Phillies at Giants 8/8/19 | MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube

Live from Oracle Park in San Francisco, watch the Giants take on the Philadelphia Phillies Thursday, August 8 at 9:30 PM ET, 6:30 PM PT on DE-visions.
Phillies at Giants Pregame Show 00:05:08
Phillies at Giants Game 00:50:28
Phillies at Giants Postgame Show 03:39:39
The MLB Game of the Week Live on DE-visions brings live baseball to DE-visions! Watch select live games every week of the regular season. Stream the games for free across all your favorite devices on the MLB DE-visions channel.
Giants DE-visions Channel:
Phillies DE-visions Channel:
This game has an Invite-only chat with DE-visions creators and representatives from the Phillies, Giants and MLB! See info on them below:
Phillies representative: Tom McCarthy (
Giants representative: Giants social team (
MLB representative: Cut4 (
DE-visions Creators in the chat:
Benny No:
Dawson Wright:
Foolish Baseball:
Made The Cut:
Mighty Goat:
Sports Gaming Universe:
The Fumble:

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  • 104

    Gabriel FaberGabriel FaberVor 25 Tage
  • Way to go Giants!!!!!

    Marcus ChengMarcus ChengVor 2 Monate
  • Gabe Kapler? Or Is that Achilles from Troy 😂

    Matt AlvaradoMatt AlvaradoVor 2 Monate
  • 24:13 turn on chat. The San fransisco Giants representative almost predicted the final score

    Willdawg00Willdawg00Vor 3 Monate
  • watching during covid-19

    My artstic JourneyMy artstic JourneyVor 5 Monate
  • 1:03:13

  • 🇩🇴💪

  • Latest Scandal of pinay celebrities. Open the link.

    sabaw saulingsabaw saulingVor 11 Monate
  • The stubbornness of Bruce Bochey's lineup selection will prevent this team from getting to the playoffs. Buster Posey's at-bats are dreadful.

    Pedro OrtizPedro OrtizVor year
  • DE-visions game of the week and Jomboy Media are directly responsible for me getting back into baseball.

    Fox Hill OutdoorsFox Hill OutdoorsVor year
  • Great, especially for people (like me) who didn't grow up with baseball, but want to get into the sport.

    Ishaan GuptaIshaan GuptaVor year
  • J

    Sunilda altagracia Henríquez taveraSunilda altagracia Henríquez taveraVor year
  • Its a Giants game , I want to hear the Giants announcers ! Nobody's better than Kruk and Kuip !

    ledsithledsithVor year
    • Kruk and Kuip are great, but it might be time for a change... especially the way baseball is headed. I liked listening to Jeremy Affeldt the other day.

      Pedro OrtizPedro OrtizVor year
  • I like it

    Christopher Booker SrChristopher Booker SrVor year
  • Braves rule and Phillies drool! \> />

    Reverend BenzoReverend BenzoVor year
  • 02:03:15 qt 3.14

    FlexicanFlexicanVor year
  • The NHL should do this

    Charlie KingsleyCharlie KingsleyVor year
  • 😃👍😁🤠🏈

    Alma ArmentaAlma ArmentaVor year
  • 😁🏈

    Alma ArmentaAlma ArmentaVor year
  • Farran burdette Godwin turner

    amari12 Myersamari12 MyersVor year
    • Play. Her. Furner

      amari12 Myersamari12 MyersVor year
  • 9

    Hector mejiaHector mejiaVor year
  • no live feed tonight?

    Nadine SuzetteSiracusaNadine SuzetteSiracusaVor year
    • Nadine SuzetteSiracusa it was streamed a while ago

      Anti HypocriteAnti HypocriteVor year
  • Ok

    Monica StoffalMonica StoffalVor year
  • Why does is say SF Giants LIVE when it was yesterday’s game ?! Why is the game not streaming today ?

    Jes HieJes HieVor year
    • Anti, does your ego feel better now? Jes, just hit the bell after subscribing. You'll get notified when games go live.

      DCN 1976DCN 1976Vor year
    • Jes Hie this was streamed earlier you idiot

      Anti HypocriteAnti HypocriteVor year
  • how sweet i get to watch a live game and play mlb 19 the show at the same time

    Oakland NativeOakland NativeVor year
  • Wow giant I love you littarlay I. Love you 😘 I play your team for little league HIT A HOME RUN

    Dawson HudacekDawson HudacekVor year
    • Hola

      Jose BarrazaJose BarrazaVor year
  • search Angelidoh @sôundcloud @spreakér @google @youtube for aftérparty music😎😇hum baby

    Angelo RodriguezAngelo RodriguezVor year
  • Yan Gomes does not rhyme with homes but sounds a bit like Gomez but in Portuguese with an long e. However, in all fairness, names are mispronounced in sports all over the world!

    Mateo KowalskyMateo KowalskyVor year
  • Hi

    Shawn SpeedwellShawn SpeedwellVor year
  • I’m glad they don’t have like 7 advertisements after every inning on DE-visions

    Brendan ODonnellBrendan ODonnellVor year
  • How can I know what day are u guys doing these free games?

    Antoine CabrilesAntoine CabrilesVor year
  • Let's go sf giants

    Diego AvalosDiego AvalosVor year
  • How can I watch this today?

    Cheryl NewbroughCheryl NewbroughVor year
    • I watched it on

      jscpopjscpopVor year
  • Heidi might bat better wearing other shoes.

    Mateo KowalskyMateo KowalskyVor year

    Heather McLeanHeather McLeanVor year
  • This was really cool.Looking forward to future content.

    Stay WokeStay WokeVor year
  • I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of the broadcast. I was a little wary going in not knowing what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed the coverage.

    jscpopjscpopVor year
    • jscpop well you’re lucky lol

      Brendan ODonnellBrendan ODonnellVor year
    • I never watched any of those

      jscpopjscpopVor year
    • jscpop much better than Facebook live

      Brendan ODonnellBrendan ODonnellVor year
  • wouldn’t have wanted to be in that chat lmao

    smoov22smoov22Vor year
  • Look, its dodger fruit cake films and his GF side kick Fat Benny No on the live chat

    James HowardJames HowardVor year
  • Well done DE-visions! Great coverage, great analysis, great show. Great commentary too but I do miss our hometown announcers. Shout out to Kruk, Kuip, Miller, Flemming, and Lopez! I love the alley, I do like the long ball but, I Love Triple's Alley! Lose the mounds, keep The Alley. Go Giants! #keepthealley #AlleyCats #TriplesAlley #TheAlley

    Michael ScheelMichael ScheelVor year
  • Again... it's about time the MLB took the internet seriously. The NFL did years and years and years ago. Cable is ... almost dead. Most children today don't even know what that means.

    No NoNo NoVor year
  • 11:27 are they a married couple? ...

    No NoNo NoVor year
    • No No: Nope.

      Jim GahnJim GahnVor year
  • Lets go Phillies

    Paislee penningtonPaislee penningtonVor year
  • Why doesn't MLB invite Jomboy?

    Stoned ProphetStoned ProphetVor year
    • Because Rob Manfred is the Donald Trump of Baseball… completely blinded by his own ego and arrogance.

      Pedro OrtizPedro OrtizVor year
    • They like their fake personalities. Jomboy is killing it with his videos. No wonder MLB doesnt care.

      Tim JoinerTim JoinerVor year
  • Mad Bum 💪😡

    Chocolate Ice CreamChocolate Ice CreamVor year
  • The Phillies sure needed a RICHIE ALLEN type hitter tonight!

    Anthony BrownAnthony BrownVor year
  • 3:58:00 it says April instead of August! Cool see y'all next year! JK

    eric hawklanderic hawklandVor year
    • eric hawkland poor past you didn’t realize the events that occurred

      Grandma ShaggyGrandma ShaggyVor 4 Monate
  • Alright pillar is the BEST can’t change my mind Superman rocks

    Jake Everyone’s fatherJake Everyone’s fatherVor year
  • wow magnificent point of view immortality eternal life ♡☆ congratulations philadelphia phillies let's go philadelphia phillies let's go philadelphia phillies once and for all and for life

    Joseph OhJoseph OhVor year
  • Yo peep me at 51:22

    LogicLogicVor year
  • Too bad fans aren't good enough to talk about it in the chat.

    Mr DMr DVor year
  • Wow so good

    Vanna official KHVanna official KHVor year
  • 20:36 she thought madbum was Posey lmao "Really good at getting water in the dugout too, clearly." (edit) 24:06 omg now she thought Bruce Bochy was Buster Posey... "oh Buster Posey got the Captain America shield"

    JKJKVor year
    • I thought every baseball player was buster posey

      doozie doodledoozie doodleVor year
  • These youtubers in the chat add nothing of value to the game lmao

    Jpxao TJpxao TVor year
    • @Dragon Mountain Fanboy you can also just hide chat

      The Sports BoyThe Sports BoyVor year
    • Total NPCs. Jomboy would be a nice addition.

      Stoned ProphetStoned ProphetVor year
    • Maybe ignore them then? You can go theatre mode and not even see the chat box.

      Dragon Mountain FanboyDragon Mountain FanboyVor year
    • What do you expect? The MLB channel has been ran in a very incompetent manner this season.

      PipeGuy64BitPipeGuy64BitVor year
    • I felt the same thing. I made I my comment before I seen this lol.

      Mr DMr DVor year
  • Great game and a big game for the Giants

    Brendan ODonnellBrendan ODonnellVor year
  • Yeah so Happy to be able to Have the option to watch on DE-visions 😂Go Giants 👍

    Catherine CanadaCatherine CanadaVor year
  • I'm hosting a study broadcast on my channel. Please support us.

    공공이 Kang공공이 KangVor year
  • DE-visions Game Of the Week is the best continue this from seasons to come

    Jimmy ValmerJimmy ValmerVor year
    • Ops

      gerson canavergerson canaverVor 9 Monate
    • Kevin Durant yes. Also helps attract younger fans

      Brendan ODonnellBrendan ODonnellVor year
  • go Astros baby

    Richard YuRichard YuVor year
    • Cryptic Champ it’s a little warrior cats meme I’m not being literal

      Jake Everyone’s fatherJake Everyone’s fatherVor year
    • Cryptic Champ I mean how would anybody be born

      Jake Everyone’s fatherJake Everyone’s fatherVor year
    • Cryptic Champ nah

      Jake Everyone’s fatherJake Everyone’s fatherVor year
    • Drugs

      Jake Everyone’s fatherJake Everyone’s fatherVor year
    • Jake Everyone’s father I wanna know what you’re on

      Richard YuRichard YuVor year
  • I swear, these guys in the chat say the most obvious and dumbest things I’ve ever seen, I hate that the chat is on invite-only mode.

    Jackson PettinatoJackson PettinatoVor year
    • @Austin Hofferkamp shut up 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

      Pro GamerPro GamerVor year
    • NPCs all the way. Nice and sterile for the masses.

      Stoned ProphetStoned ProphetVor year
    • Jackson Pettinato yeah they say stuff like it’s 0-2. I’m always like, YOU DONT SAY

      Brendan ODonnellBrendan ODonnellVor year
    • Me too

      Pro GamerPro GamerVor year
  • I miss tim lincecum, he was so fun to watch 😪

    2020 XD ➊2020 XD ➊Vor year
    • Bring back lincecum

      Dave Travels through TimeDave Travels through TimeVor 7 Monate
    • Did he retired already?

      terry santosterry santosVor 11 Monate
    • u mean weedcecum

      Oakland NativeOakland NativeVor year
    • SharkCityRich yeah I miss when he was good too

      Brendan ODonnellBrendan ODonnellVor year
    • He was epic and a ganja enthusiast. 👌

      Skjaldmær WSkjaldmær WVor year
Phillies at Giants 8/8/19 | MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube