Pond Monster Officially CAPTURED (Top Secret Mission Accomplished)

Grace Sharer and Stephen Sharer finally CAPTURE the Pond Monster!!
In Grace Sharer's last vlog, "Grace Sharer Disguised as Pond Monster!! (Prank on Stephen Sharer)" you saw Grace pull a CRAZY trick on Stephen Sharer and John where she used a fuzzy monkey hand to pull a family friendly prank on them and pretend to be the Pond Monster. In today's video, Grace Sharer and Stephen Sharer get back to business working on the TOP SECRET Beach Mission to capture the Pond Monster. Using their secret spy gadgets, super fast jet-ski, and a GIANT NET, the Sharer Fam gets up close and personal with the monster and use all their strength to capture him and pull him back to the Mission House dock. When they arrive to shore, they FINALLY trap the monster and keep him contained in a spy ninja cage. Now that the Pond Monster is OFFICIALLY captured, comment down below what type of monster this could be! The Sharers are off the the beach patrol control center to tell them that they captured the pond monster and show the beach patrol team the footage
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    • @Layal al haj ali what type of prank do you want to see!

    • The pond monster look like a area 51 alien

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    • Me pls I want a shout-out

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    • Can I get a shout out pleassssss

      Mang KhenMang KhenVor 3 Tage
  • It was like a fish with a horse head but that like a really a horse head it’s like it’s like a bike in the back but not in like

    HopeskilletHopeskilletVor 6 Stunden
  • FAKE

    Neela LammNeela LammVor 15 Stunden
  • IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I’m scared what is contacting Alyssa like your videos

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  • The pond monster is scary please please please please can I have a shout out love your videos

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  • Avengers

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  • it looks green and ably

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  • i watch you everyday in subscrbe

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  • It mite be the fish man in the ledrend

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  • You can do it

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  • Aligator

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  • Yeh looks like a human because it is one

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  • Totally real not I can see the face and the real skin could with out even watching the video #share the 💩 poo

    ziesmenziesmenVor Tag
  • Stop it sorry it's sad

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  • Carter

    Todd KivistoTodd KivistoVor Tag
  • The pond monster looks like a person dressed up.

    Chook of Sims 4Chook of Sims 4Vor Tag
  • next time you capture it try to take off the face it might be a mess cuz I was looking up how Monster on DE-visions and I found these mask that looks exactly like the Pond Monster's head you really need to check that out

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  • The pond monster looks like a half human half lizard

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  • Get it!😮😮😮

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    Emily ChanEmily ChanVor 2 Tage

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  • Its his brother

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  • Person

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  • The “pond monster” looks like a fake crackhead

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  • The pond monster is a sea serpent

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  • It looks like a person from Star Wars ⭐️🏹

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  • Can you bring it to me

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  • The pond monsters fake get a real pond monster like the alligator

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  • It's black it's green it's like human what can it be hi Grace I love your videos give me a shout out

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  • A lagoon

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  • That is a human but dressed up as a pond monster

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    • Your right

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  • It looks like a man fish

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  • I love you so much great I love you so much I love your videos

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  • I. Love you so much. Grace you're the best I love your videos

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  • I share a bday with grace

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  • I think the pond monster is a human

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  • The pond monster is fake and they are fake too.they just put a human in disguise I'm very mad at you guys😠

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    • Guys like this if you think so

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  • This is all fake and set up, but somehow I find it amusing.

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  • I’m worried about if the pond monster captures him

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  • The sea monster looks like he is agry

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  • Its literally a human in a costume not fooling me but idc

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  • This is fake the pond monster is fake and thats is a costume

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  • I think the pond monster is a human it has hands and stuff

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  • this is funny as it is fake

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  • The pound monster looks like a fat Idoit

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  • They are stuff for car loks I use them on the car it’s not electric unless it’s plugged in

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  • Grace you and stephen in love

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  • Hi Grace I just came from Stephens channel sry I'm so late btw my name is Zoey I'm on my dad's account I think it looks like a huge lizard🤣🤣😂also can I plz get a shout out!!❤❤

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  • I watch this Video at 3:00 sooo scary love you share fam and share the love

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  • finally

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  • fakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefakefake

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Pond Monster Officially CAPTURED (Top Secret Mission Accomplished)