Tage
  • The safe

    Shabnam ZulfiqarShabnam ZulfiqarVor 18 Tage
  • I love the spy ninjas so much I adore them and they have the best channel on DE-visions btw I love your videos 💖

    Steph HollandSteph HollandVor 18 Tage
  • D

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  • I09$8jvdndjn

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  • 🎄💋hi

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  • I absolutely love your channel

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  • 6666

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  • The safe number is 1626

    Olivia LiOlivia LiVor 20 Tage
  • He’s fine and just I might know what the password to the safe is I’m a big fan of you guys I’m gonna tell you I think the password is 5679

    Rainbow UnicornRainbow UnicornVor 20 Tage
  • It’s a key for the top of the black pyramid

    M ArakjiM ArakjiVor 20 Tage
  • Somethig Is Going Fishi With Regina

    Barbara LaurinceBarbara LaurinceVor 21 Tag
  • what about ragina

    sa'ryah councilsa'ryah councilVor 21 Tag
  • The number to the seats is 1626 from Naomijohnson I am a big fan

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  • Bebés en 3D

    Bartolome SebastianBartolome SebastianVor 21 Tag
PZ9 TAKES SAFE to DEFEAT PROJECT ZORGO & Uses DIY Hacks to Overcome Fails to Open Mystery Box